One single advertising made this upcoming computer peripheral company recruit the required number of experts

Kate Reed is a 30-something Czech lady that can become the next greatest motivational speaker if she keeps improving her extraordinary communication skills and achieve what she is aiming for.

Kate has no tech background, all she has is a hope, will and lots of smarts and capability to work hard. Kate wants to create the greatest computer peripheral company ever and she is targeting straight at the Swiss company – Logitech. Kate has already recruited some top tech guys and girls by placing an ad on a free online job portal (inzerce prĂ¡ce zdarma). Kate is still amazed at the great tech people that she could recruit just with one free online advertisement.

The idea of starting a computer peripheral company came to Kate’s mind when she accidentally came across the number of sales that the Chinese computer peripheral company – Rapoo made in the last 2 years. Kate wants to improve Czech Republic’s economy and transform her country to something bigger than France, Germany and United Kingdom in terms of its economy.

Kate has borrowed some loan from the family and friends to start her company and she is now looking for a major financier. She says that the financier also has to be someone from the Czech Republic itself otherwise she is not going for it. Kate’s husband is a bit liberal in these terms and he says that it is already so hard to find a financier and making it limited to someone who has to be Czech is going to make it an impossible task. Kate says that she is going to make it an All-Czech company and this company is going to be the flagship company of Czech Republic, surpassing even Skoda in terms of popularity and only a Czech financier can make it happen.

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