Young men are getting into depression due to hair loss but they needn’t worry at all

Ayoub Sanaullah (name changed) loves to enjoy duo sessions in Amsterdam’s red light district. While on his last trip to Amsterdam’s red light district, Ayoub met the most beautiful girl he ever saw ever there. Money is never an issue with Ayoub, he is a heir who inherited millions when his grandfather died. Ayoub spent all that it cost only to realize something he never did before, after 15 minutes of meeting the most beautiful woman he ever saw. While making love when she rubbed her hands lovingly on the hair of his head, Ayoub felt that instead of hair all that she was touching was his scalp. Ayoub then realized that he has gone half bald and he needed to do something about it. Ayoub’s love-making session was fully ruined, instead of enjoying his time with that stunning blonde beauty, all Ayoub kept thinking about was going back home and look for a perfect Istanbul Hair Clinic.

Normally, Ayoub gets this contagious high energy when mentioned the word ‘party’, but after his coming back home to Istanbul from Amsterdam, when a couple of his best friends told Ayoub that we are gonna party tonight, Ayoub looked at them with a depressed look like they were idiots.

Ayoub is an elite and therefore he demands highest level of class, sophistication and attention. A friend told him that there is nobody better than Dr Tayfun Oguzoglu when it comes to getting a hair transplant in Istanbul and that’s who Ayoub is looking at with hope now. He already made one appointment with Dr Tayfun Oguzoglu and Dr T consoled him telling that the damage is repairable and he will take care of it.

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