Super-fast runner Brett Gell says natural gas tankless water heater is behind his crazy energy

Brett Gell (name changed) claims that he has cured his social anxiety by making love to his wife Mantak Chia style. Brett says that sexuality is the most greatly misunderstood natural activity.

Brett has authored several books but one of his sisters who is a ghostwriter makes a lot more money than him. She writes it like a factory.

Brett has studied both Abrahamic and Eastern (Dharmic) religions and Brett prefers Abrahamic religions over the Dharmic religions any day. “Abrahamic religions are materialistic with a spiritual touch while Dharmic religions are depressive. Dharmic religions preach things that are notĀ possible in the material world. They tell you not to be ambitious, they tell you not to be attached to anything. I went almost retard trying to follow Buddha’s teachings. Dharmic religions are depressive and anti-life. I don’t understand what makes so many westerners feel fascinated about the eastern religions, they are all gutters. If you don’t believe me, just look at the people of those countries.”

Brett told me that he runs faster than any athlete in the world but he is not interested in becoming a professional. He also said that since he started taking shower with theĀ natural gas tankless water heater, his running speed has increased a great deal.

Brett has explored a whole series of different traditions and cultures of the world and the most appealing to him is the Italian tradition and culture. His favorite religion is catholic.

Brett is youngest of the six children of his parents. One of Brett’s sister – Naomi is a third-time freestyle wrestling champion. Naomi owns many cats of many different breeds and she hates dogs.

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