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After getting a successful real estate app done by an Indonesian company, Anita is building her second car related app herself

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Anita Cela (name changed) is half-Kenyan and half-French American citizen who says that the white protestant Christians have deflated from the first commandment that god gave them – “Be fruitful and multiply”.

Anita is working on creating her second android app which will help you select the perfect car according to your budget and requirements, she is naming the app ‘Thud’. Anita is already a proud owner of a real estate android app that she got done by one of the most underrated android application creation services company (jasa pembuatan aplikasi android) of Indonesia. Anita has not yet monetized the app but she soon will. She is still looking for the perfect way to monetize that app.

Anita claims that Saint Thomas was never stabbed in Tamil Nadu, India but rather in Ninh Binh, Vietnam. Anita doubts that Saint Thomas ever came to South India, she is certain that she came to Punjab but she says that he travels to eastwards from there and he could reach till Ninh Binh, Vietnam where he was stabbed by a bunch of Buddhists (allegedly).

Anita claims that St Thomas was the most intelligent, courageous and daring among all the 12 apostles of the Christ and he proved it really when he doubted the resurrection of the Jesus Christ and got the name “Doubting Thomas”.

Anita rejects the belief that German cars are the overall best cars and no English, Italian, French or Japanese can match it. Anita claims that Japanese cars are overall the best, Anita says that the Japanese cars are sold so much – look at the sales of the Hondas, the Toyotas, the Nissans and the Suzukis and yet they deserve more sales. Anita says that the European cars should be priced half of what they are being sold for now. Anita also claims that looking at the Chinese brands like Volvo, Lenovo, Redmi, etc, it should not come as a surprise when in the near future, the Chinese take over the automobile industry as well.

Anita is very critical about the Hyundai and Kia Motors and says that their cars belong to the third world countries only. Anita says that Hyundai’s cars are nothing but interiors and body, their handling sucks.

None of the 12 apostles came to Thailand but that doesn’t steal the title of ‘Southeast Asian Paradise’ from Thailand

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My Duy (name changed) is a woman of Vietnamese origin who was born and raised up in the beautiful coastal city called Phan Thiet in the Binh Thuan Province of Vietnam.

My Duy is always crazy about knowing more about the 12 apostles of the Jesus Christ. After someone told My Duy that it is a lie that St Thomas (one of the 12 apostles of Jesus Christ) died in Ramapuram, Tamil Nadu, India but instead he successfully traveled till Thailand and lived in the city called Ubon Ratchathani in Thailand for a long while, My Duy packed her bag and decided to travel to Ubon Ratchathani.

After reaching to Ubon Ratchathani, My Duy found out that he was taken for a long ride by the person who told her that St Thomas ever traveled to Thailand or Ubon Ratchathani. One good thing happened with My Duy though, she fell in love with the beautiful country called Thailand. Thailand is also called the paradise of Southeast Asia and you need to travel all of Southeast Asia to believe it.

My Duy decided to travel to Thailand again the next time during holidays. In the month of February this year, My Duy decided that she will travel to Bangkok and from Bangkok she will go to the most underrated island of the world – Koh Chang. My Duy got a chance in August to enjoy a trip from Phan Thiet to Bangkok to Koh Chang and once she did, she was surprised to find so many familiar people, including a restaurant owner in Bangkok with whom My Duy worked in the same company, fell in love but never dared to ask him out or show him her feelings until it was too late. From one fine day onward, he never appeared in the company again and My Duy was surprised to find out that he is now living in Bangkok. My Duy again couldn’t dare to tell her feelings to him. She just ate at his restaurant, smiled at him and disappeared.

This Coral Gables girl is getting wedded to a broke real estate developer from Fisher Island on 15th of Jan

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Gada Couter (name changed) keeps asking this one question all the time “Wouldn’t the world, especially the continents of Asia and Africa would be a better place if the justice couldn’t be bought in the third world countries?”

Gada is an atheist who respects the religious values of almost all the different religions except that of the Yazidies. Gada denies the claim that Yazidies worship the Satan but she hates their trend of honor killings and superiority complex.

Having been lived in Queens, New York City for 6 years, Gada claims that Chinese people own more mansions in Queens, New York than people of any other ethnicity.

Gada claims that all the pure gold of the world is stored in the federal banks and what we have is another chemical element which looks just like the gold.

