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Celebrity culture hater loves to fold origami with her adoptive son

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Hanne Ahlin (name changed) has an unbelievable memory. She can listen to a speech for once and never forget a single word said in the speech. She has done it with speeches hours long and she never fails.

Hanne hates celebrity culture and she especially hates the television actors. To Hanne, the name TV actor is synonymous with stupidity. She has a Squid tank in her home and she has named the Squids in her tank on the name of TV actors.

Hanne is married to a doctor whose prescribed medications never work on anyone. All the time he receives bad reviews on different websites on the internet, he never gets repeat patients and the ones who come to him through the word of mouth are the ones sent to him by hating relatives or friends of the patient.

Hanne is a childless infertile woman. She used to be too proud and arrogant in her childhood and teenage and she believes that it is a punishment that god gave her for her pride and arrogance in teenage and childhood years.

Hanne adopted a 8 year old boy named Axel, last month. They love to fold easy origami together. Hanne and Axel are showing a great chemistry already.

According to Hanne, Swami Dayanand Saraswati was the wisest man ever ;and Nelson Mandela and Mahatma Gandhi are the most overrated men in the history of the earth.

Hanne always keeps memories of the days when she was financially broke. She does the same in order not to become ignorant and arrogant again. She believes that she made some of the wisest decisions in her tough times and she was working at her full potential back in the day. She tries to replicate her ‘broke days mindset’ by playing the songs that were popular back then.

Super-fast runner Brett Gell says natural gas tankless water heater is behind his crazy energy

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Brett Gell (name changed) claims that he has cured his social anxiety by making love to his wife Mantak Chia style. Brett says that sexuality is the most greatly misunderstood natural activity.

Brett has authored several books but one of his sisters who is a ghostwriter makes a lot more money than him. She writes it like a factory.

Brett has studied both Abrahamic and Eastern (Dharmic) religions and Brett prefers Abrahamic religions over the Dharmic religions any day. “Abrahamic religions are materialistic with a spiritual touch while Dharmic religions are depressive. Dharmic religions preach things that are not possible in the material world. They tell you not to be ambitious, they tell you not to be attached to anything. I went almost retard trying to follow Buddha’s teachings. Dharmic religions are depressive and anti-life. I don’t understand what makes so many westerners feel fascinated about the eastern religions, they are all gutters. If you don’t believe me, just look at the people of those countries.”

Brett told me that he runs faster than any athlete in the world but he is not interested in becoming a professional. He also said that since he started taking shower with the natural gas tankless water heater, his running speed has increased a great deal.

Brett has explored a whole series of different traditions and cultures of the world and the most appealing to him is the Italian tradition and culture. His favorite religion is catholic.

Brett is youngest of the six children of his parents. One of Brett’s sister – Naomi is a third-time freestyle wrestling champion. Naomi owns many cats of many different breeds and she hates dogs.

Wonderful Serbian couple uses both QIWI wallet and bitcoins

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Ivana Cubrilov (name changed) wants her upcoming son to be someone like ‘boss baby’. She has already decided that she will name him Theodore. Ivana doesn’t want her upcoming baby to be as lazy as his father – Ruslan. Ruslan feels like a winner after cycling for 15 minutes. He is either very lazy or has low energy levels.

Ruslan is extremely family oriented, he thinks of Ivana and his son who is on the way, all the time.

Ruslan believes that women dressing skimpily in Sweden has a lot to do with the number of  increasing rapes in Sweden. Ruslan says that the immigrants coming to Sweden are not used to see women wearing skimpy clothes and when they see a 6 feet tall blonde with an athletic figure wearing skimpy clothes, it drives them crazy.

One of Ivana’s siblings died as an infant. One of Ivana’s uncles has 16 children with 4 wives, all of different races and ethnicities.

Ruslan and Ivana have been trading bitcoins for the past 14 months. They both have been using QIWI wallet for the past 7 months. They use OBMEN24 to convert their QIWI money to bitcoins (обмен киви на биткоин).

Ruslan and Ivana say that technology is much more important than any other modern resource. Agricultural goods, petroleum, natural gas, gold, silver, minerals, etc are all inferior compared to technology.

Whenever someone says that Serbia is a victim of not having any precious natural resources and he/she puts the blame behind Serbia’s low GDP per capita to Serbia having no other natural resource than snow, Ruslan and Ivana give the example of Japan. Japan has almost no natural resource but they are one of the strongest economies and a very sovereign country.

Amateur fitness freak American historian writing a book on Arora people

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Aubrey Sachdeva (name changed) was born to a white-American mother and a Punjabi-Arora Indian father in the city of Jackson, Mississippi. Aubrey recently joined a gym and put the treadmill for sale which is there in her house.

