Rich couple got fascinated by the Garra Rufa aquarium more than they got fascinated by the miraculous capability of the Garra Rufa fish

Andrew Stanley is a Slovakian businessman of English origin who currently owns 2 factories and a store chain. One of Mr Stanley’s factories produces jumpsuits, pleat dresses, evening dresses, bow dresses, lace dresses, ruched dresses and playsuits for women and the other factory produces capris, bell bottoms, trousers, skirts, frills and pants for women. Andrew’s store chain is a vintage clothing store chain that sells everything vintage including toys, cut & sew, denim dresses, bolero, tie, polka, jackets, blazers, trousers, skirts and socks.

Mr Stanley’s wife – About 7–8 months ago, Bella got a disease which I think you may be already familiar about, it is a skin disease and it goes by the name psoriasis. Bella didn’t tell Andrew about it at all and she decided to keep it a secret until and unless she found a cure for the same as she feared that Andrew will get an ugly image of her in his eyes because of her skin disease. Andrew couldn’t notice it either as he was very stressed due to a new business that he was planning to enter into and Andrew also secretly believes that practicing celibacy gets him out of the stress and increases his creativity. Bella thought that Andrew has already seen her rashes and now he hates the way she looks. Bella being a shy woman felt so embarrassed to visit a doctor and she decided to find the cure on herself. Months went by like this, once when Andrew decided to make love to his wife, he saw the psoriasis rashes at different places of the body of his lovely wife. Luckily enough, Andrew recognized what it was and what’s even better is that he also knew about a bulletproof pedicure that could alleviate the symptoms of psoriasis and the pedicure is called Garra Rufa pedicure. The very next day, Mr Stanley took Bella to a Garra Rufa spa, Andrew was already well aware of the fact that it is a bulletproof treatment and the Bella’s symptoms getting alleviated within a matter of 30 minutes wasn’t a big deal for him but Mr Stanley got fascinated by the beautiful DermaQuarium aquariums that they used at the spa and surprisingly enough, Mrs Stanley was even more fascinated by those aquariums than her spouse.

The couple has now decided to open a Garra Rufa spa of their own and they are going to use nothing but DermaQuarium aquariums there.

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