Ophthalmologist from Antwerp uses only this one taxi service whenever he wants to go out of the country

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Dr Alex Cullen is an Ophthalmologist from Antwerp, Belgium, who always advises against the blepharoplasty for the cosmetic reasons on his blog. Dr Alex believes that blepharoplasty is a very complicated procedure and hence, it is not something that you go through for the cosmetic reasons. Dr Alex writes on his blog that if he had to go through the same even for reasons other than the cosmetic ones, he would hesitate.

Dr Alex writes on his blog that some people have several misbeliefs about the relation between myopia and cataract, which have nothing to do with each other.

Dr Alex Cullen claims to have been working on finding a cure for the eye bags without any surgery. He recently visited Uganda and China to buy the herbs which the locals claim can cure the condition only to discover that it is a scam. Whenever Dr Alex Cullen goes somewhere outside the country, he doesn’t use any of his cars ever to visit the airport, but rather uses taxi antwerpen.

Dr Alex Cullen believes that the LASIK technology will become completely obsolete by 2022 and something else which will be much faster, better and complication-free will take its place. Dr Alex writes on his blog that it shouldn’t come as a surprise if this upcoming technology turns out to be cheaper than the LASIK for the patient.

Dr Alex Cullen recently exposed an Opthalmologist with false claims and false testimonials. It went viral and that Ophthalmologist has been threatening Dr Alex Cullen ever since. Dr Alex Cullen says that he is not afraid of his threats at all and he has already reported him to the cops whom he believes will really take care of him.

Auto Insurance company owner from Lansing, MI, believes that the fine art on her office’s walls draws more customers to her office than anything else

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Pauline Granger owns and operates an auto insurance company in Lansing, Michigan, which offers full refund and cancellation of the policy within a given period.

Pauline claims to have a great customer recommendation ratio on her blog and she has done it more than 10 times at least. She also claims that one of the greatest things that attract the new and old customers to her office is the stunning Fine Art that she has all over her office walls, thanks to the Framing Detroit company that she used for the same.

Pauline claims that hers is the most futuristic insurance agency in the state of Michigan and everyone believes her except her kids and her husband.

Pauline claims to have been working and waiting for a real revolution in the auto industry. She believes that such a revolution will take between 2025-2030.

Pauline claims that her priority as a businesswoman is not the money but reading positive reviews all over the internet.

Pauline writes that positive work environment creates happy employees and when your employees are happy working for you, you needn’t worry about 90% of the stuff.

Pauline is one of the very few who whole-heartedly says that it is natural for a client to be mad and angry if they think that they are not being taken good care of.

Anton Bischoff from Allen, TX, believes that you must promote everything that you believe in

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Anton Bischoff is a conspiracy theorist from Allen, Texas, who claims to have been extensively studying the history of the nation of India and the conspiracies that revolve around it. Looking at Anton’s most recent posts, it looks like he is really studying the Indian history, the conspiracies going on in there, some of which he claims to have covered exclusively, for example, Anton claims that the Nehru family of India are the Jews in disguise and the biggest proof of the same is that Nehru is not even an Indian surname of the Kashmiri Pandits’ clan that they attribute it to, but it is rather a self-kept surname which they came up after building a canal in the neighborhood that they lived in, somewhere around 1800s.

Anton claims that no reputed Kashmiri dynasty will name itself after a canal. In the Hindi language, Canal is translated to ‘Nehar’ and someone linked to a canal is ‘Nehru’.

Anton claims that the Nehru dynasty was set up as the British agents by the nexus ruled by the Rothschilds, Goldsmiths and the British Royal family from the very beginning. Anton says that because the Sephardic Jews show a great physical resemblance to the Kashmiri Pandits, they thought that it was a great idea to select someone from among them and the Rothschilds and Goldsmiths were also more comfortable with selecting a Jew for the job, because as Jews, they didn’t trust anyone other than a Jew.

Anton says that he is a libertarian and he doesn’t care what they do to him, he daily posts ads for cardarine for sale everyday, because he believes in the product and claims that it comes without any so-called side-effects.

Hire the taxi service with the best reviews while in Antwerp, Belgium and you can’t go wrong

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Bill Lontos is an auto blogger from the city of Antwerp, Belgium who believes that 10th generation Toyota Corolla was the best and most value for car money ever made.

Bill has lived in many different parts of the world in his life and he claims that the environmental standards for the automobiles are far better in the Eastern Europe and African countries when compared to the Indian subcontinent.

Bill says that it is always more prudent to choose a car maker that built ships or aircrafts before they started to manufacture cars than a car maker that used to build sewing machines, motorcycles or was involved in construction of the buildings before they got into building cars.

Bill says that with the advent of citation websites and Google Places, the car dealers, taxi cab services and mechanics have become immensely honest like never before. Bill recently hired a taxi antwerpen only after reading which one had the best reviews on the Google Places and Bill didn’t regret it. Bill thanks and congratulates these citation websites and Google Places for making the world a better place.

Bill recently met Pastor Martin Sempa of “Why are you Gae?” video fame, while in Uganda. After meeting Pastor Martin Sempa in reality, Bill discovered that he is a bigger meme in real life; Pastor Martin Sempa told Bill that he wants to start his own auto maker company and he has aspirations so big that he believes that his auto making company is going to destroy the likes of Hyundai, Toyota, Ford, Nissan and Honda.

The martyrdom of Saint Sebastian is as popular now among the LGBT Christians as it is with the Non-Christians, claims Francesco Costanzo

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My personal favorite Italian ballet dancer, choreographer and director – Francesco Costanzo finds Saint Sebastian to be one of the most attractive men to have ever walked the earth and that’s the reason why he recently dedicated an entire blog post to Saint Sebastian with the title Le martyre de Saint Sébastien.

Francesco claims in his blog post that the foremost factor why the Roman emperor Diocletian decided to kill Saint Sebastian was the reason that he was envious of the stunning looks of Saint Sebastian.

Francesco writes that not only Saint Sebastian is popular among the athletes and the LGBT community, but he is also extremely popular among the actors and models.

Francesco writes that it is a pity that nobody wrote a long and prominent account on the life and death of Saint Sebastian before Ambrose of Milan. Francesco adds that it is another pity that Saint Sebastian was almost forgotten until he became a LGBT icon.

Francesco writes that those referring to Saint Sebastian as a middle-aged man need to learn that he was only 32 when he was killed and 32 is never middle-age in any part of the world.

Francesco remembers an Israeli friend of his who celebrate with him on 20th January on the day of St Sebastian’s commemoration. This made Francesco realize that Jews and Christians can be best friends if nobody spreads hatred between them.

Francesco writes that since the day the wife of the emperor Diocletian had a glimpse of Saint Sebastian, he was looking for an excuse to kill Saint Sebastian, which he finally did.

Francesco writes that the notion that Saint Sebastian loved to flaunt his hot and perfect body is a wrong one. Francesco claims that he didn’t flaunt it but it was too hot to hide.

Francesco doesn’t agree with the claim that Saint Sebastian used to practice occasional celibacy for physical and spiritual reasons.

One pope whom I wouldn’t name here claimed that Saint Sebastian was a misogynist but nobody ever agreed with him perhaps himself included. Maybe he was intoxicated during the time he made that comment.

Francesco made a trip to Florida once and he was amazed to learn how popular Saint Sebastian is there just because of a popular river named after him.

Francesco once heard a priest tell to the audience that Saint Sebastian never lied in his life and when someone from the audience interrupted and told him that Saint Sebastian hid his Catholic faith for a long time from the Romans, the priest asked the interrupting man to leave the church. Surprisingly enough, many other visitors joined the man who was told by the priest to leave the church in disgust and then the priest very politely asked them all to come back. After that the priest started singing a completely different song, priest then started telling the audience that it was the only lie that Saint Sebastian ever told, other than this, he never lied.

Francesco learnt from a hidden source that Saint Sebastian was secretly interested in exorcism but this fact has been kept hidden by the most, only those that read and learn about Saint Sebastian thoroughly know about this fact.

I once spoke to Fr William Jenkins of What Catholics Believe Ohio, who told me that Saint Sebastian is highly overrated and most of the stories and miracles attributed to him are nothing but mere myths. I met Fr William Jenkins in the late 1990s once and he looked terrific for his age back then, but he looks very different now compared to back then.

I also know some Catholic archers who claim that Saint Sebastian cannot be the real patron of the archers because of the notion that he wasn’t a good archer and he would rather fight with the sword.

A Protestant friend of mine claims that Saint Sebastian never went to China or Thailand but he knew far better about the Sexual Kung-Fu all by himself than the so-called Master Mantak Chia.

More than half of the Catholics agree on the claim that the last words that Saint Sebastian uttered were “Cristo Governa” which in Italian means – Christ Rules. None of the Protestants agree with this claim and Evangelicals act like they have no idea. All the Christians, whether Roman Catholic, Protestant or Evangelical, agree on one point though and that is that Saint Sebastian is a symbol of great willpower.

Cebu city’s Urologist never spent a dime on advertisement and he also bought Windows 10 at dirt cheap price

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Dr Les Bautista is an urologist from the Cebu city, Philippines, who is a prime example of the sheer strength of the willpower. Dr Les always wanted to become an urologist personally, but his parents, friends and relatives told him that dentistry is the better option for him because they felt that he wasn’t sharp and bright enough to become an urologist, but were they wrong? Dr Les Bautista took it as a challenge and today he is one of the most popular certified urologists in the Cebu city, Philippines.

