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Newton’s apple tree is half-myth half-reality

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I along with majority of the literate people across the world believe that Sir Isaac Newton was definitely one of the greatest geniuses to have ever walked the earth but his belief in the end times proves how far have we come in the past 300 years or so.

I believe that if Isaac Newton would have married, he would have been nothing as the marriage turns the biggest of the geniuses into losers and I feel glad that Sir Isaac Newton inspired another hero of mine – Voltaire to never marry. One thing that I feel pity for Isaac Newton not marrying is that he didn’t left a progeny behind, just wonder how brilliant his descendants would have been and we could have enjoyed several more inventions and discoveries because of them.

It is quite evident that Isaac Newton suffered with ADD or ADHD and perhaps this disease of his is what was responsible for making him such a genius or maybe he would have been a bigger genius if he didn’t have this disease.

It is a pity that there are no monuments or statues dedicated to Isaac Newton and other legendary scientists in entire nations whereas there are several monuments and statues in the same countries of those that contributed almost nothing to the world and sometimes even contributed negatively.

I personally believe that if Isaac Newton wasn’t raised up by his grandmother, he couldn’t have been so open-minded adventurous explorer who would spend all his life discovering things mankind never gave a second thought to.

I also believe that the apple story of Isaac Newton is half-reality and half-myth and most of my friends agree with me regarding the same. I really feel sorry for those looking for the descendants of Newton’s apple tree.