A software engineer, a politician, a bonsai expert and a cotton bags lover

Janie Terrence (name changed) is running for the elections for the Members of the Parliament in the coming elections that will take place on 24 February, 2019. She has already hired a cyber army to popularize herself as a sort of a messiah who is going to eradicate all the problems of Thailand all by herself, she has also bought some cotton bags fromĀ bbbags.net to keep the things required in those for her election preparations.

Janie is a software engineer by profession who is an expert at the art of bonsai. Janie used to own one of the biggest bonsai plant stores in the Bangkok city before she sold it out. Janie says that the Indian, Bangladeshi and Pakistani window shoppers used to drive her mad; Janie was young back then and didn’t have enough patience to tolerate the window shoppers and neither did she have enough funds to recruit some employees so she decided to sell her business out.

Janie claims that she never fell in love throughout her entire life, she always knew that no such thing as love is possible.

Just about 24 months ago, Janie used to troll discord and slack chat servers with a fake Kamala Harris account. Many would believe her to be the real Kamala Harris while most will not. One thing was common among almost all of the believers and non-believers that they enjoyed chatting with her.

Janie claims that her kids have always been so nice that it was effortless for her to raise them.

Janie hates her younger sister – Phiyada – a millionaire socialite. Janie accuses her younger sister of ripping off millions from several different millionaires. Janie claims that she will send her own younger sister behind the bars once she wins the election.

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