Ice Cream Man turned into a millionaire with television draw and God’s help

Manolo is a 38 year old man who used to be a ice cream man wandering on the streets in his small and old van in the beautiful city of Curitiba, Brazil until the last year. Today, Manolo owns a small ice cream factory of his own. Manolo is a great believer in God and his belief is that the God really helps you if you call him wholeheartedly for a good purpose and intention.

Manolo was in desperate need for the money when his mother and father were both ill. Manolo doesn’t have any spouse or siblings that could help him at that moment. He is a celibate as well.

The money Manolo was earning as an ice cream man wasn’t enough for his own survival. How could he get his old and ill parents treated with that money?

Manolo was in desperation went to the church on the Sunday of 2017 September and asked for God’s help. Manolo was certain that God will help him.

The next day, when Manolo went out like he did everyday to sell ice creams, he started seeing what they call “Angel Numbers”. Once an astrologer told him that 11 is his lucky number and 77 is his unlucky number. Whenever Manolo saw the number 11, something good happened to him that day, whenever he saw 7 or 77, something bad happened.

Then Manolo saw a very attractive ad forĀ sorteio da tele sena. He then thought of buying a ticket. He knew that God is trying to send him a message and he was certain that the God will definitely help him. Manolo bought a television draw number and it should be no surprise to you that he ‘won’. Manolo won 10 million Brazilian Real and he couldn’t thank god enough. He was literally crying unstoppably that day with tears of gratitude and joy.

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