Gada lives in Coral Gables, Florida currently. She will shift to Fisher Island on 15th of January, 2019 as she is getting married to a wealthy real estate developer who owns a huge mansion on Fisher Island, Miami.

Gada doubts that her fiance is broke but she couldn’t care less. She is in love with him and she cannot think of anyone else as her husband.

Gada dropped out of college only to regret it later in her life. She started going to college 5 years later again but she had to drop out again as she couldn’t pay her bills on time due to not working full-time.

Gada has traveled the world and she claims that she met more chain smokers in the Republic of China and Israel than anywhere else in the world.

You will be amazed to know that neither Gada nor her fiance have yet decided a wedding venue yet, they are still reading posts on to decide what kind of venue they should opt for their special day.

Inspired by Li Shufu and guided by Texnologia, this American lady became a huge success

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Flann Terzis (name changed) used to copy her favorite female actor’s hairstyle and dressing style when she was in college. Flann’s friends used to make fun of her and taunted her by saying that you even copy the way your favorite female actor walks, don’t you have a style of your own? Flann never bothered about those guys until it got too late. Flann started getting bad grades and she was left behind all her friends in her career because she spent most of her time trying to copy her favorite female actor.

Flann is not a white supremacist but she is very protective about the white race and she says that the only spiritual race that she has discovered on earth is the white race. She respects the French, German, Italian, British, every major white nation. Now, when after struggling for 20 years, Flann has finally become a huge success, she sends regular donations to orphan houses of almost every major white nation.

There was a time when Flann used to be dependent upon her bully husband for her livelihood. He would harass Flann in all possible ways until he went on a trip to Egypt with a group of his friends. He and friends were believed to be Israeli spies by the Egyptian government and agencies. Meanwhile, Flann started her own mobile company inspired by Li Shufu of China who started his own refrigerator company back in 1982 and made his way to become the tenth richest person of the Republic of China and the owner of Geely which owns a legendary brand like Volvo. Flann kept reading blogs like texnologia to keep herself updated with the latest tech and gadget news and to keep herself motivated on her way to the top and not give up, she kept reading and listening to the stories of men like Li Shufu, Henry Ford and Soichiro Honda.

Catholic couple is going to the Thailand to enjoy their yearly honeymoon

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Clove Fisherman (name changed) hates working out in the gym but still does it 6 days a week. Clove has lost 15 lbs since he joined the gym and it has been only 4 months since he joined one.

Clove is one heck of a reader too and a rare one. Clove hates novels but he loves to read everything science, history and archaeology. He is thinking about pursuing a PhD in Biology as he wants to know and learn more about the subject and wants to be called a doctor too although he denies the later.

Clove’s wife – Chloe loves to read love stories but she hates to read about the wars. Though Chloe hates to read everything related to the wars, she has some interesting ideas about justice, politics and laws. Chloe says that the rapists must be chained and thrown into the open seas after they have been convicted of the crime.

Clove is a great believer in the Christian and Islamic eschatology and he says that Donald Trump is the real Dajjal. Chloe also believes in the Christian and Islamic eschatology but she says that Jared Corey Kushner is the real Dajjal.

Clove is half-Turkish and half-French, he was brought up by his grandmother in Bursa, Turkey though he spent a huge chunk of his childhood in Southern France as well.

Clove claims that the France would have been much behind the United Kingdom and Germany if it wasn’t a Catholic majority country but the Catholic morals and the virtue and attribute of profitability has kept France on par with Germany and UK.

Clove and Chloe love to enjoy a mini honeymoon each year in some different Asian country. Mostly they enjoy their mini honeymoon in the winters and this January they are going to the Thailand and they are too excited about it. They will first go to Bangkok and from there they will go Amphawa, they have already booked a cab from Bangkok to Amphawa.

A software engineer, a politician, a bonsai expert and a cotton bags lover

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Janie Terrence (name changed) is running for the elections for the Members of the Parliament in the coming elections that will take place on 24 February, 2019. She has already hired a cyber army to popularize herself as a sort of a messiah who is going to eradicate all the problems of Thailand all by herself, she has also bought some cotton bags from to keep the things required in those for her election preparations.

Janie is a software engineer by profession who is an expert at the art of bonsai. Janie used to own one of the biggest bonsai plant stores in the Bangkok city before she sold it out. Janie says that the Indian, Bangladeshi and Pakistani window shoppers used to drive her mad; Janie was young back then and didn’t have enough patience to tolerate the window shoppers and neither did she have enough funds to recruit some employees so she decided to sell her business out.

