Catholic couple is going to the Thailand to enjoy their yearly honeymoon

Clove Fisherman (name changed) hates working out in the gym but still does it 6 days a week. Clove has lost 15 lbs since he joined the gym and it has been only 4 months since he joined one.

Clove is one heck of a reader too and a rare one. Clove hates novels but he loves to read everything science, history and archaeology. He is thinking about pursuing a PhD in Biology as he wants to know and learn more about the subject and wants to be called a doctor too although he denies the later.

Clove’s wife – Chloe loves to read love stories but she hates to read about the wars. Though Chloe hates to read everything related to the wars, she has some interesting ideas about justice, politics and laws. Chloe says that the rapists must be chained and thrown into the open seas after they have been convicted of the crime.

Clove is a great believer in the Christian and Islamic eschatology and he says that Donald Trump is the real Dajjal. Chloe also believes in the Christian and Islamic eschatology but she says that Jared Corey Kushner is the real Dajjal.

Clove is half-Turkish and half-French, he was brought up by his grandmother in Bursa, Turkey though he spent a huge chunk of his childhood in Southern France as well.

Clove claims that the France would have been much behind the United Kingdom and Germany if it wasn’t a Catholic majority country but the Catholic morals and the virtue and attribute of profitability has kept France on par with Germany and UK.

Clove and Chloe love to enjoy a mini honeymoon each year in some different Asian country. Mostly they enjoy their mini honeymoon in the winters and this January they are going to the Thailand and they are too excited about it. They will first go to Bangkok and from there they will go Amphawa, they have already booked a cab from Bangkok to Amphawa.

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