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Sigil Magic doesn’t make you rich but Prescott Financial Planner do

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Dennis is a 51 year old retired gentleman who was born in the desert city of United States – Tucson, Arizona and lived there until he was 5. When Dennis was 5, his whole family moved from Tucson AZ to Las Vegas. Nevada.

Dennis’ mother used to suffer from occasional severe depression. The cause of her depression wasn’t domestic violence or anything like that, but the shortage of funds to run the home. Dennis used to close his eyes when he was a kid and wished all the time “Oh God! Please make us rich so that my mother doesn’t suffer with depression anymore.”

Dennis’ grandfather was a big believer in Sigil Magic, but it never worked. Sigil magic is supposed to make the one doing it rich. The family never became even middle class, let alone becoming rich.

For the past 6 years, Dennis has been making more money than anybody in his family ever has. When Dennis was 44, he was living in this Bay Ridge neighborhood of the New York City when he met this Black Muslim guy who resided right next to him. Before meeting this gentleman, Dennis had no idea that there are Blacks who believe in Islam. The only one he knew of was Muhammad Ali. Anyways, this black gentleman was about to invest all his savings with Prescott Financial Planner and he told about it to Dennis as well. Dennis decided to give it a go for himself too, and here is Dennis today making over 10k USD a month in profits doing nothing but reinvesting the profits he saves with the same Prescott Financial Planning Company.

Dennis makes a resolution each year and his resolution for this year was starting to meditate everyday for an hour. Since starting meditation, Dennis feels very calm almost all the time, things don’t bother him as much, he feels more alert and energetic.

One thing that Dennis cannot stand is the glorification of celebrities, especially the actors.

Well-off Golden City girl is excited about her MBBS in Bangladesh

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Pratibha is a 19 year young Rajput girl from Jaisalmer, Rajasthan also known as the Golden City. Pratibha comes from a very well-off family. Her grandfather owns a shipping company and recently the family enjoyed a tour of India on the popular royal class luxury train “Palace on Wheels”. The whole family loves travelling and their favorite destination in India is South Goa. They have stayed in each and every popular hotel and resort of South Goa, you just name it.

Pratibha’s favorite song is ‘Heart of Glass’ by Blondie. She really loves the 70s music. One of Pratibha’s most favorite hobbies is mimicking Bollywood actresses. Pratibha has this tremendous energy and gigantic willpower that most others envy. Everyone was telling her until about 6 months ago that she can never become a doctor and she proved them all wrong after getting enrolled for MBBS in Bangladesh for Indian Students.

Along with being a high achiever in the material world, Pratibha is also very spiritual. She used to be a part of Brahma Kumaris but left only after a few months. This was back in 2015. Currently, she is not attached with any spiritual or religious organization, but she has subscribed to so many gurus including Nithyananda, Sadhguru, Sri Sri Ravishankar, OSHO, you name it.

Pratibha was dating this vapid but handsome dude until about an year ago who was a total puppet of his father. She couldn’t take it anymore and finally broke up with him.

Oddly enough now, Pratibha wants to stay a celibate throughout her life but is not overthinking it.

Pratibha is scared that after moving to Bangladesh and mixing up with new people, she doesn’t get estranged from her spiritual lifestyle.

History Teacher loves his early morning jog at Schuylkill River Trail

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Brian is an American who can’t forget his trip to the Mexico when he was only 16. He remembers how he asked for a Pepsi in a bar and he was given whiskey instead. He fell in love with Mexico. He always wondered how he could settle down there forever.

Brian has been teaching history in a Philadelphia school for over 10 years now and although he loves it, he still wants to move to a resort town in Mexico forever. He is looking for ways to make money online for that and he is yet to come across a reliable one.

The best time of Brian’s day is the jogging time in the early morning. He does a daily jog wearing his MadOxx activewear at Schuylkill River Trail.

Recently, Brian got addicted to surfing the net so much that he had to be on the NoSurf challenge only to find himself relapsing each time.

It is an irony that on one side Brian claims that he likes to live in the moment and on the other, he is always lost in the memories of Mexico which was over 2 decades ago.

Brian loves serenity more than anything else. Brian was raised by very wise and conservative parents. They always taught Brian the art of cultivation directly or indirectly.

Brian never had a girlfriend. One of Brian’s best friends is a compulsive exaggerator. He always exaggerates about the number and beauty of his girlfriends to Brian. He also loves to exaggerates about his intimate adventures with his girlfriends.

Brian is one of the ablest men you have never met. I am certain that he will achieve his dream of starting a successful online business soon enough and settle down in a resort town of Mexico for the rest of his life.