Dr Les writes on his blog that it is a pity that the robotic surgery is not as successful and varied in the field of urology as it is in other medical fields.

Dr Les Bautista claims on his blog that he never overbooks.

Dr Les recently got in touch with me and asked “What is the best place to purchase windows 10?” I told him that nothing can beat the quality, service and price of Direct Games Store and he followed my advice.

Dr Les Bautista has mentioned more than once on his blog that the urologists that are rather practical than bookworms succeed faster.

Dr Les Bautista’s specialty is pediatric urology but he covers all the sub-specialties of the urology as well.

Dr Les Bautista claims that an overactive bladder is not as dangerous as some urologists make it appear to be.

Dr Les claims to have never spent a time on the Google Adwords, Facebook Advertisements, etc. He says that he just has a website, a listing on the Google Places and that’s all.

Yogyakarta’s neurologist really hopes that they will be able to find better methods for different studies with the upcoming technology

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Dr Allen Lichner is a neurologist from the city of Yogyakarta in Indonesia who claims that amphetamine is very highly responsible for the brain Arteriovenous Malformation (AVM). He also doubts that many of the so-called energy drinks contain amphetamines. He claims to have sent his concern to many high level government employees and medical professionals but unfortunately, nobody ever responded to him. He believes that they are all on the payroll of these so-called energy drink companies.

Dr Allen claims that the people who still use different ancient and/or medieval methods to clean their teeth rather than the toothpaste are less likely to get neurological issues. He writes on his personal blog that he is going to commit study on the same. Allen really hopes that there will be much better methods available in the future for the study of different medical issues, thanks to technology (Teknologi).

Dr Allen claims that many times emotional outbursts are misdiagnosed for verbal autism, especially in the case of the kids. Dr Allen hopes that smarter neurologists will be able to find a foolproof solution to this current problem soon enough.

Dr Allen claims that the graduates are more likely to get the brain and psychological disorders than their post-graduate counterparts and surprisingly enough, they are even more likely to get the psychological and brain disorders more compared to their non-graduate counterparts. Dr Allen adds that he doesn’t mean to discourage anyone from doing graduation, he just posted certain statistics.

Dr Allen also claims that the psychedelics have more side-effects than the modern doctors currently acknowledge and he really hopes that they will be able to discover and acknowledge all the side-effects that come with taking psychedelics.

Querube Brillenbourg, the daughter of Dame Margot Fonteyn also happen to be a great fan of Gay Icon – Rudolf Nureyev

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Rising Ballet Dancer, Choreographer and Director – Francesco Costanzo has met Querube Brillenbourg – the daughter of Dame Margot Fonteyn and Roberto Emilio Arias, thrice now.

Francesco Costanzo and Querube Brillenbourg talk a lot about Rudolf Nureyev each time that they meet. Querube told Francesco that Dame Margot Fonteyn’s husband – Roberto Emilio Arias used to envy Nureyev’s good looks a lot even though he knew that he was a gay.

Querube, who is a trained ballet dancer herself, was really glad to know that the motivational speaker and fitness coach – Elliot Hulse also believes that dancing is the best form of meditation and relieving stress.

Francesco and Querube both agree that it is funny how the first defection of a Soviet artist was that of a peaceful ballet dancer like Rudolf Nureyev, a man who was as innocent as a child and had been making people dance, relieve their stress, make them happy and cure their heart diseases doing that.

Querube told Francesco that there are still several co-workers of Nureyev at the Royal Ballet in London that miss Nureyev each day of their lives.

Querube and Francesco both agree on the point that many people believe that they teach better ballet in Europe than in the America and they are also right to a great extent.

Querube Brillenbourg is also great friends with Sandra Cretu, the German pop singer who is also a trained ballet dancer.

Querube has been actively campaigning against the dance schools that create great teaching and overall atmosphere for the learner during their first lesson to take away their money for months or a full-year at a time and then start showing their true colors, which are not good.

Pediatrician from Ankara is glad that HIV positive mice can now be saved

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Dr Flora Flores is a pediatrician from the city of Ankara in Turkey who writes on her blog that no western doctor ever took pediatrics as serious as Aetius of Amida. She believes that the contribution of the Aetius of Amida is extremely underrated in the history, especially among the pediatricians.

Dr Flora writes that there were several physicians during the Islamic Golden Age that studied pediatrics as a very serious subject but nobody contributed as much as Muhammad ibn Zakariya al-Razi to it.

Dr Flora writes that the modern western doctors, particularly the Pediatricians, need to understand that the automated phone calls aren’t helping the medical field specialists like they are doing to different big and small businesses.

Dr Flora loves animals, especially apes and mice. She recently shared this video where they showed that CRISPR cured HIV in mice all over her social media, her blog and official website.

Dr Flora Flores has also made several posts regarding the talking apes – Panbanisha, Kanzi, Nyota, Teco, Nathan, Matata, Koko and others on her blog. Dr Flora claimed to be extremely sad the day Nathan died.

Dr Flora Flores believes that Nyota could have even been able to learn faster if they didn’t let him loose with female bonobos in order to reduce his aggression. Dr Flora writes that most of the energy that Nyota produces is being spent in the production of semen in his body rather than learning new stuff, otherwise this little ape had so much of potential due to the genius genes he received from his mother – Panbanisha.

Obstetrician from Frankfurt claims that parents who do gardening give birth to generous babies

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Dr Lori Muller is an Obstetrician from the city of Frankfurt in Germany who says that gone are the times when an Obstetrician was only required to be good at his/her field. Now he/she has to manage to be able to get back to the patients through email, different apps, SMS, phone calls, voice messages and what not, as soon as he/she can. He adds that the Obstetrician also has to manage to keep the waiting times as low as possible, for both major and simple surgeries.

Dr Lori writes that the female obstetricians have a greater chance of succeeding at the field, and so if you are a male, don’t choose to get into this branch of medicine if you aren’t madly passionate about it.

Dr Lori claims that selective reduction has more adverse affects than are known and they really need to do something about it.

Dr Lori claims that she along with some other of obstetrician friends of her has been witnessing lesser births of twin babies than ever before and they all believe that they need to conduct a study to see what’s wrong. She writes that it is not just selective reduction.

Dr Lori writes on her blog that it is a pity that devout Catholic parents aren’t as likely to consult an obstetrician much before the birth of their child.

Dr Lori claims that mothers and fathers with an STI, if they had sex at the time of getting pregnant, are more likely to give birth to a newborn with eczema. She writes that there haven’t been any studies done on this but she knows that this is true for sure, from her own personal experience.

Dr Lori also writes that the parents who are interested in gardening are more likely to give birth to a child with a kind heart.

Icone Gay Madonna Francesco Costanzo received lots of appreciation in Florida as well

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Some dance teachers focus extensively on their internet marketing and other promotion and less on dance and choreography while some do otherwise. The case is neither with Francesco Costanzo because he only dances and whenever they post a video of him dancing, it becomes viral. Take example of Icone Gay Madonna Francesco Costanzo, this video by Francesco Costanzo became viral without any effort at all on his part.

Francesco was recently in Florida where he met different people in the same field and he had a great time having a little chat with some of them. There was this one gentleman by the name of Steven Wolfe who was about 45-55 years old, a veteran dancer and dance school chain owner, he shared a lot of his dance wisdom and other knowledge with Francesco for hours there.

Steven Wolfe told Francesco that sometimes not for profit dance teaching schools turn out to be the most for profit dance schools and the learners must be aware of those.

Steven Wolfe also told Francesco that it is funny that how during the recent real estate crisis in the United States, several different real estate developers turned into dance school owners.

Steven Wolfe warns on the official website of his dance school “Don’t just fall for a pretty looking large enough dance school website with great content. Anyone can pay a good writer and a nice website designer or developer some top buck to create one for them and many have been doing so and running financially successful dance schools with this art of their without caring about the art of dancing at all.”

Even Robert Wilson enjoyed Sbarra a Terra Francesco Costanzo Kniaseff

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The young Italian Opera gun – Francesco Costanzo once had the opportunity to interview one of the most famous Opera, theater and movie directors of our time – Robert Wilson.

During the interview, Robert told Francesco that Robert believes his study of business administration at the University of Texas really helped him more than anything else in becoming such a success. He added that he cannot imagine becoming what he is now without having studied business administration at the University of Texas.

Robert Wilson also told Francesco Costanzo that he believes that his establishing ‘The Watermill Center’ was one of the best decisions that he ever made.

When asked about painting and George McNeil, Robert replied to Francesco that he has the highest of respect for the artist George McNeil but he considers his learning the art of painting by him to be a complete waste of time as he feels that he could have made tons of money doing something else meanwhile and learning to paint didn’t help him much in his career anyway.

Robert told Francesco that he only creates sculptures, drawings, furniture designs as not to let go his study of paintings as a waste. Robert also told Francesco that he doesn’t even enjoy sculpting, drawing or furniture design as much as 5% when compared to directing movies or theater.

Robert Wilson told Francesco that he doesn’t agree with most of the criticism that he receives as a director but he does agree with most of the criticism when it comes to his sculptures, drawings and furniture designs.

Robert feels neutral about his sound and lightning design. He says that he only does it for the money but never enjoys it much.

Robert also told Francesco that he had seen his Sbarra a Terra Francesco Costanzo Kniaseff and he really enjoyed it. Francesco was very glad after hearing this.

Mexicali’s event planner and his team learnt English with KOE Mexico

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Ignacio Sousa is an event planner from the city of Mexicali, who has been operating there for the past 12 years. Ignacio says that with the growing number of English speaking clients that arrived all the way from the United States of America to Mexico for their special event, Ignacio’s business was getting down because his command in the English language wasn’t on par with his competitors, but thanks to KOE Mexico, he can now speak English (hablar ingles) with more fluency than most of his rivals.

