Sigil Magic doesn’t make you rich but Prescott Financial Planner do

Dennis is a 51 year old retired gentleman who was born in the desert city of United States – Tucson, Arizona and lived there until he was 5. When Dennis was 5, his whole family moved from Tucson AZ to Las Vegas. Nevada.

Dennis’ mother used to suffer from occasional severe depression. The cause of her depression wasn’t domestic violence or anything like that, but the shortage of funds to run the home. Dennis used to close his eyes when he was a kid and wished all the time “Oh God! Please make us rich so that my mother doesn’t suffer with depression anymore.”

Dennis’ grandfather was a big believer in Sigil Magic, but it never worked. Sigil magic is supposed to make the one doing it rich. The family never became even middle class, let alone becoming rich.

For the past 6 years, Dennis has been making more money than anybody in his family ever has. When Dennis was 44, he was living in this Bay Ridge neighborhood of the New York City when he met this Black Muslim guy who resided right next to him. Before meeting this gentleman, Dennis had no idea that there are Blacks who believe in Islam. The only one he knew of was Muhammad Ali. Anyways, this black gentleman was about to invest all his savings with Prescott Financial Planner and he told about it to Dennis as well. Dennis decided to give it a go for himself too, and here is Dennis today making over 10k USD a month in profits doing nothing but reinvesting the profits he saves with the same Prescott Financial Planning Company.

Dennis makes a resolution each year and his resolution for this year was starting to meditate everyday for an hour. Since starting meditation, Dennis feels very calm almost all the time, things don’t bother him as much, he feels more alert and energetic.

One thing that Dennis cannot stand is the glorification of celebrities, especially the actors.

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