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God tells Josue Dalton to keep donating in order to keep earning millions, stay fit and healthy

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Josue Dalton (name changed) does a lot of charity and donation, he claims that he speaks to the god when all alone and the god tells him that he will stay in a perfect shape and health as long as he keeps donating and not to mention that he will keep making those millions too as long as he keeps donating.

Josue is a strong Palestine supporter who claims that the western part of the Israel will become a part of the Egypt and the east of Israel will become a part of Palestine, Josue wishes that all this happen before he dies and he believes that this will happen before he dies. He is sick and tired of hearing the atrocities of the Israeli people and soldiers towards the Palestinians.

Josue has studied about all the major religions of the world, including their histories, tales, folklore and mythology. Josue claims that Hindu god Shiva was an ancient yogi who would drink bhang¬†and stay asleep or in a meditative position for weeks and would hallucinate often, the ancient Hindus started believing that he was a god just like they do with everyone and everything. Josue says that the Hindus are so stupid that on the one side they spit venom against the Muslims and Christians all the time and on the other they visit their places of worship for the blessings. Josue says that Hindu people like all idol worshipers are beggars without any spiritual values. Josue agrees that Shiva lived on a Mountain called Kailash but he disagrees with the tale that his wife committed suicide by burning herself alive after learning that her husband wasn’t invited to a party organized by her rich and powerful father. Shiva also disagrees that Shiva married for the second time, Josue claims that Shiva was addicted to the masturbation and he didn’t have the strength for a second wife.