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This wonder woman owns and runs several successful e-commerce stores

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Jane Gochnour (name changed) claims that she can forecast weather days before. She has successfully done the same in front of her husband, kids, relatives and friends so many times, she has never failed in any of her predictions but it is not always that she makes any such predictions but whenever she does, she never fails.

Another superpower that Jane claims to possess is the power of interpreting dreams. She says that she can tell about a person’s desires, estimated bank balance, net worth and lots of other stuff just by knowing his/her dreams. Jane walks the talk when it comes to this dream stuff, before heading for sleep, Jane starts deeply thinking about what she needs to do the next day in order to achieve her goals and she keeps thinking about the barriers and problems that are coming in her way of achieving those dreams and voila, she wakes up with the solution to those barriers and problems.

Jane is a full-time internet marketer and an owner of several e-commerce stores. When Jane is not working, predicting weather or analyzing her or someone else’s dreams, she is busy promoting the rights of the females on the social media.

Jane wants to become famous worldwide and she wants to become famous for positive reasons, she doesn’t want to be famous like a so-called Hollywood star or PewDiePie but she wants to be famous in her own way.

Jane has been writing a novel for the past 13 years but she hasn’t been able to complete it yet. This novel is the story of a girl who rises from rags to riches and is the richest woman in the world by the age of 37. Jane wants to write this novel as a perfectionist, not as an amateur and that’s why it is taking so much of her time, but 13 years is really really long, anyways, I wish Jane success with her writing project and hope that she completes it as soon as possible.