Soon to be Watch Retail Tycoon installed XMEyepc on her PC to keep a check on her stores

When Amanda was in high school she used to sell Japanese watches door to door part time in her city of Orlando, Florida. After completing her schooling, Amanda pursued a bachelor degree in economics.

After completing her education, Amanda didn’t go out to look for a job, but she built watch forums and blogs where she reviewed or talked about watches of all sorts and advertised her online watch stores on those blogs and forums. She also bought Chinese watches in bulk and sold those Chinese watches on eBay and other online marketplaces.

After making her first 500k USD, Amanda opened her first watch retail store in the city of Orlando. This was back in the year 2012. Since then, Amanda has opened 5 more stores in 5 different cities of Florida and that means she owns total of 6 watch retail stores now and she is only 30. She has a store in Miami, Orlando, Jacksonville, Tampa, Fort Lauderdale and Naples.

Amanda used various different apps to keep a check on her employees and her store before but the one she recently downloaded fromĀ for her PC is the one she cannot appreciate enough.

Amanda believes in the religion of humanity and she recently visited the positivist temple in Porto Alegre, Brazil. Amanda’s life philosophy is that always set big goals, keep a positive attitude and choose a career that you enjoy. Amanda like her parents didn’t want to work for anybody else, her parents too never worked for anyone else, they only did their own business.

Amanda believes that each unique human being is like a unique flower with different qualities and cons. Amanda is very pro-life and wants to live forever and she is taking some Chinese supplements that promise to make you immortal. I personally don’t think any of those work.

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