Janie claims that she never fell in love throughout her entire life, she always knew that no such thing as love is possible.

Just about 24 months ago, Janie used to troll discord and slack chat servers with a fake Kamala Harris account. Many would believe her to be the real Kamala Harris while most will not. One thing was common among almost all of the believers and non-believers that they enjoyed chatting with her.

Janie claims that her kids have always been so nice that it was effortless for her to raise them.

Janie hates her younger sister – Phiyada – a millionaire socialite. Janie accuses her younger sister of ripping off millions from several different millionaires. Janie claims that she will send her own younger sister behind the bars once she wins the election.

God tells Josue Dalton to keep donating in order to keep earning millions, stay fit and healthy

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Josue Dalton (name changed) does a lot of charity and donation, he claims that he speaks to the god when all alone and the god tells him that he will stay in a perfect shape and health as long as he keeps donating and not to mention that he will keep making those millions too as long as he keeps donating.

Josue is a strong Palestine supporter who claims that the western part of the Israel will become a part of the Egypt and the east of Israel will become a part of Palestine, Josue wishes that all this happen before he dies and he believes that this will happen before he dies. He is sick and tired of hearing the atrocities of the Israeli people and soldiers towards the Palestinians.

Josue has studied about all the major religions of the world, including their histories, tales, folklore and mythology. Josue claims that Hindu god Shiva was an ancient yogi who would drink bhang and stay asleep or in a meditative position for weeks and would hallucinate often, the ancient Hindus started believing that he was a god just like they do with everyone and everything. Josue says that the Hindus are so stupid that on the one side they spit venom against the Muslims and Christians all the time and on the other they visit their places of worship for the blessings. Josue says that Hindu people like all idol worshipers are beggars without any spiritual values. Josue agrees that Shiva lived on a Mountain called Kailash but he disagrees with the tale that his wife committed suicide by burning herself alive after learning that her husband wasn’t invited to a party organized by her rich and powerful father. Shiva also disagrees that Shiva married for the second time, Josue claims that Shiva was addicted to the masturbation and he didn’t have the strength for a second wife.

Hair Transplant after 2 months

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Pablo Johnson (name changed) claims that if you don’t switch your position after each 3 minute, you are boring your woman, if your woman is not telling you then you are either too small for her or she is an introvert or maybe an idiot.

Pablo used to trust Traditional Indian Medicine and Traditional Chinese Medicine more than the modern Western medical science until he saw his best friend who was bald throughout his 20s and 30s looked a completely new man after getting a hair transplant done by Istanbul’s famous Dr T. The hair transplant results after 2 months on his head were just astonishing, Pablo has decided to go for a hair transplant himself although he is not that bald. I think Dr T will send him back home after having a look on his head, as he is not that bald.

Pablo recently disembarked his eCommerce journey by selling spare parts for boats, yachts and speedboats online. I wish him all the best with his new business and I hope that he makes millions with it to start several more businesses. He is a genius when it comes to business and he always works wholeheartedly.

Pablo started his career with working at a tech job, he never felt enthusiastic working there. Pablo has developed a lot of techniques all by himself that has made working for him fun and enjoyable. Pablo can focus on his work for hours at a time, I mean he enters the state of nirvikalpa samadhi (nirvana/zen) while working.

Pablo’s brother – Nacho is a part of the founding members of one of the topmost Turkish multinational companies. Nacho keeps informing Pablo that there is a sharp divide between the African, Indian market and the European, Australian, Canadian and North American market. Nacho tells Pablo that if you are always successful in the either of these parts, it doesn’t guarantee success on the other part.

Predrag Nasic is the perfect example of where there is a will, there is a way

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Predrag Nasic (name changed) is a Serbian gentleman from the second largest and beautiful city called Novi Sad. Predrag is a famous personality on Social Media, especially Youtube and Instagram. Predrag gained popularity in the year 2016 when he claimed that contraceptive methods are a gift from the gods themselves, after hearing this, the catholic community and their online missionaries got butt-hurt really bad and made an announcement to boycott every video, every Instagram post, every tweet and every Facebook share by Predrag.

