This Czech guy is a GTA freak who wants to create one of the best RPG games ever

Brian Kovar is obsessed with German cars and he says that in one of the books he read that BMW’s founders wanted to name the company BS (Binary Stars) instead of BMW before. Brian only likes to drive rear wheel drive sedans and what’s better than a BMW when it comes to rear wheel drive sedan.

The most fascinating thing that I find about Brian is that he is a GTA and PS4 HRY freak. Brian’s most favorite Grand Theft Auto of all time is Vice City and he has completed it hundreds of times. Brian really gets an adrenaline rush like no other whence he completes a GTA mission, especially a Vice City mission.

Brian says that GTA Vice City is what introduced him to the 1980s music and if Brian is to be believed, then 1980s’ music is one of the best things that ever happened to him, he listens to the 1980s music in his car, while he is working, perhaps all the time. Brian is so unaware of the modern music that she wasn’t even aware of the Havana by Camila Cabello and Wrecking Ball by Miley Cyrus the last time I spoke to him which was in 2018.

Brian also loves the GTA Vice City Stories and his favorite mission in the GTA Vice City Stories is the Jive Drive. Brian also loves GTA 3 just because it is based on his favorite New York City. Brian’s most favorite mission are the ones set in Staunton Island which reminds him of his beautiful days and his beautiful girlfriend in Manhattan.

Brian is now interested in creating one of his own video games and the video game will be perhaps a  role playing game set in the glorious Roman Empire.

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