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Sikh-American designer clothing store owner loves updating her cryptocurrency blog

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Roshni Chaddha (name changed) was born to Sikh parents in New York City, United States. Roshni is a 175cm tall, warm, friendly, bubbly, educated, articulate, young, sensual and in great gym toned shape. In short, Roshni is a real woman with perfect body curves. She spends part-time socializing – dinner dates out, weddings, business lunches, dinners, all types of occasions. Socializing is what brings her peace of mind like nothing else. She really enjoys when men can’t stop taking glimpses of her when she is not looking, those moments bring her the utmost happiness and that’s what keeps her left foot in front of the right.

Roshni’s favorite song is “My life would suck without you”. Roshni is very down to earth and makes everyone around feel comfortable. Each second spent with Roshni is perfect. Roshni has a bar down in the basement of her sweet home where she loves to serve her husband topless. While drinking the couple loves to have focused and genuinely deep conversations, their connection is really magic. Roshni’s husband feels like a king with her on his arm.

Roshni plays chess with her husband’s family on Sunday afternoons. Roshni thoroughly enjoys making everyone in her family in the day laugh and in the night she enjoys making her husband happy. Several successful and highly educated wealthy young men approached Roshni for the marriage but she only married this one Colombian handsome dude because she heard rumors about Colombian men which turned out to be true for her.

Roshni owns a luxury clothing store in the heart of New York city. Her store offers nothing but finest selection of designer clothing. She is a part-time tailor as well who stitches for only select presidential clients. She also runs a cryptocurrency blog as a hobby.