Predrag had no idea that most of his followers and fans were catholic, he kept making the videos, tweeting, posting on Instagram and Facebook. Predrag’s videos and social media posts started receiving only a little or no likes or views at all. Predrag was about to quit but then he saw a post about buy 100 instagram real likes, Predrag decided to give it a go and he received the likes within 1 hours of that, you wouldn’t believe how much it cost him, it cost him only 2 dollar, yes, you read that right only 2 dollars, Predrag was already making 7000 US dollars per month with the social media before the catholic missionaries attacked him, 2 dollar per 100 likes were nothing compared to that. You will be amazed to know that as Predrag started investing 50 dollar per day with buying Instagram likes, he started receiving more genuine likes than ever before and making more money as well than ever before. Since then Predrag has never gone back, he has been making money with social media full-time and loving it.

Predrag Nasic now creates memes all days, post those on Instagram, buy likes from the same company and gets millions of real visitors to his website, those catholic haters really changed his life for the better.

Ancient Hindu Rishis, Munis and Saints wish in the heaven if they could fold Christmas origami back in the day

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Celestina Tailor (name changed) laughs her ass off at the Hindus that believe their mythologies are not mythologies but true stories instead. She has met hundreds of Hindus who are not willing to believe that their mythologies are mere mythologies and there is no reality behind them. These Hindu mythologies were written by the ancient Hindus Rishis, Munis and Saints who wanted to improve the society.

These Rishis, Munis and Saints according to Celestina were the ordinary people before becoming special, these great men and women felt unsatisfied with the ordinary life and in order to look for a higher purpose in life, they became celibates which used to be a sine qua non in order to become a spiritual aspirant back in ancient India.

These celibate aspirants then used to visit other infamous Rishis, Munis and Saints to learn from them who all lived at places far-off, mostly away from the villages, in the forests or other deserted places.

Rishis, Munis and Saints invented and tried several different methods for the common people so that they can live peacefully, wisely and human-like instead of living like animals.

These Rishis, Munis and Saints had nothing else to do other than making the normies’s lives better, they didn’t fold Origami Christmas during the Christmas season, play video games or go on a speedboat ride, they were banished from making love to their wives, girlfriends and their favorite prostitutes (prostitution used to be ample in the ancient India like it is today).

Celestina cannot appreciate enough the humanitarian job that ancient Hindu Rishis, Munis and Saints have done but she is not ready to believe at any cost that the Hindu mythology is real.

She hates politics, news, religions and sports but loves comedy and folding origami

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Olive Goldwater (name changed) hates politics, news, religion and sports. She hates the parliamentarians, news anchors, religious chiefs, sportsmen and sportswomen. Olive’s father is a great fan of all what Olive hates and he recently had to sell his childhood house in Spain to pay of his debts.

Olive and her family have been currently living in Southall, England. She knows several Pakistani men and women there and she loves watching Pakistani comedy shows, her Pakistani friends translate the lines to her and she thoroughly enjoys it. She now speaks a bit of Urdu and Punjabi herself as well. She tries to look for the Pakistani comedy videos with English captions which she rarely finds. She recently enjoyed watching a video titled “Woh Log Jo Galiyan Dete Hain” featuring Pakistani comic writer – Anwar Maqsood and one of the most infamous Pakistani comic actors ever – Moin Akhtar. She watched it with a Pakistani friend who kept translating the video for her in English, the video was about a Pakistani college professor who couldn’t pay his bills working as a college professor in Pakistan and had to travel to Dubai and work there as a driver for an Arab sheikh in order to pay his bills and take care of his family. The funniest part in the video was about the protagonist’s maternal uncle who swears everything and everybody that he ever comes across. Despite of being a medical doctor, this maternal uncle of the protagonist lives in a rented apartment and he always pays his rent late because he seldom has any money. He only practiced medicine for a couple of months and stopped practicing after that. Since then he has been living off other family members and now his kids who are all 20+ and working now.

Olive’s most favorite hobby is folding origami as it is not only fun but also improve cognitive abilities. Olive does it whenever she can and wherever she can.

This wonder woman owns and runs several successful e-commerce stores

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Jane Gochnour (name changed) claims that she can forecast weather days before. She has successfully done the same in front of her husband, kids, relatives and friends so many times, she has never failed in any of her predictions but it is not always that she makes any such predictions but whenever she does, she never fails.

