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A hair transplant gives you much more happiness than a Mercedes Car

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Yustina Barak (name changed) recently bought the latest uplifted version of Mercedes C Class but that’s not what she is so happy about all the time nowadays. The reason behind Yustina’s great happiness is the new beautiful hair on her head. Hair Transplant cost in USA is not much and even if it weren’t so, Yustina would have got one done anyway.

Yustina is a business lady and money is never an issue with her. She recently gifted her husband an Indian Chief Roadmaster that cost her US Dollar 10, 999. The motorcycle weighs about 450 Kilograms.

When Yustina was little, her dad wasn’t around much to take care of her and her siblings. Yustina’s mother provided her kids with everything that they needed and she was a perfect career lady and an excellent mother. Yustina’s mum is the greatest inspiration in her life.

Yustina loves intense cold temperature and she travels to Alaska each winter season to enjoy that. Yustina’s husband can’t take endure temperature that cold but he also travels along with Yustina to Alaska. Yustina is always there to warm things up. Thick blankets won’t do for him what Yustina would.

Yustina’s grandmother was a nurse in a hospital and throughout her life she remained skeptical about changing a few babies in her career.

Yustina and her husband love to enjoy a pizza together at a nearby Chuck E. Cheese’s on the weekends.

Yustina feels more invigorated at the night and she loves to work from 01:00 AM to 05:00 AM. These 4 hours are her favorite work hours.

Don’t forget to celebrate National Tie One on Day this November

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Nedd Taylor (name changed) suffers from three multi-factorial and multi-faceted diseases namely diabetes, high blood pressure and obesity. Everyone in Nedd’s family has a great immune system and he blames these diseases to be the result of his weed addiction in his teens.

Nedd was raised up by a single mother who was too desperate for the male approval that she would get into a relationship with every willing man. She was quite beautiful but what made her too desperate is quite a mystery for Nedd. Nedd doesn’t hesitate to claim that her mother had a disastrous libido and that’s the only reason that comes up to his head when he takes a look back. Whenever Nedd would interfere in any of her mother’s relationships, he would be told to mind his own business. Both mother and son couldn’t criticize each other enough all the time.

Nedd is celebrating National Tie One On Day on November 25th like they have been doing for the past four years. He has already ordered an expensive tie from an online tie store and he cannot wait for the occasion. His childhood crush is also going to be there and that is making Nedd to have goosebumps all the time thinking about the occasion.

Nedd has this annoying habit of telling his point of view on every thing and that pisses off his friends a lot.

Nedd is a great nature lover. He loves the wind, he loves the sunshine, he loves the rain, he loves to see the sun rise and he loves to bore his friends explaining to them why he loves all these things whereas they never ask him the question “Why?”

Yogyakarta is one of the best cheap spots to enjoy a honeymoon in Asia

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Jamie Kollek (name changed) works at a retail job. She is a great fan of Steve Jobs and a huge believer of his philosophy. Jamie treats each and every second like it’s her last. Jamie had a very tough childhood and she grew up in a very toxic situation. Jamie’s father was a scam artist who spent half of his life in the prison. He also had some psychological issues and once even grabbed a knife to kill Jamie’s mother. He died of heroin overdose at the age of 63. Jamie wasn’t even sad the day he died.

Jamie married twice only to discover later that both her husbands will turn out to be worse than her father. Jamie doesn’t like to criticize others all the time and when I asked her to tell me more about her husbands, she refused to comment any further than that. Anyways, Jamie is already 42 and she has found a new boyfriend who is 29. They both are going to have a good time and a little vacation in Jogja during the winter vacation this year. They even have booked a Grand Innova as rental mobil Jogja already.

Jamie thanks god all the time that she always refused to have unprotected sex with any of her husbands or boyfriends. She cannot imagine taking care of children along with her job. Her mother raised 3 kids including herself and she remembers how frustrated and exhausted her mother used to be all the time.

Jamie is a wannabe historian and she is currently researching more about the history of human sacrifice in different parts of the world including ancient India, Israel and Mesopotamia.

Caught wife cheating on him, getting a transplant in 2019 to become more attractive to her

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Talha Bayraktar (name changed) is a Turkish gentleman from the seventh largest city of Turkey – Konya. Talha has a degree in hotel management and his wife also has a degree in the same. Talha caught his wife cheating on him in the month of August last year and since then their marriage was in a big trouble. Talha didn’t divorce his wife for the sake of his children. One of Talha’s children with his wife was born with a mental and psychological birth defect and Talha knows that this kid of his won’t be able to take the pain of their divorce.

