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Gal is one of the smartest “Gals” that you have never met but her brother is a fool but both love Thailand

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Gal Granger (name changed) has a love-hate relationship with the popular mechanic and Youtuber – Scotty Kilmer whom Gal has accused of being on the payroll of Toyota and Lexus several times in the comments section of his videos. Recently, when she saw Scotty complimenting Mercedes, Ford, Chrysler and even Audi in his recent videos, Gal couldn’t resist writing that Toyota is not paying Scotty anymore. Scotty personally responded to her and he really sounded angry when he wrote that he was never paid a penny by the Toyota and not only that but he even made a video specifically clarifying that he was never paid by the Toyota.

Gal is a car freak and his brother – Mark is quite the opposite, he doesn’t know a thing about the cars. Recently, when he wanted to buy a Citroen as recommended by his sister – Gal, he instead bought a Renault just because the salesperson at the Renault was hot and she was able to persuade Mark into buying a Renault. Gal really felt like slapping Mark on his face for his weakness for hot women and for being a literal dickhead. Gal even called her brother Mark – the definition of dickhead after that decision of his.

Gal is a conspiracy theorist and a political analyzer as well who claims that Bosnia and Montenegro are going to be next superpowers. Gal says that Bosnia or Montenegro will not be as strong, powerful or as wealthy as the USSR, the British empire or the United States of America, but it these two will definitely surpass Germany or France in terms of technology, economy, military.

Whenever Gal gets stressed, she tours Southeast towards a beautiful country called Thailand, she has already booked a taxi usingĀ http://huahinsmiletaxi.com this time and she cannot wait to be in Thailand anymore.