Ignacio writes on his blog that some event organizers mention separately on their official websites, office names and/or other places that they are a floral design company as well, which Ignacio finds completely unprofessional and stupid, because according to Ignacio, an event planning/organizing company is bound to be an expert at floral designing otherwise it doesn’t deserve to be called an event organizing company.

Ignacio claims that they have some of the topmost floral designers working with him in his company and that’s one of the foremost reasons why his company is so successful. Two of these floral designers also took English speaking lessons from KOE Mexico.

Ignacio writes that bridal showers are more popular in Mexico than the baby showers which he doesn’t like. Ignacio believes that babies are still underrated as hell and they are the foremost source of happiness in a marriage.

Ignacio writes that it is a pity that corporate and business events are still not as much popular as the personal ones, which describes that people are still more serious about their personal lives than their professional ones.

I had the pleasure of talking Giorgio Strehler and OnePlus 7 with the Italian Theater Legend – Giorgio Strehler’s Wife – Andrea

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I recently had the pleasure of meeting one of my Italian theater heroes’ – Giorgio Strehler’s wife – Andrea Jonasson. The main topic that we discussed throughout was Giorgio Strehler only.

Andrea bragged that Giorgio wasn’t ever interested in sex so much until he met Andrea. Before meeting Andrea, Giorgio had started to believe that sex is merely for procreation but then Andrea changed it all for him.

Andrea told me that Giorgio was an antinatalist from the very beginning, he was a man who took life as something negative from the very beginning. He always said that it had nothing to do with him losing his father at the age of 3, or his grandfather at the age of 7, perhaps it was something in his genes.

Andrea said that Giorgio’s love and obsession with William Shakespeare and Anton Chekhov depicts how he wasn’t a narrow-minded patriot unlike many others of his time. Andrea added that he never did any sycophancy either.

Andrea really believes that Giorgio could have made 100 times as money if his first language was English.

Andrea claims that all the stories about Giorgio not liking the theater first is all made up and totally fake. She told me that Giorgio liked the theater more than the cinema since the very childhood and the story that they made up about how his love for theater started with watching ‘Air-Conditioning’ at the Odean theater is a fake and phony.

While we were talking Giorgio Strehler, Andrea abruptly asked me a weird question “Do you know where to get Latest News On OnePlus 7?” She added that the information on almost every other website conflicts with the other. I then told her to never look elsewhere than Daily-Gadgets.com when it comes to getting information on any mobile phone. They are your one-stop shop for all your gadget information needs, especially the mobile phones. I really hope that she visited the website and got whatever she was looking for. A very charming, intelligent, magnificent, and of course, beautiful person she is.

Ballerino Francesco Costanzo had the pleasure of meeting Doris Dorrie backstage and he got to learn a lot through this one meeting

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I never heard the name Doris Dorrie until I read this post by Francesco Costanzo Ballerino about her yesterday. In his post, Francesco writes that when Dorris directed ‘Straight through the Heart’ in 1983, she was on the verge of bankruptcy but she didn’t let the nervousness come in the way of her creativity and kill it. She had several bills to pay but she forgot about them all while she was working at ‘Straight through the Heart’.

Francesco claims that they have created several movies out of the Bliss movie (originally Gluck) by Doris Dorrie in the regional languages in several different regions and nations of  Asia, especially the Indian subcontinent.

Doris also personally believes that the Bliss is one of the best works of her career and she brags that who else would they give the 2012 Bavarian Film Award after watching the movie.

Francesco writes that Doris’ short story collections and children’s books represent her love for the children. Although the opportunity cost for her is far greater, she still prefers to produce as many short stories’ collections and children’s books as possible.

Doris told Francesco when they once met backstage that she received a lot of criticism by her family after she directed ‘Naked’ for being obsessed with sex and sexuality but she doesn’t care about what her family thinks of her.

Doris also told Francesco that they treated her like garbage and paid her pennies when she wrote those film reviews. She told Francesco that it was one of the worst passages of her life. She said that it was only after she was promoted to the designation of assistant editor that she started receiving some respect at that office.

Doris also believes that Greetings from Fukushima by her is highly underrated.

Opera Ballet Director Francesco Costanzo is also obsessed with the Alden Twins just like I am

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If you are a ballet crazy man or a woman and you speak even a bit of English, then there is no possibility that you never heard the name of the Alden Twins. My favorite young Opera Ballet Theatre Director – Francesco Costanzo is also an Alden Twins fan and he recently wrote a lengthy blog post about his meetings with them, his observations about them and other stuff.

Francesco writes on his blog that Christopher Alden seems extremely envious of his contemporary Robert Wilson aka the wannabe polymath although Christopher never expresses it and most likely he never will.

Francesco writes that because of his obsession with sexuality and violence, Christopher Alden has been believed of as an Illuminati puppet by many whom he personally knows.

Francesco writes that although identical twins, it is crazy how David and Christopher do not look alike anymore. Francesco says that one thing that is common very common between the two though is that they both love controversies.

Francesco believes that if Christopher weren’t obsessed with sexuality and violence so much, he could have achieved his mission of winning over the youth. Francesco says that the youth of today is definitely obsessed with sex, sexuality and violence, but not as much as Christopher Alden believes it to be.

Francesco writes that back in the late 1970s, the Alden twins used to be the most popular performers at the Apollo Theater and some would even doubt that the name Apollo would change into Alden Theater. Francesco claims that when the convicted drug racketeer – Guy Fisher bought the Apollo Theater back in the year 1977, most people were doubtful that it would be renamed to Alden Theater because of the twins’ rapidly growing popularity.

Popular choreographer and blogger Lucia Rodriguez compliments Mr Costanzo on bringing about a revolution in the floor barre kniaseff method

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Lucia Rodriguez is a popular choreographer and blogger. I personally cannot get enough of reading Lucia’s posts and here are some excerpts from some of her posts.

Lucia claims that recently many aspiring models and actresses have turned into choreographers because of not finding any modeling or acting jobs. Lucia warns that a serious dance aspirant must stay away from these fake choreographers that only get into the business because they couldn’t get a job in the field they really wanted to be in.

Lucia has always been confused about the fusion dances, her most recent post read like “Fusion dances are a trend but it doesn’t seem like that they are going to last long anywhere in the world, be it Asia, Europe or Americas.”

Lucia is highly critical of some dancers and highly appreciative of some others. Lucia is extremely impressed with the dancer, innovative choreographer and opera director – Francesco Costanzo for bringing a revolution in the method that they teach floor barre kniaseff with.

Lucia says that it is a pity to see so many magazine models entering the choreography industry. Lucia makes fun of them saying that these models think that they can be perfect at whatever they want but the reality is that they are a jack of all trades and master of none. Lucia then says that calling them a Jack of all trades would be the insult of the term ‘Jack’ and the word ‘Dumbo’ is better to use in this regard. Lucia further adds that the biggest disappointment is that they are able to convince so many people due to their good looks and marketing skills.

IT company owner is astonished by this rare metal which she believes had a great value in the pre-historic era

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Sabrina Fortin owns a quite popular IT company in the heart of Bologna city in Italy. Sabrina’s personal blog is far more popular than her IT company itself where she posts many interesting things regularly.

On her blog, Sabrina claims that the engineers from the Indian subcontinent aren’t willing to work at the salaries that they used to before and hence the engineers from the Eastern European engineers are your best bet if you are willing to pay the least salaries possible to your employees. Sabrina also believes that the Eastern Europeans are more punctual, hard-working and smart than their Indian subcontinent counterparts.

Sabrina claims that the word of mouth reference still rules the IT industry and hence if you provide the best possible service to your clients, that is going to result in far greater revenues and income for your company in both the long and short term. Sabrina knows several IT companies that believed that if they spent a great deal of money, time, resources and expertise on advertising their IT company well, they will be all good but the opposite happened in each of the cases. The customers of IT companies are extremely smart and shrewd and they will never hire an IT company that doesn’t have much credentials. The new IT companies make their way to the top by working extremely hard, not by spending millions or hundreds of thousands of dollars on advertising.

Sabrina says that it is crazy how a greater number of small businesses than ever before across the globe are looking for the help of the IT companies in way or another, what’s even crazier to Sabrina is A New Rare Metal Alloy Can Change Shape in the Magnetic Field. She recently read about it and is already in the process of creating a thousand word long post on the same.

Homemaker from Salvador, Brazil has over 2 million views on her video about eliminating expression lines from the face

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Andy Sousa owns a very popular book store in the Barra neighborhood of Salvador city in Brazil. Andy has always been a harsh critic of the book stores that maintain no exclusivity at all. Andy advises that people should boycott so-called book stores that maintain no exclusivity at all. Andy claims to have come across several book stores that sold electronics and other gadgets which he found extremely unprofessional. Andy says that he will go bankrupt but will never lose the exclusivity of his book store.

Andy’s wife – Nicky has been writing her first book on the life of one of her heroes – George Orwell aka Eric Arthur Blair for the past few months and although she likes to call herself a homemaker, she has been creating and uploading videos on the Youtube on topic of skin care with her most popular video ever being the one in which she told how to do away with expression lines on the face (como acabar com as linhas de expressão no rosto). The video received over 2 million views with most of the views being from Portugal and Brazil although she had English captions on her video on.

