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Amateur fitness freak American historian writing a book on Arora people

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Aubrey Sachdeva (name changed) was born to a white-American mother and a Punjabi-Arora Indian father in the city of Jackson, Mississippi. Aubrey recently joined a gym and put the treadmill for sale which is there in her house.

Aubrey has been doing a research on the Arora people thoroughly for the past 4 months. It is certain that they are called Arora because they hail from a district that goes by the name Ror. There is a notion that Aroras are disqualified Kshatriyas aka Khatris but that according to Aubrey is far from the truth.

Arora people comprises of more green-eyed people than any other Indian racial group.

Within these 4 months, Aubrey has come to a conclusion that Arora people are the Greeks who came with Alexander the Great to India back when Alexander came to conquer India. According to Aubrey, Alexander lost the war to Porus and as there was no concept of writing history in India, the Indians have no idea about it themselves.

Arora people according to Aubrey’s 4 months of thorough research are Greek people who were in the army of Alexander and after Alexander’s defeat chose to stay in India and don’t go back to Greece. The local Indian people of that time according to Aubrey were generous enough to let them stay in India which wouldn’t have been the case if they were in some other place than India.

Due to their lesser population and different culture, Arora people started inbreeding and that made them short in stature and stuff. After a couple of centuries they realized that inbreeding is really and they decided to divide themselves in several different tribes in order to not inbreed again by mistake. Unfortunately, Arora people had to interbreed again when the Arabs invaded Sindh and the largest number of victims were the Arora people who couldn’t defeat themselves because they were basically traders.