Lamberto refutes the bowl of stew story of Esau and Jacob, Lamberto loves carrots and he drives a Lyft cab

Lamberto Richmond (name changed) says that the governments should take more strict measures to deal with the lawless people. As a Lyft cab driver, Lamberto sees tons of drunk drivers everyday, Lamberto joined Lyft after discovering Lyft promo code back in November 2018.

Lamberto says that tons of innovative ideas come into his head everyday and when Lamberto thinks about working on them, he turns into his own enemy and starts finding the reasons why these ideas are not going to work and he stops working on those ideas.

Lamberto loves to eat cooked and raw carrots. Lamberto says that carrots make him very energetic and intelligent.

When Lamberto was a kid, he was very fat, the tallest and the strongest kid in the school, he ate so much as a child that his mother (a homemaker) was always busy preparing some meal for him.

Lamberto has read a lot of Jewish and other religion’s history and he refutes several claims mentioned in the Torah and other religious texts like Lamberto refutes the claim that Esau gave his birth right to Jacob for a bowl of stew but rather Lamberto claims that he gave his birth right to Jacob for spending 8 nights with Rachel which Jacob agreed to. Lamberto says that to make their religion, culture and tradition look auspicious, the Jews in the Torah lie about the bowl of stew story. Lamberto says that if you can still believe the bowl of stew story of Esau and Jacob then you can believe anything and you are someone that he doesn’t deserve to waste his time arguing with.

Lamberto has done a lot of research and study on the animals and birds and he claims that the wild cats possess a peculiar intelligence and intuitive powers unparalleled in any other species on earth including human beings.

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