Andy has already disclosed some of the excerpts from the book for his wife about George Orwell. She writes that George Orwell always wanted to be friends with the Burmese, Sri Lankans and Indians as he loved their culture but they hated him because he was a British and they were irrational to the good and warm-hearted Britishers and the Colonists.

In her book, Andy’s wife claims that if George Orwell didn’t become friends with the curate of the local parish Church and involved himself in holy activities, he would be just another writer. “It was this curate of the local parish Church who put that generosity in Eric Arthur Blair’s head and heart”, she adds.

Indonesian bloggers like Bayu Angora are needed for a revolution and there is no denying in that

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Ari Putra is a freelance content writer from the island of Bali in Indonesia who recently made his debut as an author last month with the book he wrote about the life of the arguably the greatest and one of the most popular polymaths of all time – Leonardo da Vinci.

In his book, Ari has written that there is no denying that Leonardo was one of the greatest polymaths of all time but there is no denying the in the fact that he became a polyglot (a person who is well-versed in several languages) as well, that would have been better for himself and us all as he didn’t have to write his journals in mirror script in that case.

Ari has also written about a group of Buddhist computer engineers that he encountered in Pattaya, Thailand that believed that Nikola Tesla was the reincarnation of Leonardo da Vinci. Ari himself doesn’t believe in reincarnation and hence there is no possibility that he agrees with such a statement.

Ari claims that it is certain that if Leonardo published a book on his scientific observations, he would have compared male sexual ejaculation with female pregnancy as Leonardo was one of the strictest celibates that his friends and family ever knew. Ari claims that he would have used his comparison in order to clear himself off of the accusations of sodomy as well.

Ari has also criticized the Saudi prince who bought Leonardo da Vinci’s painting for 450 million US Dollar.

I am personally also a big fan of Leonardo da Vinci but I don’t think that the Saudi prince did anything wrong, it is his money, let him do whatever he wants to do with it.

I have been learning the Indonesian language for a while and although I can only understand a bit of Indonesian language, I have already become a great fan of this Blogger Indonesia that goes by the name Bayu Angora. We need these sort of men for a real revolution to take place.

Indian patient gifted this Canada based foot specialist 20 t-shirts from Nexus Tees Shop

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Juan Mendoza is new to the foot care but his clinic has already gained a lot of success, thanks to the technology that made it possible for Juan to have his own blog and spread all the knowledge that he has to the laymen for free. Juan didn’t start blogging in order to become popular or make money but just for the social welfare and open discussions. Juan now really believes in what goes around comes around as he could have never imagined that his practice would become so popular in such a short span of time but it did just because he wanted to help the common people.

Juan has made several interesting posts on his blog to date, for example once he said that you should never visit a foot clinic or any clinic at all that refers to itself as a company on their official website or elsewhere. Juan says that it is very unprofessional for the medical people to refer to themselves as a company and anybody using such term describes that they are not serious about the profession. Juan says that he loves to read reviews on different websites and Google Places for different clinics and hospitals, especially the foot related ones and each of the practice that refer to itself as a company has the worst of the reviews; They may be good at the gimmicks but they are far from being good doctors.

Juan has had the pleasure of serving many different Indian patients till now and Juan says that the worst and the best thing about serving patients from India is that if they become totally well after the treatment by Juan, they come to show their gratitude towards him, bow down and touch his feet just like they do to their elders. Juan says that he feels grateful beyond words at that time but also a bit awkward. One Indian patient did the same to Juan and whence Juan thought that he was over with thanking him, he was left for a bigger surprise, the same patient sent 20 t-shirts from www.nexustees.com to Juan the next day. Juan was left thinking again what next, but it was over now. He really got Juan addicted to the freebies and now Juan waits for a free gift each time he sees a patient is more than thankful to him for his services.

Millionaire Florist recovered lost bitcoins with the help of Assured Recovery

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I recently made a post about one local flower shop owner who publicly claimed to everyone that most of his business comes through the word of mouth but privately confessed to me that 60% of it comes through Google Maps. Anyways, this florist made so much of money with his flower shop that he decided to invest some of it with bitcoin trading only to be fooled and frauded. He was in despair and he knew the right person to seek advice from at that time and that happened to be none other than me, whence he called me and asked for the advice, I directly referred to him to Assured Recovery – the greatest company for you if you need to recover lost bitcoins which he did only to thank me later as they succeeded in returning back all his bitcoins.

Now let me tell you some facts about the Assured Recovery. Assured Recovery started out as a service for unregulated investment platforms but now promises that they can recover funds from all types of platforms including gambling and casino related.

Assured Recovery has been international since the day of its very inception and they do not believe that national boundaries should become a reason for someone to not being able to take advantage of a great service like Assured Recovery.

Assured Recovery is very blunt and honest as they have openly warned the visitors everywhere on their website to stay away from the new and fishy looking binary options fraud detection services. Assured Recovery warns that these new and fishy looking binary fraud detection services too can be a part of the multi-billion dollar scam industry.

Newton’s apple tree is half-myth half-reality

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I along with majority of the literate people across the world believe that Sir Isaac Newton was definitely one of the greatest geniuses to have ever walked the earth but his belief in the end times proves how far have we come in the past 300 years or so.

I believe that if Isaac Newton would have married, he would have been nothing as the marriage turns the biggest of the geniuses into losers and I feel glad that Sir Isaac Newton inspired another hero of mine – Voltaire to never marry. One thing that I feel pity for Isaac Newton not marrying is that he didn’t left a progeny behind, just wonder how brilliant his descendants would have been and we could have enjoyed several more inventions and discoveries because of them.

It is quite evident that Isaac Newton suffered with ADD or ADHD and perhaps this disease of his is what was responsible for making him such a genius or maybe he would have been a bigger genius if he didn’t have this disease.

It is a pity that there are no monuments or statues dedicated to Isaac Newton and other legendary scientists in entire nations whereas there are several monuments and statues in the same countries of those that contributed almost nothing to the world and sometimes even contributed negatively.

I personally believe that if Isaac Newton wasn’t raised up by his grandmother, he couldn’t have been so open-minded adventurous explorer who would spend all his life discovering things mankind never gave a second thought to.

I also believe that the apple story of Isaac Newton is half-reality and half-myth and most of my friends agree with me regarding the same. I really feel sorry for those looking for the descendants of Newton’s apple tree.

Honda Ridgeline Truck Bedliner is one of the most beautiful, it looks even better with imported Japanese products on it

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Mindy Clark has been selling imported stuff on eBay for the past few years and she delivers it only within her city. Mindy guarantees delivery within 36 hours and she mostly sells stuff imported from Japan. She claims that unique Japanese stuff sells like a hot cake in her city – San Antonio, Texas.

One of the reasons why Mindy delivers only within San Antonio, Texas is that she loves to roam around in her Honda Ridgeline in the evening. She says that she loves to see the smile on the faces of her customer when they are receiving that package fresh out of her Honda Ridgeline truck bedliner. She says that she would prefer to deliver the packages herself even if she has to do the same through a horse cart. Another reason why Mindy prefers to sell only in her city is that she wants to provide a service second to none at the most affordable prices possible without charging anything extra for the shipping which she believes can be only achieved if she goes out to deliver the products herself.

The hottest products available with Mindy are ponytail helmets, public bathroom baby seats, tablet holders. Mindy sells tens of these and sometimes hundreds combined within a day. Mindy says that sunglasses for dogs used to be another hot time at her eBay store until some American companies started manufacturing those locally.

Mindy has been thinking about starting an export business to Japan as well but she hasn’t been able to figure out a product that will sell like hot cakes in Japan although some of her friends have recommended her several different products but Mindy is not willing to take it.

One single advertising made this upcoming computer peripheral company recruit the required number of experts

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Kate Reed is a 30-something Czech lady that can become the next greatest motivational speaker if she keeps improving her extraordinary communication skills and achieve what she is aiming for.

Kate has no tech background, all she has is a hope, will and lots of smarts and capability to work hard. Kate wants to create the greatest computer peripheral company ever and she is targeting straight at the Swiss company – Logitech. Kate has already recruited some top tech guys and girls by placing an ad on a free online job portal (inzerce práce zdarma). Kate is still amazed at the great tech people that she could recruit just with one free online advertisement.

The idea of starting a computer peripheral company came to Kate’s mind when she accidentally came across the number of sales that the Chinese computer peripheral company – Rapoo made in the last 2 years. Kate wants to improve Czech Republic’s economy and transform her country to something bigger than France, Germany and United Kingdom in terms of its economy.

Kate has borrowed some loan from the family and friends to start her company and she is now looking for a major financier. She says that the financier also has to be someone from the Czech Republic itself otherwise she is not going for it. Kate’s husband is a bit liberal in these terms and he says that it is already so hard to find a financier and making it limited to someone who has to be Czech is going to make it an impossible task. Kate says that she is going to make it an All-Czech company and this company is going to be the flagship company of Czech Republic, surpassing even Skoda in terms of popularity and only a Czech financier can make it happen.

This nationwide furniture retail business trusts only Robotalker when it comes to automated phone calls

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Brown and Blue (name changed) is a nationwide American furniture company that lost a lot of money with their short stint as a courier company. The company decided to have their own courier company after they started to have 40% of their sales online and they believed that they were spending a lot of money on shipping and they will be better off if they have a courier company of their own.

The main reason behind the ever-growing online sales of Brown and Blue furniture has always been their low shipping charges, fast delivery and 100% money back guarantee within 30 days of delivery in case the customer is not satisfied.

The Brown and Blue company mainly focuses on serving the middle-income households and that includes every different section of the middle-income category including middle-middle, upper-middle and lower-middle.

