Inspired by Li Shufu and guided by Texnologia, this American lady became a huge success

Flann Terzis (name changed) used to copy her favorite female actor’s hairstyle and dressing style when she was in college. Flann’s friends used to make fun of her and taunted her by saying that you even copy the way your favorite female actor walks, don’t you have a style of your own? Flann never bothered about those guys until it got too late. Flann started getting bad grades and she was left behind all her friends in her career because she spent most of her time trying to copy her favorite female actor.

Flann is not a white supremacist but she is very protective about the white race and she says that the only spiritual race that she has discovered on earth is the white race. She respects the French, German, Italian, British, every major white nation. Now, when after struggling for 20 years, Flann has finally become a huge success, she sends regular donations to orphan houses of almost every major white nation.

There was a time when Flann used to be dependent upon her bully husband for her livelihood. He would harass Flann in all possible ways until he went on a trip to Egypt with a group of his friends. He and friends were believed to be Israeli spies by the Egyptian government and agencies. Meanwhile, Flann started her own mobile company inspired by Li Shufu of China who started his own refrigerator company back in 1982 and made his way to become the tenth richest person of the Republic of China and the owner of Geely which owns a legendary brand like Volvo. Flann kept reading blogs like texnologia to keep herself updated with the latest tech and gadget news and to keep herself motivated on her way to the top and not give up, she kept reading and listening to the stories of men like Li Shufu, Henry Ford and Soichiro Honda.

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