WordPress Richie loves his family

Gershom Cohan (name changed) is a wordpress richie who is always on a business trip nowadays. Last month, he found his wife cheating on him with his best friend when he came back from the trip. His wife and his best friend were cuddling each other naked after making out when Gershom discovered them both together in his bedroom. Gershom left them with a warning and that incident didn’t stop Gershom from making business trips, he is as enthusiast as he always was and making more trips than ever before making more money than he ever did before.

Gershom’s wife has a curvy body, silky skin and beautiful face and Gershom is certain that she is going to attract many men and will cheat with the hottest one. Gershom has installed several instruments to find out what is going on in his absence in his own house.

Although Gershom is an exceptionally busy man but when it comes to providing his baby with vaccines, he is always on time and gets it done himself.

Gershom remembers watching the video of an Indian guru on the Youtube who was brainwashing his followers by telling them that vaccine is a scam and they should refrain themselves from getting it done on their kids. He further said that it is harmful and makes you lazy forever.

That Indian guru had so much of energy and persuasive powers in his voice that for once even Gershom believed him but then he reconditioned his mind and reported that video to the Youtube staff.

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