The Brown and Blue furniture company accepts payments through PayPal, Skrill, Payoneer and all major internation credit cards.

One of the founders once even considered offering free shipping unless he was called crazy for it, the same founder once considered offering Cash on Delivery, again to be called crazy.

The Brown and Blue furniture company believes in rewarding their hard-working employees with great commissions and it shouldn’t come as a surprise that many of their employees have bought their own houses without borrowing any loan from the bank with the commissions they made selling Brown and Blue Furniture. The furniture industry is really a profitable one.

Brown and Blue company has always believed in experimenting with new ideas and that includes importing all sorts of furniture from the Republic of China and selling the same on their retail chain only to receive negative feedback and declined sales but when it comes to the automated phone calls, they never thought about switching from Robotalker to any other. They have been using Robotalker for the past 3.5 years and they are extremely happy with the same.

Rich couple got fascinated by the Garra Rufa aquarium more than they got fascinated by the miraculous capability of the Garra Rufa fish

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Andrew Stanley is a Slovakian businessman of English origin who currently owns 2 factories and a store chain. One of Mr Stanley’s factories produces jumpsuits, pleat dresses, evening dresses, bow dresses, lace dresses, ruched dresses and playsuits for women and the other factory produces capris, bell bottoms, trousers, skirts, frills and pants for women. Andrew’s store chain is a vintage clothing store chain that sells everything vintage including toys, cut & sew, denim dresses, bolero, tie, polka, jackets, blazers, trousers, skirts and socks.

Mr Stanley’s wife – About 7–8 months ago, Bella got a disease which I think you may be already familiar about, it is a skin disease and it goes by the name psoriasis. Bella didn’t tell Andrew about it at all and she decided to keep it a secret until and unless she found a cure for the same as she feared that Andrew will get an ugly image of her in his eyes because of her skin disease. Andrew couldn’t notice it either as he was very stressed due to a new business that he was planning to enter into and Andrew also secretly believes that practicing celibacy gets him out of the stress and increases his creativity. Bella thought that Andrew has already seen her rashes and now he hates the way she looks. Bella being a shy woman felt so embarrassed to visit a doctor and she decided to find the cure on herself. Months went by like this, once when Andrew decided to make love to his wife, he saw the psoriasis rashes at different places of the body of his lovely wife. Luckily enough, Andrew recognized what it was and what’s even better is that he also knew about a bulletproof pedicure that could alleviate the symptoms of psoriasis and the pedicure is called Garra Rufa pedicure. The very next day, Mr Stanley took Bella to a Garra Rufa spa, Andrew was already well aware of the fact that it is a bulletproof treatment and the Bella’s symptoms getting alleviated within a matter of 30 minutes wasn’t a big deal for him but Mr Stanley got fascinated by the beautiful DermaQuarium aquariums that they used at the spa and surprisingly enough, Mrs Stanley was even more fascinated by those aquariums than her spouse.

The couple has now decided to open a Garra Rufa spa of their own and they are going to use nothing but DermaQuarium aquariums there.

Young Czech businessman never faced a single problem with 6.7 cummins tuner that he installed in his Dodge Ram

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Filip Dvorak (name changed) is one of the largest pashmina shawl wholesalers in the Czech Republic.

Filip is addicted to reading auto magazines and that’s where he learnt about 6.7 Cummins tuner which he later installed on his Dodge Ram which he imported a year ago and yet to face any Problems with 6.7 Cummins tuner.

Filip owns a Jeep Compass as well and he hates the brakes on it and that’s why he never give it to his wife to drive. Filip met his wife in a Detroit Auto Show where she was a showgirl, it was a love on first sight for Filip. They exchanged the numbers and here they are, happily married for the past 5 years.

Recently when Filip wanted to buy a luxury car, he was confused between buying a BMW and a Lexus. Filip wanted a car that is fun to drive and reliable as well, BMWs are great fun to drive but not reliable, Lexus are not as much fun-to-drive but extremely reliable, finally Filip bought an Infiniti instead as it is both fun and reliable.

Filip says that modern car manufacturers have been caring way too much about the pollution control and spending too much amount of money, time and energy on it but still they haven’t been able to do much about it and hence it is better that they stop caring about the pollution control altogether and focus all their time, energy and money on creating better driving, more reliable, more durable and more comfortable cars.

Filip’s most favorite sports is football and he wishes if they ever create a football shaped car ever in the future.

Filip says that nothing can beat Ford if it is more reliable. Filip says that he enjoys driving a Ford even more than a BMW.

Adrian Maly is the perfect example of how much of your life can be changed with losing those extra pounds

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Adrian Maly (name changed) owns an appliance repair service chain that stretches from North Dakota in the west to the Wisconsin in the east. Adrian used to struggle with losing weight until he was told by his aerobics instructor wife – Adriana about CrazyBulk Cutting Stack.

Adrian also underwent a gynecomastia surgery recently. He used to be extremely anxious and under-confident because of his gynecomastia and over-weight but his life has changed completely since he lost that extra weight and the man boobs. Adrian can now fit in his Porsche 911 which he used to miss driving so much. He used to look extremely awkward driving his Ford Fiesta but now he doesn’t. Adrian would only drive SUVs or pick-up trucks before undergoing the surgery and losing the extra pounds.

Before Adrian got into the appliance repair business, he didn’t even have the money to get his small 2 bedroom apartment painted but now he lives in a bungalow by the beach.

Adrian has a passion for motorcycles and he believed that his wife would let him drive motorcycles once he loses the extra pounds but she is not letting him do so as she finds it unsafe. She even sold one BMW bike that he owned.

Adrian is a conspiracy theorist and he has a couple of blogs where he keeps posting regularly. Adrian claims that the planet Pluto carries a special significance for the Shia Muslims. Adrian also claims that the Abu Azrael of Kataib al-Imam Ali is a homosexual.

According to Adrian, the planet Jupiter was called Jupiter long before it was the name of a Roman God.

Adrian is a strict vegetarian and according to him, the cosmos brings bad luck to the non-vegetarians.

Adrian claims that the 9/11 was planned and done by the Russia to destroy the American economy as Russia knew that the USA will enter a long-lasting battle with the Afghanistan and Pakistan after the 9/11.

This Czech guy is a GTA freak who wants to create one of the best RPG games ever

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Brian Kovar is obsessed with German cars and he says that in one of the books he read that BMW’s founders wanted to name the company BS (Binary Stars) instead of BMW before. Brian only likes to drive rear wheel drive sedans and what’s better than a BMW when it comes to rear wheel drive sedan.

The most fascinating thing that I find about Brian is that he is a GTA and PS4 HRY freak. Brian’s most favorite Grand Theft Auto of all time is Vice City and he has completed it hundreds of times. Brian really gets an adrenaline rush like no other whence he completes a GTA mission, especially a Vice City mission.

Brian says that GTA Vice City is what introduced him to the 1980s music and if Brian is to be believed, then 1980s’ music is one of the best things that ever happened to him, he listens to the 1980s music in his car, while he is working, perhaps all the time. Brian is so unaware of the modern music that she wasn’t even aware of the Havana by Camila Cabello and Wrecking Ball by Miley Cyrus the last time I spoke to him which was in 2018.

Brian also loves the GTA Vice City Stories and his favorite mission in the GTA Vice City Stories is the Jive Drive. Brian also loves GTA 3 just because it is based on his favorite New York City. Brian’s most favorite mission are the ones set in Staunton Island which reminds him of his beautiful days and his beautiful girlfriend in Manhattan.

Brian is now interested in creating one of his own video games and the video game will be perhaps a  role playing game set in the glorious Roman Empire.

Greek female music composer goes mad when she doesn’t get to compose hence she takes along her musical instruments with her whenever she visits Chania

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Hiltrude Craven (name changed) has done an extensive research on the Indian subcontinent and especially the ongoing cold war between the only 2 nuclear powers in the Indian subcontinent – India and Pakistan. Hiltrude says that both countries have their agents working in each other’s countries, she claims one such example is Swami Om who is an ISI agent working in the Indian media to destroy the Hinduism and India’s cultural values. Swami Om once slapped an astrologer woman in a live show, Swami Om was once caught stealing a bicycle, Hiltrude claims that Swami Om’s real intention for stealing the bicycle was to install a time bomb on it as it belonged to a Hindu sadhu and the ultimate doubt would be on the Muslim Imams and scholars which would have resulted in riots, immediately.

Hiltrude says that Swami Om acts like he is a protector of Hindu religion but in reality he is an agent of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. Hiltrude claims that most of the ministers in current Prime Minister of Pakistan’s cabinet to be agents of MI6, Mossad, RAW and CIA. Hiltrude says that the Pakistani Prime Minister’s task is to only speak what these agents of the enemy countries tell him to. Hiltrude says that Pakistan is in a big mess and soon enough there will not be such a country on the face of the earth with the name Pakistan.

Hiltrude is going to rent a car Crete with her one and only sister and her family. This sister of Hiltrude is a music composer and Hiltrude says that she becomes weird and horny as hell if you take away her musical instruments. Hiltrude says that this same sister of her becomes so content and can go for years without any sort of sexual activity if she is busy making music. Hiltrude says that she becomes so content with making music that it makes her look asexual.

Lamberto refutes the bowl of stew story of Esau and Jacob, Lamberto loves carrots and he drives a Lyft cab

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Lamberto Richmond (name changed) says that the governments should take more strict measures to deal with the lawless people. As a Lyft cab driver, Lamberto sees tons of drunk drivers everyday, Lamberto joined Lyft after discovering Lyft promo code back in November 2018.

