Indian guy came to Canada to study, has been living ever since there and just bought a new villa on the Eagle Street, Newmarket

Dev Patel (name changed) came to Ontario, Canada to study and when he was still in college, he started getting offers from different top Canadian companies to join them after completing his studies, Dev was such an excellent student. Dev immediately joined the company that offered him the highest salary package after completing his studies and he has been living in Canada ever since.

One of Dev’s strict Sunni Muslim friends gave up his medical career just because it is haram in Islam and now he is thinking about becoming a Mufti or an Imam (a Muslim religious scholar).

Dev loves to learn new languages and he has this commendable command of the Italian language although he very rarely gets to speak the same. Dev recently started an Italian language automobile forums to keep talking to people in Italian language.

Dev had a habit of inviting of inviting each and every beautiful woman that he met for a lunch or a dinner until he got engaged to this stunning Indian-Canadian woman who is a software engineer. Dev recently purchased a new villa on the Eagle Street in Newmarket, Ontario and it is currently undergoing home renovation Newmarket and as soon as it is done, Dev will move there.

Dev is an author too and an unsuccessful one at that. Dev’s last book which was about how Samrat (Emperor) Ashoka of India converted to Buddhism and preached non-violence for political purposes and not because he changed or became non-violent and peaceful himself. Dev says that the Emperor Ashoka knew no other way of ruling over the entire Indian subcontinent which is roughly equivalent to 5 million square kilometers.

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