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Greek female music composer goes mad when she doesn’t get to compose hence she takes along her musical instruments with her whenever she visits Chania

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Hiltrude Craven (name changed) has done an extensive research on the Indian subcontinent and especially the ongoing cold war between the only 2 nuclear powers in the Indian subcontinent – India and Pakistan. Hiltrude says that both countries have their agents working in each other’s countries, she claims one such example is Swami Om who is an ISI agent working in the Indian media to destroy the Hinduism and India’s cultural values. Swami Om once slapped an astrologer woman in a live show, Swami Om was once caught stealing a bicycle, Hiltrude claims that Swami Om’s real intention for stealing the bicycle was to install a time bomb on it as it belonged to a Hindu sadhu and the ultimate doubt would be on the Muslim Imams and scholars which would have resulted in riots, immediately.

Hiltrude says that Swami Om acts like he is a protector of Hindu religion but in reality he is an agent of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. Hiltrude claims that most of the ministers in current Prime Minister of Pakistan’s cabinet to be agents of MI6, Mossad, RAW and CIA. Hiltrude says that the Pakistani Prime Minister’s task is to only speak what these agents of the enemy countries tell him to. Hiltrude says that Pakistan is in a big mess and soon enough there will not be such a country on the face of the earth with the name Pakistan.

Hiltrude is going to rent a car Crete with her one and only sister and her family. This sister of Hiltrude is a music composer and Hiltrude says that she becomes weird and horny as hell if you take away her musical instruments. Hiltrude says that this same sister of her becomes so content and can go for years without any sort of sexual activity if she is busy making music. Hiltrude says that she becomes so content with making music that it makes her look asexual.

Lamberto refutes the bowl of stew story of Esau and Jacob, Lamberto loves carrots and he drives a Lyft cab

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Lamberto Richmond (name changed) says that the governments should take more strict measures to deal with the lawless people. As a Lyft cab driver, Lamberto sees tons of drunk drivers everyday, Lamberto joined Lyft after discovering Lyft promo code back in November 2018.

Lamberto says that tons of innovative ideas come into his head everyday and when Lamberto thinks about working on them, he turns into his own enemy and starts finding the reasons why these ideas are not going to work and he stops working on those ideas.

Lamberto loves to eat cooked and raw carrots. Lamberto says that carrots make him very energetic and intelligent.

When Lamberto was a kid, he was very fat, the tallest and the strongest kid in the school, he ate so much as a child that his mother (a homemaker) was always busy preparing some meal for him.

Lamberto has read a lot of Jewish and other religion’s history and he refutes several claims mentioned in the Torah and other religious texts like Lamberto refutes the claim that Esau gave his birth right to Jacob for a bowl of stew but rather Lamberto claims that he gave his birth right to Jacob for spending 8 nights with Rachel which Jacob agreed to. Lamberto says that to make their religion, culture and tradition look auspicious, the Jews in the Torah lie about the bowl of stew story. Lamberto says that if you can still believe the bowl of stew story of Esau and Jacob then you can believe anything and you are someone that he doesn’t deserve to waste his time arguing with.

Lamberto has done a lot of research and study on the animals and birds and he claims that the wild cats possess a peculiar intelligence and intuitive powers unparalleled in any other species on earth including human beings.

Gal is one of the smartest “Gals” that you have never met but her brother is a fool but both love Thailand

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Gal Granger (name changed) has a love-hate relationship with the popular mechanic and Youtuber – Scotty Kilmer whom Gal has accused of being on the payroll of Toyota and Lexus several times in the comments section of his videos. Recently, when she saw Scotty complimenting Mercedes, Ford, Chrysler and even Audi in his recent videos, Gal couldn’t resist writing that Toyota is not paying Scotty anymore. Scotty personally responded to her and he really sounded angry when he wrote that he was never paid a penny by the Toyota and not only that but he even made a video specifically clarifying that he was never paid by the Toyota.

Gal is a car freak and his brother – Mark is quite the opposite, he doesn’t know a thing about the cars. Recently, when he wanted to buy a Citroen as recommended by his sister – Gal, he instead bought a Renault just because the salesperson at the Renault was hot and she was able to persuade Mark into buying a Renault. Gal really felt like slapping Mark on his face for his weakness for hot women and for being a literal dickhead. Gal even called her brother Mark – the definition of dickhead after that decision of his.

Gal is a conspiracy theorist and a political analyzer as well who claims that Bosnia and Montenegro are going to be next superpowers. Gal says that Bosnia or Montenegro will not be as strong, powerful or as wealthy as the USSR, the British empire or the United States of America, but it these two will definitely surpass Germany or France in terms of technology, economy, military.

Whenever Gal gets stressed, she tours Southeast towards a beautiful country called Thailand, she has already booked a taxi using this time and she cannot wait to be in Thailand anymore.

Indian guy came to Canada to study, has been living ever since there and just bought a new villa on the Eagle Street, Newmarket

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Dev Patel (name changed) came to Ontario, Canada to study and when he was still in college, he started getting offers from different top Canadian companies to join them after completing his studies, Dev was such an excellent student. Dev immediately joined the company that offered him the highest salary package after completing his studies and he has been living in Canada ever since.

One of Dev’s strict Sunni Muslim friends gave up his medical career just because it is haram in Islam and now he is thinking about becoming a Mufti or an Imam (a Muslim religious scholar).

Dev loves to learn new languages and he has this commendable command of the Italian language although he very rarely gets to speak the same. Dev recently started an Italian language automobile forums to keep talking to people in Italian language.

Dev had a habit of inviting of inviting each and every beautiful woman that he met for a lunch or a dinner until he got engaged to this stunning Indian-Canadian woman who is a software engineer. Dev recently purchased a new villa on the Eagle Street in Newmarket, Ontario and it is currently undergoing home renovation Newmarket and as soon as it is done, Dev will move there.

Dev is an author too and an unsuccessful one at that. Dev’s last book which was about how Samrat (Emperor) Ashoka of India converted to Buddhism and preached non-violence for political purposes and not because he changed or became non-violent and peaceful himself. Dev says that the Emperor Ashoka knew no other way of ruling over the entire Indian subcontinent which is roughly equivalent to 5 million square kilometers.

Ex-wife of one of the richest men in Tamil Nadu, self-proclaimed biblical scholar and a mother of two loves to watch movies with her kids

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Ines Anipoli (name changed) recently divorced her Indian husband and came back to Heraklion, Greece after the divorce. Ines has been given the custody for her children and that’s what she was most worried about as one of her 2 kids is older than 7 years. Nothing gives Ines more pleasure than watching movies with her children (παιδικεσ ταινιεσ).

Ines’s ex-husband is one of the wealthiest leather industrialists in one of the metros of India and capital of the southernmost Indian state called Tamil Nadu – Chennai (earlier known as Madras). Chennai is the hub for the leather industry in India and responsible for 23% of the leather produced in the country. India is one of the greatest leather exporters in the world and Ines’s ex-husband is one of the topmost player in the industry, so you can imagine how wealthy the man is, not a billionaire though, yes – a billionaire in Indian currency but nowhere near to being a billionaire in Euros and US Dollars.

Ines is not a believer but she has always been fascinated by the biblical stories and mythologies. Ines has traveled all of what used to be called the promised land and is still called by the same name. Ines has thoroughly researched about the garden of Eden and several other biblical sites but her main emphasis and favorite has always been the garden of Eden. Nothing catches Ines’s curiosity as the garden of Eden and she has come to the conclusion that the garden of Eden was between the Black sea and the Caspian sea. Ines says that any tribe or people that live in this area between the Caspian and Black sea will be blessed by the god himself.