Aubrey has been doing a research on the Arora people thoroughly for the past 4 months. It is certain that they are called Arora because they hail from a district that goes by the name Ror. There is a notion that Aroras are disqualified Kshatriyas aka Khatris but that according to Aubrey is far from the truth.

Arora people comprises of more green-eyed people than any other Indian racial group.

Within these 4 months, Aubrey has come to a conclusion that Arora people are the Greeks who came with Alexander the Great to India back when Alexander came to conquer India. According to Aubrey, Alexander lost the war to Porus and as there was no concept of writing history in India, the Indians have no idea about it themselves.

Arora people according to Aubrey’s 4 months of thorough research are Greek people who were in the army of Alexander and after Alexander’s defeat chose to stay in India and don’t go back to Greece. The local Indian people of that time according to Aubrey were generous enough to let them stay in India which wouldn’t have been the case if they were in some other place than India.

Due to their lesser population and different culture, Arora people started inbreeding and that made them short in stature and stuff. After a couple of centuries they realized that inbreeding is really and they decided to divide themselves in several different tribes in order to not inbreed again by mistake. Unfortunately, Arora people had to interbreed again when the Arabs invaded Sindh and the largest number of victims were the Arora people who couldn’t defeat themselves because they were basically traders.

Indians don’t allow bride and groom to speak with each other on the phone

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Lindsey Capone (name changed) is a naturally busty, beautiful and intelligent woman who is always eager to please her husband. Lindsey is loaded with canons of beauty, elegance, education and an exquisite love for social events.

29 years old, 5’9″, 135 lbs, 36c-26-36 Lindsey loves to dominate and she likes men, women and couples. You would be amazed to know that Lindsey feared about how she looks during her early teenage years.

Lindsey always loved her mother more than anything until her marriage and she once went to the extent of testifying against her own father for domestic violence against her mother when she was only 10. His father used to have psychopathic rages which he doesn’t have anymore since Lindsey testified against him.

Lindsey lives in one of the most beautiful locations of the Colorado state.

Lindsey is married to the son of a prominent Colorado Ophthalmologist. Lindsey’s husband is already well-endowed but he has been thinking about increasing his size further since he got to know what is penile implant.

Although Lindsey and her husband were born in the landlocked Colorado, they have a special place in their heart for the coastal cities. At least 4 times in a year, they go for a vacation to different coastal cities. They have already made trips to Boston, Havana, Sayulita and Recife this year.

Lindsey was first about to marry a rich Indian. He was ready, her parents were ready but it is one of the weird culture and traditions that they don’t allow bride and groom to speak with each other via phone prior to the marriage. As soon as she learnt that, she forgot about him and married her high school sweetheart.

Sikh-American designer clothing store owner loves updating her cryptocurrency blog

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Roshni Chaddha (name changed) was born to Sikh parents in New York City, United States. Roshni is a 175cm tall, warm, friendly, bubbly, educated, articulate, young, sensual and in great gym toned shape. In short, Roshni is a real woman with perfect body curves. She spends part-time socializing – dinner dates out, weddings, business lunches, dinners, all types of occasions. Socializing is what brings her peace of mind like nothing else. She really enjoys when men can’t stop taking glimpses of her when she is not looking, those moments bring her the utmost happiness and that’s what keeps her left foot in front of the right.

Roshni’s favorite song is “My life would suck without you”. Roshni is very down to earth and makes everyone around feel comfortable. Each second spent with Roshni is perfect. Roshni has a bar down in the basement of her sweet home where she loves to serve her husband topless. While drinking the couple loves to have focused and genuinely deep conversations, their connection is really magic. Roshni’s husband feels like a king with her on his arm.

Roshni plays chess with her husband’s family on Sunday afternoons. Roshni thoroughly enjoys making everyone in her family in the day laugh and in the night she enjoys making her husband happy. Several successful and highly educated wealthy young men approached Roshni for the marriage but she only married this one Colombian handsome dude because she heard rumors about Colombian men which turned out to be true for her.

Roshni owns a luxury clothing store in the heart of New York city. Her store offers nothing but finest selection of designer clothing. She is a part-time tailor as well who stitches for only select presidential clients. She also runs a cryptocurrency blog as a hobby.

WordPress Richie loves his family

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Gershom Cohan (name changed) is a wordpress richie who is always on a business trip nowadays. Last month, he found his wife cheating on him with his best friend when he came back from the trip. His wife and his best friend were cuddling each other naked after making out when Gershom discovered them both together in his bedroom. Gershom left them with a warning and that incident didn’t stop Gershom from making business trips, he is as enthusiast as he always was and making more trips than ever before making more money than he ever did before.

Gershom’s wife has a curvy body, silky skin and beautiful face and Gershom is certain that she is going to attract many men and will cheat with the hottest one. Gershom has installed several instruments to find out what is going on in his absence in his own house.