Talha is 49 already and he already had no hair left on his head at the age of 45. After catching his wife cheating on him, Talha has been wondering what made her cheat on him and one of the reasons he believes is that she doesn’t find Talha attractive anymore. So, Talha has decided to get a hair transplant in the upcoming year. He has already checked the hair transplant price list 2019 and it is not that expensive for him. He can pay for it and he is willing to pay for it.

Talha hates the victim mentality and loves real life victors. Talha literally never played a victim in his entire life. Talha is very pragmatic too. He wouldn’t let any of decisions taken in a hurry set fire to his house.

Talha is the grandson of a soldier who died in the battle of Tillyria. Most of the men in the paternal family of Talha till the previous generation were soldiers.

Rough and Tough Self-Made Multi-Millionaire Texan got his hair back naturally

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Dannus Tracy is a Texan who like most Texans grew up in a rough and tough environment. Dannus was homeless after he moved out when he was 19. He used to live in his best friend’s car and although his best friend was ready to provide him with everything that he wanted, Dannus wouldn’t take any further help but look for a better job after coming back from the Subway Restaurant where he was working back then.

It is a long story how Dannus made his first million and then ultimately became a multi-millionaire but one thing is for certain that the money couldn’t change the simplicity and no-nonsense attitude of Dannus ever.

Dannus is 61 already and has married twice. His first wife whom he loved so much died during a surgery. Dannus sued the doctors and the hospital and won 20 Million US Dollars. Dannus didn’t sue the doctors or the hospital for the money at all but to teach them a lesson for their negligence.

Since then Dannus avoids any sort of treatment, surgeries, etc and when he noticed himself losing hair on his head back in his late fifties, instead of having a hair transplant, Dannus decided to look for natural hair growth solution on the internet and came across this incredibly great article on Dr Tayfun Oguzoglu’s website which really helped him get back most of his hair.

Dannus’ wife has been loving his new hair and his kids feel so proud to take pictures with him and get flattered when their Facebook or Instagram friends comment so positively about their father’s great looks.

Balzan village boy is now a multi-millionaire and he loves to travel

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Chris Meister (name changed) is a Maltese young man whose ancestors have been living in Malta as long as they know. Chris was born and raised in the village of Balzan, Malta. Balzan is a part of the popular three villages of Malta, the other two being Attard and Lija. Chris completed his high school education from one of the oldest schools of Malta – St. Catherine’s High School. Chris completed his graduation from the University of Malta (Valletta Campus).

Although Chris was born in a very simple and traditional middle-class Maltese family, he always knew that he will make it big one day and he proved himself. By the time Chris was 30, he owned two bungalows, one in the popular village of Mellieha and the other in Iklin. Chris is currently eyeing a 75 acre farmhouse in the beautiful coastal town of Naxxar, Malta.

Chris loves to tour and he recently enjoyed his tour to Jogja (Yogyakarta) a lot. Chris was skeptical about finding a reliable tour and travel company that offers wonderful packages for Jogja, but then one of his friends who enjoyed his honeymoon there in Yogyakarta told him about paket wisata jogja. Chris’ Yogyakarta experience turned out to be really incredible.

Chris used to be a model student in school and college. Chris used to be a momma’s boy while his one and only sibling, his sister used to be a daddy’s girl. Chris’ sister always had a victim mentality while Chris is right the opposite. She always looks up to Chris for becoming better and stronger but she doesn’t understand the way tough people function.

Busy young Businessman loves his one hour of online personal training

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Brody is an atheist who strongly believes that ‘religion is the infancy of mankind’. Brody was raised up by an alcoholic and rageaholic father which made him hate alcohol more than any other thing on the planet. Brody tries his best to forget those gruesome moments that his father gave him while intoxicated with alcohol but he still hasn’t been able to.

Brody is currently busy building a custom design watch business and although he is so busy, he never forgets to spend that hour of fitness. Brody doesn’t like to hit the gym anymore, he has hired an online personal trainer and he is very happy with it.

Brody is a very intense, outspoken and intelligent person and he has been working on improving all the skills that he possesses and learning some new skills as well.

After his father’s violent alocholic rages, the worst experience that Brody considers is one of his best friends borrowing 25000 AUD from him only for Brody to find out that he left the country without even telling him.

Brody owns a fully trained service dog named. Once a robber entered the house of Brody and was about to hit Brody with the baseball bat only to find himself being attacked by Brody’s dog. He could never hit Brody and ran away like a chicken after being attacked by Brody’s dog. He was lucky to have been able to run away otherwise the dog would have taught him a wonderful lesson.

