Wonderful Serbian couple uses both QIWI wallet and bitcoins

Ivana Cubrilov (name changed) wants her upcoming son to be someone like ‘boss baby’. She has already decided that she will name him Theodore. Ivana doesn’t want her upcoming baby to be as lazy as his father – Ruslan. Ruslan feels like a winner after cycling for 15 minutes. He is either very lazy or has low energy levels.

Ruslan is extremely family oriented, he thinks of Ivana and his son who is on the way, all the time.

Ruslan believes that women dressing skimpily in Sweden has a lot to do with the number of  increasing rapes in Sweden. Ruslan says that the immigrants coming to Sweden are not used to see women wearing skimpy clothes and when they see a 6 feet tall blonde with an athletic figure wearing skimpy clothes, it drives them crazy.

One of Ivana’s siblings died as an infant. One of Ivana’s uncles has 16 children with 4 wives, all of different races and ethnicities.

Ruslan and Ivana have been trading bitcoins for the past 14 months. They both have been using QIWI wallet for the past 7 months. They use OBMEN24 to convert their QIWI money to bitcoins (обмен киви на биткоин).

Ruslan and Ivana say that technology is much more important than any other modern resource. Agricultural goods, petroleum, natural gas, gold, silver, minerals, etc are all inferior compared to technology.

Whenever someone says that Serbia is a victim of not having any precious natural resources and he/she puts the blame behind Serbia’s low GDP per capita to Serbia having no other natural resource than snow, Ruslan and Ivana give the example of Japan. Japan has almost no natural resource but they are one of the strongest economies and a very sovereign country.

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