Lamberto says that tons of innovative ideas come into his head everyday and when Lamberto thinks about working on them, he turns into his own enemy and starts finding the reasons why these ideas are not going to work and he stops working on those ideas.

Lamberto loves to eat cooked and raw carrots. Lamberto says that carrots make him very energetic and intelligent.

When Lamberto was a kid, he was very fat, the tallest and the strongest kid in the school, he ate so much as a child that his mother (a homemaker) was always busy preparing some meal for him.

Lamberto has read a lot of Jewish and other religion’s history and he refutes several claims mentioned in the Torah and other religious texts like Lamberto refutes the claim that Esau gave his birth right to Jacob for a bowl of stew but rather Lamberto claims that he gave his birth right to Jacob for spending 8 nights with Rachel which Jacob agreed to. Lamberto says that to make their religion, culture and tradition look auspicious, the Jews in the Torah lie about the bowl of stew story. Lamberto says that if you can still believe the bowl of stew story of Esau and Jacob then you can believe anything and you are someone that he doesn’t deserve to waste his time arguing with.

Lamberto has done a lot of research and study on the animals and birds and he claims that the wild cats possess a peculiar intelligence and intuitive powers unparalleled in any other species on earth including human beings.

Gal is one of the smartest “Gals” that you have never met but her brother is a fool but both love Thailand

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Gal Granger (name changed) has a love-hate relationship with the popular mechanic and Youtuber – Scotty Kilmer whom Gal has accused of being on the payroll of Toyota and Lexus several times in the comments section of his videos. Recently, when she saw Scotty complimenting Mercedes, Ford, Chrysler and even Audi in his recent videos, Gal couldn’t resist writing that Toyota is not paying Scotty anymore. Scotty personally responded to her and he really sounded angry when he wrote that he was never paid a penny by the Toyota and not only that but he even made a video specifically clarifying that he was never paid by the Toyota.

Gal is a car freak and his brother – Mark is quite the opposite, he doesn’t know a thing about the cars. Recently, when he wanted to buy a Citroen as recommended by his sister – Gal, he instead bought a Renault just because the salesperson at the Renault was hot and she was able to persuade Mark into buying a Renault. Gal really felt like slapping Mark on his face for his weakness for hot women and for being a literal dickhead. Gal even called her brother Mark – the definition of dickhead after that decision of his.

Gal is a conspiracy theorist and a political analyzer as well who claims that Bosnia and Montenegro are going to be next superpowers. Gal says that Bosnia or Montenegro will not be as strong, powerful or as wealthy as the USSR, the British empire or the United States of America, but it these two will definitely surpass Germany or France in terms of technology, economy, military.

Whenever Gal gets stressed, she tours Southeast towards a beautiful country called Thailand, she has already booked a taxi using http://huahinsmiletaxi.com this time and she cannot wait to be in Thailand anymore.

Indian guy came to Canada to study, has been living ever since there and just bought a new villa on the Eagle Street, Newmarket

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Dev Patel (name changed) came to Ontario, Canada to study and when he was still in college, he started getting offers from different top Canadian companies to join them after completing his studies, Dev was such an excellent student. Dev immediately joined the company that offered him the highest salary package after completing his studies and he has been living in Canada ever since.

One of Dev’s strict Sunni Muslim friends gave up his medical career just because it is haram in Islam and now he is thinking about becoming a Mufti or an Imam (a Muslim religious scholar).

Dev loves to learn new languages and he has this commendable command of the Italian language although he very rarely gets to speak the same. Dev recently started an Italian language automobile forums to keep talking to people in Italian language.

Dev had a habit of inviting of inviting each and every beautiful woman that he met for a lunch or a dinner until he got engaged to this stunning Indian-Canadian woman who is a software engineer. Dev recently purchased a new villa on the Eagle Street in Newmarket, Ontario and it is currently undergoing home renovation Newmarket and as soon as it is done, Dev will move there.

Dev is an author too and an unsuccessful one at that. Dev’s last book which was about how Samrat (Emperor) Ashoka of India converted to Buddhism and preached non-violence for political purposes and not because he changed or became non-violent and peaceful himself. Dev says that the Emperor Ashoka knew no other way of ruling over the entire Indian subcontinent which is roughly equivalent to 5 million square kilometers.

Ex-wife of one of the richest men in Tamil Nadu, self-proclaimed biblical scholar and a mother of two loves to watch movies with her kids

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Ines Anipoli (name changed) recently divorced her Indian husband and came back to Heraklion, Greece after the divorce. Ines has been given the custody for her children and that’s what she was most worried about as one of her 2 kids is older than 7 years. Nothing gives Ines more pleasure than watching movies with her children (παιδικεσ ταινιεσ).

Ines’s ex-husband is one of the wealthiest leather industrialists in one of the metros of India and capital of the southernmost Indian state called Tamil Nadu – Chennai (earlier known as Madras). Chennai is the hub for the leather industry in India and responsible for 23% of the leather produced in the country. India is one of the greatest leather exporters in the world and Ines’s ex-husband is one of the topmost player in the industry, so you can imagine how wealthy the man is, not a billionaire though, yes – a billionaire in Indian currency but nowhere near to being a billionaire in Euros and US Dollars.

Ines is not a believer but she has always been fascinated by the biblical stories and mythologies. Ines has traveled all of what used to be called the promised land and is still called by the same name. Ines has thoroughly researched about the garden of Eden and several other biblical sites but her main emphasis and favorite has always been the garden of Eden. Nothing catches Ines’s curiosity as the garden of Eden and she has come to the conclusion that the garden of Eden was between the Black sea and the Caspian sea. Ines says that any tribe or people that live in this area between the Caspian and Black sea will be blessed by the god himself.

After getting a successful real estate app done by an Indonesian company, Anita is building her second car related app herself

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Anita Cela (name changed) is half-Kenyan and half-French American citizen who says that the white protestant Christians have deflated from the first commandment that god gave them – “Be fruitful and multiply”.

Anita is working on creating her second android app which will help you select the perfect car according to your budget and requirements, she is naming the app ‘Thud’. Anita is already a proud owner of a real estate android app that she got done by one of the most underrated android application creation services company (jasa pembuatan aplikasi android) of Indonesia. Anita has not yet monetized the app but she soon will. She is still looking for the perfect way to monetize that app.

Anita claims that Saint Thomas was never stabbed in Tamil Nadu, India but rather in Ninh Binh, Vietnam. Anita doubts that Saint Thomas ever came to South India, she is certain that she came to Punjab but she says that he travels to eastwards from there and he could reach till Ninh Binh, Vietnam where he was stabbed by a bunch of Buddhists (allegedly).

Anita claims that St Thomas was the most intelligent, courageous and daring among all the 12 apostles of the Christ and he proved it really when he doubted the resurrection of the Jesus Christ and got the name “Doubting Thomas”.

Anita rejects the belief that German cars are the overall best cars and no English, Italian, French or Japanese can match it. Anita claims that Japanese cars are overall the best, Anita says that the Japanese cars are sold so much – look at the sales of the Hondas, the Toyotas, the Nissans and the Suzukis and yet they deserve more sales. Anita says that the European cars should be priced half of what they are being sold for now. Anita also claims that looking at the Chinese brands like Volvo, Lenovo, Redmi, etc, it should not come as a surprise when in the near future, the Chinese take over the automobile industry as well.

Anita is very critical about the Hyundai and Kia Motors and says that their cars belong to the third world countries only. Anita says that Hyundai’s cars are nothing but interiors and body, their handling sucks.

None of the 12 apostles came to Thailand but that doesn’t steal the title of ‘Southeast Asian Paradise’ from Thailand

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My Duy (name changed) is a woman of Vietnamese origin who was born and raised up in the beautiful coastal city called Phan Thiet in the Binh Thuan Province of Vietnam.

My Duy is always crazy about knowing more about the 12 apostles of the Jesus Christ. After someone told My Duy that it is a lie that St Thomas (one of the 12 apostles of Jesus Christ) died in Ramapuram, Tamil Nadu, India but instead he successfully traveled till Thailand and lived in the city called Ubon Ratchathani in Thailand for a long while, My Duy packed her bag and decided to travel to Ubon Ratchathani.

After reaching to Ubon Ratchathani, My Duy found out that he was taken for a long ride by the person who told her that St Thomas ever traveled to Thailand or Ubon Ratchathani. One good thing happened with My Duy though, she fell in love with the beautiful country called Thailand. Thailand is also called the paradise of Southeast Asia and you need to travel all of Southeast Asia to believe it.

My Duy decided to travel to Thailand again the next time during holidays. In the month of February this year, My Duy decided that she will travel to Bangkok and from Bangkok she will go to the most underrated island of the world – Koh Chang. My Duy got a chance in August to enjoy a trip from Phan Thiet to Bangkok to Koh Chang and once she did, she was surprised to find so many familiar people, including a restaurant owner in Bangkok with whom My Duy worked in the same company, fell in love but never dared to ask him out or show him her feelings until it was too late. From one fine day onward, he never appeared in the company again and My Duy was surprised to find out that he is now living in Bangkok. My Duy again couldn’t dare to tell her feelings to him. She just ate at his restaurant, smiled at him and disappeared.

This Coral Gables girl is getting wedded to a broke real estate developer from Fisher Island on 15th of Jan

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Gada Couter (name changed) keeps asking this one question all the time “Wouldn’t the world, especially the continents of Asia and Africa would be a better place if the justice couldn’t be bought in the third world countries?”

