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Brazilian Mother Teresa got lucky with lucky day and decided to donate all the money she won

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Faige Goldin (name changed) is a Brazilian aspiring model who has a restless disposition of acting dumb in happy circumstances. Many of her friends didn’t know it until the day of lucky day result (resultado dia de sorte).

Lucky Day is currently the most rapidly growing lottery game in all of Brazil and it is offering the winners millions and millions of Brazilian Reals. Faige didn’t win millions though. She only won 800, 000 Brazilian Reals and she couldn’t even believe it that this was all happening in the reality. She kept feeling like she is dreaming.

Faige’s most favorite song is Come Undone by Duran Duran and she has this habit of playing that song in any major circumstances, be it happy or sad circumstances.

The winning of lottery hasn’t changed Faige even a bit, she buys the same groceries from the same store, drives the same Chevrolet Silverado, lives in the same apartment, sends her kids to the same school. Faige has decided to donate all the winning amount to a charity that does work for the blind kids. Faige is a very frugal person in her personal life, all her friends and family were wondering what is she going to do with all the amount that she won. She surprised everyone with her decision to donate the money and all of them are now thinking whether they are dreaming. If it were anyone else who lives a mediocre and meager life like Faige, he would have spent all the money on herself/himself or put it in the bank, but Faige is like new age Mother Teresa, she donated it to the charity. I would call Faige ‘a Brazilian Mother Teresa who got married and had kids’.