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Honda Ridgeline Truck Bedliner is one of the most beautiful, it looks even better with imported Japanese products on it

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Mindy Clark has been selling imported stuff on eBay for the past few years and she delivers it only within her city. Mindy guarantees delivery within 36 hours and she mostly sells stuff imported from Japan. She claims that unique Japanese stuff sells like a hot cake in her city – San Antonio, Texas.

One of the reasons why Mindy delivers only within San Antonio, Texas is that she loves to roam around in her Honda Ridgeline in the evening. She says that she loves to see the smile on the faces of her customer when they are receiving that package fresh out of her Honda Ridgeline truck bedliner. She says that she would prefer to deliver the packages herself even if she has to do the same through a horse cart. Another reason why Mindy prefers to sell only in her city is that she wants to provide a service second to none at the most affordable prices possible without charging anything extra for the shipping which she believes can be only achieved if she goes out to deliver the products herself.

The hottest products available with Mindy are ponytail helmets, public bathroom baby seats, tablet holders. Mindy sells tens of these and sometimes hundreds combined within a day. Mindy says that sunglasses for dogs used to be another hot time at her eBay store until some American companies started manufacturing those locally.

Mindy has been thinking about starting an export business to Japan as well but she hasn’t been able to figure out a product that will sell like hot cakes in Japan although some of her friends have recommended her several different products but Mindy is not willing to take it.