Busy young Businessman loves his one hour of online personal training

Brody is an atheist who strongly believes that ‘religion is the infancy of mankind’. Brody was raised up by an alcoholic and rageaholic father which made him hate alcohol more than any other thing on the planet. Brody tries his best to forget those gruesome moments that his father gave him while intoxicated with alcohol but he still hasn’t been able to.

Brody is currently busy building a custom design watch business and although he is so busy, he never forgets to spend that hour of fitness. Brody doesn’t like to hit the gym anymore, he has hired an online personal trainer and he is very happy with it.

Brody is a very intense, outspoken and intelligent person and he has been working on improving all the skills that he possesses and learning some new skills as well.

After his father’s violent alocholic rages, the worst experience that Brody considers is one of his best friends borrowing 25000 AUD from him only for Brody to find out that he left the country without even telling him.

Brody owns a fully trained service dog named. Once a robber entered the house of Brody and was about to hit Brody with the baseball bat only to find himself being attacked by Brody’s dog. He could never hit Brody and ran away like a chicken after being attacked by Brody’s dog. He was lucky to have been able to run away otherwise the dog would have taught him a wonderful lesson.

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