Although Gershom is an exceptionally busy man but when it comes to providing his baby with vaccines, he is always on time and gets it done himself.

Gershom remembers watching the video of an Indian guru on the Youtube who was brainwashing his followers by telling them that vaccine is a scam and they should refrain themselves from getting it done on their kids. He further said that it is harmful and makes you lazy forever.

That Indian guru had so much of energy and persuasive powers in his voice that for once even Gershom believed him but then he reconditioned his mind and reported that video to the Youtube staff.

Young men are getting into depression due to hair loss but they needn’t worry at all

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Ayoub Sanaullah (name changed) loves to enjoy duo sessions in Amsterdam’s red light district. While on his last trip to Amsterdam’s red light district, Ayoub met the most beautiful girl he ever saw ever there. Money is never an issue with Ayoub, he is a heir who inherited millions when his grandfather died. Ayoub spent all that it cost only to realize something he never did before, after 15 minutes of meeting the most beautiful woman he ever saw. While making love when she rubbed her hands lovingly on the hair of his head, Ayoub felt that instead of hair all that she was touching was his scalp. Ayoub then realized that he has gone half bald and he needed to do something about it. Ayoub’s love-making session was fully ruined, instead of enjoying his time with that stunning blonde beauty, all Ayoub kept thinking about was going back home and look for a perfect Istanbul Hair Clinic.

Normally, Ayoub gets this contagious high energy when mentioned the word ‘party’, but after his coming back home to Istanbul from Amsterdam, when a couple of his best friends told Ayoub that we are gonna party tonight, Ayoub looked at them with a depressed look like they were idiots.

Ayoub is an elite and therefore he demands highest level of class, sophistication and attention. A friend told him that there is nobody better than Dr Tayfun Oguzoglu when it comes to getting a hair transplant in Istanbul and that’s who Ayoub is looking at with hope now. He already made one appointment with Dr Tayfun Oguzoglu and Dr T consoled him telling that the damage is repairable and he will take care of it.

Loving husband gets his wife a hair transplant on their 25th wedding anniversary

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Chagit Harnamaya (name changed) hates her father who always tries to put her down. He has a horrible bipolar disorder and sometimes his wrath becomes life threatening. He even abandoned his kids and spouse a couple of times only to return back after a few months in order to show them how their lives would be if he is not around with them.

Chagit really grew up in a highly dysfunctional family. But as someone rightly said “You can’t change what you don’t acknowledge”. Chagit’s father could never acknowledge how much of a mess he is and there was no way that he could change himself unless he acknowledged that. He always came home intoxicated and would physically, verbally and emotionally abuse everyone in his family.

Anyways, Chagit had an arranged marriage as most of her friends, cousins and most ladies she is familiar with had and to Chagit’s good luck, the spouse of Chagit turned out to be one of the loveliest and finest men Chagit had ever known.

Chagit never had an idea that a man can be so loving to his wife. It has been 25 years since their marriage and they have 4 kids together now (2 sons and 2 daughters). Chagit started losing about 5 years ago and was extremely worried that her husband wouldn’t love her like he always did after witnessing her hair loss. Chagit’s husband always have had the same place for her in his heart but after witnessing Chagit’s worries, he decided to get her a hair transplant by Dr T aka Dr Tayfun Oguzoglu on their 25th wedding anniversary. The couple was amazed to see the best hair transplant results. Dr T is really something.

Brazilian Mother Teresa got lucky with lucky day and decided to donate all the money she won

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Faige Goldin (name changed) is a Brazilian aspiring model who has a restless disposition of acting dumb in happy circumstances. Many of her friends didn’t know it until the day of lucky day result (resultado dia de sorte).

Lucky Day is currently the most rapidly growing lottery game in all of Brazil and it is offering the winners millions and millions of Brazilian Reals. Faige didn’t win millions though. She only won 800, 000 Brazilian Reals and she couldn’t even believe it that this was all happening in the reality. She kept feeling like she is dreaming.

Faige’s most favorite song is Come Undone by Duran Duran and she has this habit of playing that song in any major circumstances, be it happy or sad circumstances.

The winning of lottery hasn’t changed Faige even a bit, she buys the same groceries from the same store, drives the same Chevrolet Silverado, lives in the same apartment, sends her kids to the same school. Faige has decided to donate all the winning amount to a charity that does work for the blind kids. Faige is a very frugal person in her personal life, all her friends and family were wondering what is she going to do with all the amount that she won. She surprised everyone with her decision to donate the money and all of them are now thinking whether they are dreaming. If it were anyone else who lives a mediocre and meager life like Faige, he would have spent all the money on herself/himself or put it in the bank, but Faige is like new age Mother Teresa, she donated it to the charity. I would call Faige ‘a Brazilian Mother Teresa who got married and had kids’.