Another superpower that Jane claims to possess is the power of interpreting dreams. She says that she can tell about a person’s desires, estimated bank balance, net worth and lots of other stuff just by knowing his/her dreams. Jane walks the talk when it comes to this dream stuff, before heading for sleep, Jane starts deeply thinking about what she needs to do the next day in order to achieve her goals and she keeps thinking about the barriers and problems that are coming in her way of achieving those dreams and voila, she wakes up with the solution to those barriers and problems.

Jane is a full-time internet marketer and an owner of several e-commerce stores. When Jane is not working, predicting weather or analyzing her or someone else’s dreams, she is busy promoting the rights of the females on the social media.

Jane wants to become famous worldwide and she wants to become famous for positive reasons, she doesn’t want to be famous like a so-called Hollywood star or PewDiePie but she wants to be famous in her own way.

Jane has been writing a novel for the past 13 years but she hasn’t been able to complete it yet. This novel is the story of a girl who rises from rags to riches and is the richest woman in the world by the age of 37. Jane wants to write this novel as a perfectionist, not as an amateur and that’s why it is taking so much of her time, but 13 years is really really long, anyways, I wish Jane success with her writing project and hope that she completes it as soon as possible.

Popular female thong store accepts all major cryptocurrencies

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Sarah Romero (name changed) is an amateur car modifier, she claims that she can turn a Suzuki Ignis into a Bentley Mulsanne. Sarah says that Indian engineers are very capable but underestimated, some of the most brilliant people she met were engineers from India.

During her childhood, Sarah used to suffer from periodical memory lapses and the memories of those times still give her nightmares.

Sarah is one of the very few Italian females who partakes in protests against the Muslim migrants in Europe, especially Italy. Despite warnings from the family members telling her that protesting venues are a dangerous place for the females, especially in Italy, she doesn’t care. She is even planning to protest against the LGBT community next time, I hope she falls under a bus before that, she doesn’t have a right to interfere in the lives of the LGBT community, let them do what they do as long as they are enjoying it without harming anyone else.

Sarah manufactures and sells thongs, g-strings and jockstraps online and offline. What makes Sarah’s online and offline stores different from those of her competitors is her acceptance of the cryptocurrencies. She checks the updated prices of the cryptocurrencies after each 15 minute period on Coinmarketcap.

Sarah loves to eat at a particular nearby Chinese restaurant, she keeps staring at men eating there with lustful eyes in order to make them daydream about her all the time. Sarah is a great believer in energy vampirism and she says that when men daydream about her it makes her more energetic, happy and healthy.

Sarah has curly hair which she herself hates but everyone other than her either loves or envy. She has tried to chemically straighten them up several times only to fail. Chemically trying to straighten the hair resulted in hair fall for Sarah and she always encourages the ladies she hate to get their straighten up too.

Self-proclaimed pious catholic is busy folding Christmas season origami with her nephews and nieces

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Mercedes Alawadhy (name changed) doesn’t see economy as the only way of freedom as neocons like to point out. Mercedes is a self-proclaimed ‘pious catholic’, she says ” I cannot stay in touch with the politics. I can agree with most of the neocons and those types on what’s wrong, morally and politically. While disagreeing with them what is right. The American philosophy base their political structure on man being naturally good, while Christianity as a whole treats humanity as fallen. So I can’t see why their ideas on a government are set the way they are because so  many “conservatives” claim to be Christian.”

Mercedes was born to a Spanish speaking American mother and an Arora Punjabi father who migrated to the United States when he was 16. Born into a working class family, Mercedes always wishes if she were born in a royal family or to someone like the Waltons or the Rockefellers. I think you might have already guessed Mercedes’s most favorite song of all time – Royals by Lorde.

Mercedes became a great fan of Austin Osman Spare after reading “The Book of Pleasure”.

Mercedes’s father tells her how her grandfather used to be called the Einstein in the neighborhood because of his crazy dedication to the inventions but he couldn’t invent anything throughout his life. Scientists receive a very little financial support or no support at all by the government and other organizations in India, and that’s why Mercedes’s grandfather wanted his son to move to the United States as soon as he grows up because his own experience with India and Indians was super-bad.

Mercedes’s dad never gets tired of repeating how her grandfather used to be in a state of ecstasy while working, he wouldn’t be aware of what time it was, what part of the day, the date, anything, he used to get so lost working on his inventions, it was astounding.

Anyways, it is Christmas season and Mercedes is busy folding Origami Christmas with her little nephews and nieces.