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Celebrity culture hater loves to fold origami with her adoptive son

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Hanne Ahlin (name changed) has an unbelievable memory. She can listen to a speech for once and never forget a single word said in the speech. She has done it with speeches hours long and she never fails.

Hanne hates celebrity culture and she especially hates the television actors. To Hanne, the name TV actor is synonymous with stupidity. She has a Squid tank in her home and she has named the Squids in her tank on the name of TV actors.

Hanne is married to a doctor whose prescribed medications never work on anyone. All the time he receives bad reviews on different websites on the internet, he never gets repeat patients and the ones who come to him through the word of mouth are the ones sent to him by hating relatives or friends of the patient.

Hanne is a childless infertile woman. She used to be too proud and arrogant in her childhood and teenage and she believes that it is a punishment that god gave her for her pride and arrogance in teenage and childhood years.

Hanne adopted a 8 year old boy named Axel, last month. They love to fold easy origami together. Hanne and Axel are showing a great chemistry already.

According to Hanne, Swami Dayanand Saraswati was the wisest man ever ;and Nelson Mandela and Mahatma Gandhi are the most overrated men in the history of the earth.

Hanne always keeps memories of the days when she was financially broke. She does the same in order not to become ignorant and arrogant again. She believes that she made some of the wisest decisions in her tough times and she was working at her full potential back in the day. She tries to replicate her ‘broke days mindset’ by playing the songs that were popular back then.