Pro-life Belgium music creator can’t stop shopping at the Pample Mousse

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Eli is a very pro-life girl from the Antwerp city of Belgium. Eli’s family traces its origin to the House of Wettin. Eli’s family recently donated 10, 000 Euros for the building of one of the most popular Hindu temples in Belgium.

Eli’s father used to be a close disciple of UG Krishnamurti, a so-called enlightened master from India. Eli’s father lived in the Switzerland for 8 years and that’s when he met UG. Her father also used to go to a mystery school and was even involved in esoteric practices. He also loves to listen to the biblical tales.

Eli is a hardcore atheist and she listens to nothing but her favorite songs. Eli recently bought a pair of good bluetooth headphones from the Pample Mousse after her previous one broke.

Eli has been producing lots of music lately and that’s where she procures her pleasures from. She loves making music and she can’t get enough of it. Eli has one sister who is very stolid. She doesn’t like Eli’s music and Eli knows it.

Eli recently got a couple of her energy drainers out of her life. Her boyfriend also was in a relationship with her for her money. Eli believes that if you run around the losers you will end up a loser.

Eli’s boyfriend used to sell security systems house to house and Eli didn’t care about that but after a couple of years of dating, he started to show his real colors.

Recently, when the earthquake stuck the beautiful country of Belgium in the May, 2018, an under-construction building in the neighborhood of Eli fell into pieces. Eli was so happy that there were no workers there when this happened.

Potential Turkmenistani President’s Aunt works at Prescott Kitchen Remodeling Company and loves it

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Ruslan loves to learn about the past history of his country Turkmenistan.

Ruslan was born in a well-off family. One of Ruslan’s uncles and his grandfather were candidates for state elections in the 1980s. Both were killed by the opposition and their family’s properties were all seized by the government. Ruslan’s family was forced to live in a ghetto and they feared their lives.

Ruslan’s mother didn’t compromise when it came to the education for her sons. Ruslan has one male sibling. Both the brothers love to lift weights and were one of the very few in their school to do so when they were still studying there.¬†Both the brothers used to eat lots of nuts and meat to develop better muscles and overall body. They used to have a very tight schedule. The brothers had such a nice mum that she would play their favorite music, cook their favorite meals and helped them do their homework.

Ruslan is now 18 and he is trying his hands in several online businesses at the moment. If he succeeds, he will keep doing the online business and if he fails, he will start going to the college.

Ruslan has fallen in love with his Windows 10. Ruslan was using Windows 7 on the laptop that his aunt gifted him. He or his mother didn’t have the money to buy a Windows 10, but Ruslan is the kind of who never gives up. He researched all over the net how he can get Windows 10 for free and he came across a wonderful article about how he can get Windows 10 for free with Kmspico Windows 10 activator. Ruslan wants to be the next president of his country Turkmenistan, and he has got whatever it takes to become the same, it is just a lot of hard work.

One of Ruslan’s aunt who works for one of the most popular Kitchen Remodel companies advised Ruslan to come to the USA. Let’s see what Ruslan’s response would be to it.

Soon to be Watch Retail Tycoon installed XMEyepc on her PC to keep a check on her stores

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When Amanda was in high school she used to sell Japanese watches door to door part time in her city of Orlando, Florida. After completing her schooling, Amanda pursued a bachelor degree in economics.

After completing her education, Amanda didn’t go out to look for a job, but she built watch forums and blogs where she reviewed or talked about watches of all sorts and advertised her online watch stores on those blogs and forums. She also bought Chinese watches in bulk and sold those Chinese watches on eBay and other online marketplaces.

After making her first 500k USD, Amanda opened her first watch retail store in the city of Orlando. This was back in the year 2012. Since then, Amanda has opened 5 more stores in 5 different cities of Florida and that means she owns total of 6 watch retail stores now and she is only 30. She has a store in Miami, Orlando, Jacksonville, Tampa, Fort Lauderdale and Naples.

Amanda used various different apps to keep a check on her employees and her store before but the one she recently downloaded from for her PC is the one she cannot appreciate enough.

Amanda believes in the religion of humanity and she recently visited the positivist temple in Porto Alegre, Brazil. Amanda’s life philosophy is that always set big goals, keep a positive attitude and choose a career that you enjoy. Amanda like her parents didn’t want to work for anybody else, her parents too never worked for anyone else, they only did their own business.

Amanda believes that each unique human being is like a unique flower with different qualities and cons. Amanda is very pro-life and wants to live forever and she is taking some Chinese supplements that promise to make you immortal. I personally don’t think any of those work.