Gada is an atheist who respects the religious values of almost all the different religions except that of the Yazidies. Gada denies the claim that Yazidies worship the Satan but she hates their trend of honor killings and superiority complex.

Having been lived in Queens, New York City for 6 years, Gada claims that Chinese people own more mansions in Queens, New York than people of any other ethnicity.

Gada claims that all the pure gold of the world is stored in the federal banks and what we have is another chemical element which looks just like the gold.

Gada lives in Coral Gables, Florida currently. She will shift to Fisher Island on 15th of January, 2019 as she is getting married to a wealthy real estate developer who owns a huge mansion on Fisher Island, Miami.

Gada doubts that her fiance is broke but she couldn’t care less. She is in love with him and she cannot think of anyone else as her husband.

Gada dropped out of college only to regret it later in her life. She started going to college 5 years later again but she had to drop out again as she couldn’t pay her bills on time due to not working full-time.

Gada has traveled the world and she claims that she met more chain smokers in the Republic of China and Israel than anywhere else in the world.

You will be amazed to know that neither Gada nor her fiance have yet decided a wedding venue yet, they are still reading posts on amonarttattoo.com to decide what kind of venue they should opt for their special day.

Inspired by Li Shufu and guided by Texnologia, this American lady became a huge success

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Flann Terzis (name changed) used to copy her favorite female actor’s hairstyle and dressing style when she was in college. Flann’s friends used to make fun of her and taunted her by saying that you even copy the way your favorite female actor walks, don’t you have a style of your own? Flann never bothered about those guys until it got too late. Flann started getting bad grades and she was left behind all her friends in her career because she spent most of her time trying to copy her favorite female actor.

Flann is not a white supremacist but she is very protective about the white race and she says that the only spiritual race that she has discovered on earth is the white race. She respects the French, German, Italian, British, every major white nation. Now, when after struggling for 20 years, Flann has finally become a huge success, she sends regular donations to orphan houses of almost every major white nation.

There was a time when Flann used to be dependent upon her bully husband for her livelihood. He would harass Flann in all possible ways until he went on a trip to Egypt with a group of his friends. He and friends were believed to be Israeli spies by the Egyptian government and agencies. Meanwhile, Flann started her own mobile company inspired by Li Shufu of China who started his own refrigerator company back in 1982 and made his way to become the tenth richest person of the Republic of China and the owner of Geely which owns a legendary brand like Volvo. Flann kept reading blogs like texnologia to keep herself updated with the latest tech and gadget news and to keep herself motivated on her way to the top and not give up, she kept reading and listening to the stories of men like Li Shufu, Henry Ford and Soichiro Honda.

Catholic couple is going to the Thailand to enjoy their yearly honeymoon

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Clove Fisherman (name changed) hates working out in the gym but still does it 6 days a week. Clove has lost 15 lbs since he joined the gym and it has been only 4 months since he joined one.

Clove is one heck of a reader too and a rare one. Clove hates novels but he loves to read everything science, history and archaeology. He is thinking about pursuing a PhD in Biology as he wants to know and learn more about the subject and wants to be called a doctor too although he denies the later.

Clove’s wife – Chloe loves to read love stories but she hates to read about the wars. Though Chloe hates to read everything related to the wars, she has some interesting ideas about justice, politics and laws. Chloe says that the rapists must be chained and thrown into the open seas after they have been convicted of the crime.

Clove is a great believer in the Christian and Islamic eschatology and he says that Donald Trump is the real Dajjal. Chloe also believes in the Christian and Islamic eschatology but she says that Jared Corey Kushner is the real Dajjal.

Clove is half-Turkish and half-French, he was brought up by his grandmother in Bursa, Turkey though he spent a huge chunk of his childhood in Southern France as well.

Clove claims that the France would have been much behind the United Kingdom and Germany if it wasn’t a Catholic majority country but the Catholic morals and the virtue and attribute of profitability has kept France on par with Germany and UK.

Clove and Chloe love to enjoy a mini honeymoon each year in some different Asian country. Mostly they enjoy their mini honeymoon in the winters and this January they are going to the Thailand and they are too excited about it. They will first go to Bangkok and from there they will go Amphawa, they have already booked a cab from Bangkok to Amphawa.

A software engineer, a politician, a bonsai expert and a cotton bags lover

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Janie Terrence (name changed) is running for the elections for the Members of the Parliament in the coming elections that will take place on 24 February, 2019. She has already hired a cyber army to popularize herself as a sort of a messiah who is going to eradicate all the problems of Thailand all by herself, she has also bought some cotton bags from bbbags.net to keep the things required in those for her election preparations.

Janie is a software engineer by profession who is an expert at the art of bonsai. Janie used to own one of the biggest bonsai plant stores in the Bangkok city before she sold it out. Janie says that the Indian, Bangladeshi and Pakistani window shoppers used to drive her mad; Janie was young back then and didn’t have enough patience to tolerate the window shoppers and neither did she have enough funds to recruit some employees so she decided to sell her business out.

Janie claims that she never fell in love throughout her entire life, she always knew that no such thing as love is possible.

Just about 24 months ago, Janie used to troll discord and slack chat servers with a fake Kamala Harris account. Many would believe her to be the real Kamala Harris while most will not. One thing was common among almost all of the believers and non-believers that they enjoyed chatting with her.

Janie claims that her kids have always been so nice that it was effortless for her to raise them.

Janie hates her younger sister – Phiyada – a millionaire socialite. Janie accuses her younger sister of ripping off millions from several different millionaires. Janie claims that she will send her own younger sister behind the bars once she wins the election.

God tells Josue Dalton to keep donating in order to keep earning millions, stay fit and healthy

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Josue Dalton (name changed) does a lot of charity and donation, he claims that he speaks to the god when all alone and the god tells him that he will stay in a perfect shape and health as long as he keeps donating and not to mention that he will keep making those millions too as long as he keeps donating.

Josue is a strong Palestine supporter who claims that the western part of the Israel will become a part of the Egypt and the east of Israel will become a part of Palestine, Josue wishes that all this happen before he dies and he believes that this will happen before he dies. He is sick and tired of hearing the atrocities of the Israeli people and soldiers towards the Palestinians.

Josue has studied about all the major religions of the world, including their histories, tales, folklore and mythology. Josue claims that Hindu god Shiva was an ancient yogi who would drink bhang and stay asleep or in a meditative position for weeks and would hallucinate often, the ancient Hindus started believing that he was a god just like they do with everyone and everything. Josue says that the Hindus are so stupid that on the one side they spit venom against the Muslims and Christians all the time and on the other they visit their places of worship for the blessings. Josue says that Hindu people like all idol worshipers are beggars without any spiritual values. Josue agrees that Shiva lived on a Mountain called Kailash but he disagrees with the tale that his wife committed suicide by burning herself alive after learning that her husband wasn’t invited to a party organized by her rich and powerful father. Shiva also disagrees that Shiva married for the second time, Josue claims that Shiva was addicted to the masturbation and he didn’t have the strength for a second wife.

Hair Transplant after 2 months

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Pablo Johnson (name changed) claims that if you don’t switch your position after each 3 minute, you are boring your woman, if your woman is not telling you then you are either too small for her or she is an introvert or maybe an idiot.

Pablo used to trust Traditional Indian Medicine and Traditional Chinese Medicine more than the modern Western medical science until he saw his best friend who was bald throughout his 20s and 30s looked a completely new man after getting a hair transplant done by Istanbul’s famous Dr T. The hair transplant results after 2 months on his head were just astonishing, Pablo has decided to go for a hair transplant himself although he is not that bald. I think Dr T will send him back home after having a look on his head, as he is not that bald.

Pablo recently disembarked his eCommerce journey by selling spare parts for boats, yachts and speedboats online. I wish him all the best with his new business and I hope that he makes millions with it to start several more businesses. He is a genius when it comes to business and he always works wholeheartedly.

Pablo started his career with working at a tech job, he never felt enthusiastic working there. Pablo has developed a lot of techniques all by himself that has made working for him fun and enjoyable. Pablo can focus on his work for hours at a time, I mean he enters the state of nirvikalpa samadhi (nirvana/zen) while working.

Pablo’s brother – Nacho is a part of the founding members of one of the topmost Turkish multinational companies. Nacho keeps informing Pablo that there is a sharp divide between the African, Indian market and the European, Australian, Canadian and North American market. Nacho tells Pablo that if you are always successful in the either of these parts, it doesn’t guarantee success on the other part.

Predrag Nasic is the perfect example of where there is a will, there is a way

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Predrag Nasic (name changed) is a Serbian gentleman from the second largest and beautiful city called Novi Sad. Predrag is a famous personality on Social Media, especially Youtube and Instagram. Predrag gained popularity in the year 2016 when he claimed that contraceptive methods are a gift from the gods themselves, after hearing this, the catholic community and their online missionaries got butt-hurt really bad and made an announcement to boycott every video, every Instagram post, every tweet and every Facebook share by Predrag.

Predrag had no idea that most of his followers and fans were catholic, he kept making the videos, tweeting, posting on Instagram and Facebook. Predrag’s videos and social media posts started receiving only a little or no likes or views at all. Predrag was about to quit but then he saw a post about buy 100 instagram real likes, Predrag decided to give it a go and he received the likes within 1 hours of that, you wouldn’t believe how much it cost him, it cost him only 2 dollar, yes, you read that right only 2 dollars, Predrag was already making 7000 US dollars per month with the social media before the catholic missionaries attacked him, 2 dollar per 100 likes were nothing compared to that. You will be amazed to know that as Predrag started investing 50 dollar per day with buying Instagram likes, he started receiving more genuine likes than ever before and making more money as well than ever before. Since then Predrag has never gone back, he has been making money with social media full-time and loving it.

