Importing Mirror Glass from China and selling it on eBay can make you rich

Daryll Toptchi (name changed) is a Canadian-Jewish young man born to a Catholic mother and a Jewish father. Daryll’s mother was always very lenient when it came to the studies and promoted Daryll for his bodybuilding and online business goals that he started off working at when he was only 14 while his father like most Jewish fathers would always ask him to study hard and don’t think about bodybuilding or business until he completes his college education. And like most Jewish fathers, Daryll’s dad wanted him to become a doctor, doesn’t matter which branch, General Practice, Dermatology, Dental practice, everything was okay with him as long as it gives his son the title of “Doctor” before his name.

But unfortunately, Daryll couldn’t go the medical college due to his low grades. His father was very disappointed, but his mother had confidence in him and always knew that her son is going to be a success. Daryll went to a business college and after coming back from the college each day, he would try his hand in several online businesses. Daryll suffered losses in most of the businesses but didn’t give up. He knew there is a lot of potential in him and he is naturally gifted when it comes to doing the business.

It is surprising that even though Daryll had tried several businesses already in a span of about 6 years, he never tried to sell anything on eBay. The idea came to him when he looked for a bathroom mirror on eBay. He found out that Chinese sellers were selling 10x as better bathroom mirrors on eBay for one third the price than their Canadian rivals, the only difference was that they had a much longer delivery time. Daryll knew that he has finally found a profitable business. Daryll took his parents’ permission and moved to China to look for the perfect mirror glass supplier and found one inĀ Xingtai , Hebei Province.

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