Don’t forget to celebrate National Tie One on Day this November

Nedd Taylor (name changed) suffers from three multi-factorial and multi-faceted diseases namely diabetes, high blood pressure and obesity. Everyone in Nedd’s family has a great immune system and he blames these diseases to be the result of his weed addiction in his teens.

Nedd was raised up by a single mother who was too desperate for the male approval that she would get into a relationship with every willing man. She was quite beautiful but what made her too desperate is quite a mystery for Nedd. Nedd doesn’t hesitate to claim that her mother had a disastrous libido and that’s the only reason that comes up to his head when he takes a look back. Whenever Nedd would interfere in any of her mother’s relationships, he would be told to mind his own business. Both mother and son couldn’t criticize each other enough all the time.

Nedd is celebrating National Tie One On Day on November 25th like they have been doing for the past four years. He has already ordered an expensive tie from an online tie store and he cannot wait for the occasion. His childhood crush is also going to be there and that is making Nedd to have goosebumps all the time thinking about the occasion.

Nedd has this annoying habit of telling his point of view on every thing and that pisses off his friends a lot.

Nedd is a great nature lover. He loves the wind, he loves the sunshine, he loves the rain, he loves to see the sun rise and he loves to bore his friends explaining to them why he loves all these things whereas they never ask him the question “Why?”

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