Predrag Nasic now creates memes all days, post those on Instagram, buy likes from the same company and gets millions of real visitors to his website, those catholic haters really changed his life for the better.

Ancient Hindu Rishis, Munis and Saints wish in the heaven if they could fold Christmas origami back in the day

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Celestina Tailor (name changed) laughs her ass off at the Hindus that believe their mythologies are not mythologies but true stories instead. She has met hundreds of Hindus who are not willing to believe that their mythologies are mere mythologies and there is no reality behind them. These Hindu mythologies were written by the ancient Hindus Rishis, Munis and Saints who wanted to improve the society.

These Rishis, Munis and Saints according to Celestina were the ordinary people before becoming special, these great men and women felt unsatisfied with the ordinary life and in order to look for a higher purpose in life, they became celibates which used to be a sine qua non in order to become a spiritual aspirant back in ancient India.

These celibate aspirants then used to visit other infamous Rishis, Munis and Saints to learn from them who all lived at places far-off, mostly away from the villages, in the forests or other deserted places.

Rishis, Munis and Saints invented and tried several different methods for the common people so that they can live peacefully, wisely and human-like instead of living like animals.

These Rishis, Munis and Saints had nothing else to do other than making the normies’s lives better, they didn’t fold Origami Christmas during the Christmas season, play video games or go on a speedboat ride, they were banished from making love to their wives, girlfriends and their favorite prostitutes (prostitution used to be ample in the ancient India like it is today).

Celestina cannot appreciate enough the humanitarian job that ancient Hindu Rishis, Munis and Saints have done but she is not ready to believe at any cost that the Hindu mythology is real.

She hates politics, news, religions and sports but loves comedy and folding origami

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Olive Goldwater (name changed) hates politics, news, religion and sports. She hates the parliamentarians, news anchors, religious chiefs, sportsmen and sportswomen. Olive’s father is a great fan of all what Olive hates and he recently had to sell his childhood house in Spain to pay of his debts.

Olive and her family have been currently living in Southall, England. She knows several Pakistani men and women there and she loves watching Pakistani comedy shows, her Pakistani friends translate the lines to her and she thoroughly enjoys it. She now speaks a bit of Urdu and Punjabi herself as well. She tries to look for the Pakistani comedy videos with English captions which she rarely finds. She recently enjoyed watching a video titled “Woh Log Jo Galiyan Dete Hain” featuring Pakistani comic writer – Anwar Maqsood and one of the most infamous Pakistani comic actors ever – Moin Akhtar. She watched it with a Pakistani friend who kept translating the video for her in English, the video was about a Pakistani college professor who couldn’t pay his bills working as a college professor in Pakistan and had to travel to Dubai and work there as a driver for an Arab sheikh in order to pay his bills and take care of his family. The funniest part in the video was about the protagonist’s maternal uncle who swears everything and everybody that he ever comes across. Despite of being a medical doctor, this maternal uncle of the protagonist lives in a rented apartment and he always pays his rent late because he seldom has any money. He only practiced medicine for a couple of months and stopped practicing after that. Since then he has been living off other family members and now his kids who are all 20+ and working now.

Olive’s most favorite hobby is folding origami as it is not only fun but also improve cognitive abilities. Olive does it whenever she can and wherever she can.

This wonder woman owns and runs several successful e-commerce stores

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Jane Gochnour (name changed) claims that she can forecast weather days before. She has successfully done the same in front of her husband, kids, relatives and friends so many times, she has never failed in any of her predictions but it is not always that she makes any such predictions but whenever she does, she never fails.

Another superpower that Jane claims to possess is the power of interpreting dreams. She says that she can tell about a person’s desires, estimated bank balance, net worth and lots of other stuff just by knowing his/her dreams. Jane walks the talk when it comes to this dream stuff, before heading for sleep, Jane starts deeply thinking about what she needs to do the next day in order to achieve her goals and she keeps thinking about the barriers and problems that are coming in her way of achieving those dreams and voila, she wakes up with the solution to those barriers and problems.

Jane is a full-time internet marketer and an owner of several e-commerce stores. When Jane is not working, predicting weather or analyzing her or someone else’s dreams, she is busy promoting the rights of the females on the social media.

Jane wants to become famous worldwide and she wants to become famous for positive reasons, she doesn’t want to be famous like a so-called Hollywood star or PewDiePie but she wants to be famous in her own way.

Jane has been writing a novel for the past 13 years but she hasn’t been able to complete it yet. This novel is the story of a girl who rises from rags to riches and is the richest woman in the world by the age of 37. Jane wants to write this novel as a perfectionist, not as an amateur and that’s why it is taking so much of her time, but 13 years is really really long, anyways, I wish Jane success with her writing project and hope that she completes it as soon as possible.

Popular female thong store accepts all major cryptocurrencies

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Sarah Romero (name changed) is an amateur car modifier, she claims that she can turn a Suzuki Ignis into a Bentley Mulsanne. Sarah says that Indian engineers are very capable but underestimated, some of the most brilliant people she met were engineers from India.

During her childhood, Sarah used to suffer from periodical memory lapses and the memories of those times still give her nightmares.

Sarah is one of the very few Italian females who partakes in protests against the Muslim migrants in Europe, especially Italy. Despite warnings from the family members telling her that protesting venues are a dangerous place for the females, especially in Italy, she doesn’t care. She is even planning to protest against the LGBT community next time, I hope she falls under a bus before that, she doesn’t have a right to interfere in the lives of the LGBT community, let them do what they do as long as they are enjoying it without harming anyone else.

Sarah manufactures and sells thongs, g-strings and jockstraps online and offline. What makes Sarah’s online and offline stores different from those of her competitors is her acceptance of the cryptocurrencies. She checks the updated prices of the cryptocurrencies after each 15 minute period on Coinmarketcap.

Sarah loves to eat at a particular nearby Chinese restaurant, she keeps staring at men eating there with lustful eyes in order to make them daydream about her all the time. Sarah is a great believer in energy vampirism and she says that when men daydream about her it makes her more energetic, happy and healthy.

Sarah has curly hair which she herself hates but everyone other than her either loves or envy. She has tried to chemically straighten them up several times only to fail. Chemically trying to straighten the hair resulted in hair fall for Sarah and she always encourages the ladies she hate to get their straighten up too.

Self-proclaimed pious catholic is busy folding Christmas season origami with her nephews and nieces

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Mercedes Alawadhy (name changed) doesn’t see economy as the only way of freedom as neocons like to point out. Mercedes is a self-proclaimed ‘pious catholic’, she says ” I cannot stay in touch with the politics. I can agree with most of the neocons and those types on what’s wrong, morally and politically. While disagreeing with them what is right. The American philosophy base their political structure on man being naturally good, while Christianity as a whole treats humanity as fallen. So I can’t see why their ideas on a government are set the way they are because so  many “conservatives” claim to be Christian.”

Mercedes was born to a Spanish speaking American mother and an Arora Punjabi father who migrated to the United States when he was 16. Born into a working class family, Mercedes always wishes if she were born in a royal family or to someone like the Waltons or the Rockefellers. I think you might have already guessed Mercedes’s most favorite song of all time – Royals by Lorde.

Mercedes became a great fan of Austin Osman Spare after reading “The Book of Pleasure”.

Mercedes’s father tells her how her grandfather used to be called the Einstein in the neighborhood because of his crazy dedication to the inventions but he couldn’t invent anything throughout his life. Scientists receive a very little financial support or no support at all by the government and other organizations in India, and that’s why Mercedes’s grandfather wanted his son to move to the United States as soon as he grows up because his own experience with India and Indians was super-bad.

Mercedes’s dad never gets tired of repeating how her grandfather used to be in a state of ecstasy while working, he wouldn’t be aware of what time it was, what part of the day, the date, anything, he used to get so lost working on his inventions, it was astounding.

Anyways, it is Christmas season and Mercedes is busy folding Origami Christmas with her little nephews and nieces.

Celebrity culture hater loves to fold origami with her adoptive son

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Hanne Ahlin (name changed) has an unbelievable memory. She can listen to a speech for once and never forget a single word said in the speech. She has done it with speeches hours long and she never fails.

Hanne hates celebrity culture and she especially hates the television actors. To Hanne, the name TV actor is synonymous with stupidity. She has a Squid tank in her home and she has named the Squids in her tank on the name of TV actors.

Hanne is married to a doctor whose prescribed medications never work on anyone. All the time he receives bad reviews on different websites on the internet, he never gets repeat patients and the ones who come to him through the word of mouth are the ones sent to him by hating relatives or friends of the patient.

Hanne is a childless infertile woman. She used to be too proud and arrogant in her childhood and teenage and she believes that it is a punishment that god gave her for her pride and arrogance in teenage and childhood years.

Hanne adopted a 8 year old boy named Axel, last month. They love to fold easy origami together. Hanne and Axel are showing a great chemistry already.

According to Hanne, Swami Dayanand Saraswati was the wisest man ever ;and Nelson Mandela and Mahatma Gandhi are the most overrated men in the history of the earth.

Hanne always keeps memories of the days when she was financially broke. She does the same in order not to become ignorant and arrogant again. She believes that she made some of the wisest decisions in her tough times and she was working at her full potential back in the day. She tries to replicate her ‘broke days mindset’ by playing the songs that were popular back then.