Young Blumenau man won R$ 10 Million with the help of a monk’s prediction

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Leo Diaz is a 32 year old gentleman from the city of Blumenau, Vale do Itajai, Santa Catarina. Leo’s father was a cop and his mother was a homemaker. Leo’s both parents died in a car accident back in the year 2012. Leo never knew how much he loved both his parents until that accident happened, especially his father. Leo feels a little torn ever since.

Before the death of both his parents, Leo Diaz used to be a very cynical immature jobless loser. He would eat chips and play video games all day in his parents’ basement. His parents loved him so much that they never tried to force him to do anything.

Each of the ladies that Leo tried to date in the past were gold diggers and altogether turned Leo into a so-called MGTOW.

Leo has been practicing celibacy for a while and he is a Facebook friend with a White Tibetan Monk. This White Tibetan Monk is a very popular Youtuber as well and that’s where Leo saw him for the first time. Leo asked the monk for his Facebook address in the comments section and the monk didn’t hesitate to provide Leo with it.

Leo and the white Tibetan monk have been chatting with each other for 7-8 hours per week on an average since then. The monk predicted in the month of May this year that Leo is going to win a great amount of money in the August of this year. Leo knew that this monk is real and he is going to get lucky soon. One morning in the month of August this year, Leo woke up after dreaming a sweet dream where he saw boards with Rio de Prêmios written everywhere.

As soon as Leo got up, the first thing he did was searched for the term “Rio de Prêmios” and he instantly could sense this is what the white Tibetan monk predicted. Leo instantly registered a ticket and won 10 million Brazilian Reals.

Scottish-American Economist loves his bathtub soap scum remover

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Landen was born in a Scottish-American family. Landen’s father is a lawyer and his mother is a professor of philosophy teaching at the Clark Atlanta University for the last 21 years. She also wrote a few eBooks on philosophy available for free online.

Landen’s mom wears very revealing clothes for a professor at home. Landen doesn’t like it but his father loves it. Landen’s father believes in being a brute when something doesn’t work with being a nice guy and he taught the same to Landen as well. Lately, Landen has been being a brute with the soap scums in his bathtub. He has discovered the greatest bathtub soap scum remover by accident and he is making the best use of it.

Landen is an amateur Plantsman. He has his own blog where he writes about his knowledge of plants. He also has a Youtube channel and he has also given several public lectures on the subject. Landen has beat several addictions in the past including alcohol, tobacco, smoking and gambling.

Landen has since recently been watching the videos of Osho, Nithyananda and Sadhguru on the Youtube and his veins are burning in fire in the hope of becoming an enlightened being in the near future. Landen studied economics in the college and he really regrets it. He wishes all the time if he could go back in time and change it for himself. He wanted to become a doctor but his grades weren’t even enough for enter into the science stream. He couldn’t even become a Psychologist with the grades he had let alone a general practitioner or surgeon.

Landen recently fell in love with a Russian-American widow who is 7 years older than him. She still misses her late husband but Landen has shown her heaven in the bedroom strong enough to make her forget her late husband.

From suicidal to insanely happy – Hair Transplant can give you a new life and I have proof for the same

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Quinten is a 38 year old gentleman from the city of Denver, Colorado. Until about 7 months ago, Quinten was suicidal all the time. He wanted Russia and United States to have a nuclear war so that he could leave this ‘ugly world’ without feeling like a loser and he started hating every other creature on the planet as well so he wanted them all along to go with him.

Quinten used to be a very pro-life person until the time he was a teenager but then everything changed, Quinten started losing hair like crazy and by the time he was 35, his hair had countable hair. Quinten didn’t trust the local doctors and hated the thought of getting a hair transplant but then accidentally everything changed. One of Quinten’s childhood friend who got complete bald at the age of 33 came back from Turkey with a head full of curly ginger hair. Quinten asked him if he is facing any side effects and he told Quentin “Not at all”. Quentin was tired of his depressed life due to no hair and this friend of his really got him into thinking about getting a hair transplant done. So, Quentin asked him about the name of the doctor and the location. Quentin’s friend told him every detail and Quentin went for a transplant in the March of this year.

Most people fail to recognize Quentin since he got the hair transplant done. If you look at his hair transplant before and after 3000 grafts pictures, you will be completely amazed.

Now, for the last couple of months, Quentin has been looking for the ways to ensue a thicker and quicker beard. Quentin is friends with the popular young rapper Martrel Reeves aka Fat Trel. Quentin is so happy and his creativity has gone insanely up since he got the hair transplant done, he is doing a rap song with Fat Trel soon enough.