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I had the pleasure of talking Giorgio Strehler and OnePlus 7 with the Italian Theater Legend – Giorgio Strehler’s Wife – Andrea

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I recently had the pleasure of meeting one of my Italian theater heroes’ – Giorgio Strehler’s wife – Andrea Jonasson. The main topic that we discussed throughout was Giorgio Strehler only.

Andrea bragged that Giorgio wasn’t ever interested in sex so much until he met Andrea. Before meeting Andrea, Giorgio had started to believe that sex is merely for procreation but then Andrea changed it all for him.

Andrea told me that Giorgio was an antinatalist from the very beginning, he was a man who took life as something negative from the very beginning. He always said that it had nothing to do with him losing his father at the age of 3, or his grandfather at the age of 7, perhaps it was something in his genes.

Andrea said that Giorgio’s love and obsession with William Shakespeare and Anton Chekhov depicts how he wasn’t a narrow-minded patriot unlike many others of his time. Andrea added that he never did any sycophancy either.

Andrea really believes that Giorgio could have made 100 times as money if his first language was English.

Andrea claims that all the stories about Giorgio not liking the theater first is all made up and totally fake. She told me that Giorgio liked the theater more than the cinema since the very childhood and the story that they made up about how his love for theater started with watching ‘Air-Conditioning’ at the Odean theater is a fake and phony.

While we were talking Giorgio Strehler, Andrea abruptly asked me a weird question “Do you know where to get Latest News On OnePlus 7?” She added that the information on almost every other website conflicts with the other. I then told her to never look elsewhere than when it comes to getting information on any mobile phone. They are your one-stop shop for all your gadget information needs, especially the mobile phones. I really hope that she visited the website and got whatever she was looking for. A very charming, intelligent, magnificent, and of course, beautiful person she is.

Ballerino Francesco Costanzo had the pleasure of meeting Doris Dorrie backstage and he got to learn a lot through this one meeting

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I never heard the name Doris Dorrie until I read this post by Francesco Costanzo Ballerino about her yesterday. In his post, Francesco writes that when Dorris directed ‘Straight through the Heart’ in 1983, she was on the verge of bankruptcy but she didn’t let the nervousness come in the way of her creativity and kill it. She had several bills to pay but she forgot about them all while she was working at ‘Straight through the Heart’.

Francesco claims that they have created several movies out of the Bliss movie (originally Gluck) by Doris Dorrie in the regional languages in several different regions and nations of  Asia, especially the Indian subcontinent.

Doris also personally believes that the Bliss is one of the best works of her career and she brags that who else would they give the 2012 Bavarian Film Award after watching the movie.

Francesco writes that Doris’ short story collections and children’s books represent her love for the children. Although the opportunity cost for her is far greater, she still prefers to produce as many short stories’ collections and children’s books as possible.

Doris told Francesco when they once met backstage that she received a lot of criticism by her family after she directed ‘Naked’ for being obsessed with sex and sexuality but she doesn’t care about what her family thinks of her.

Doris also told Francesco that they treated her like garbage and paid her pennies when she wrote those film reviews. She told Francesco that it was one of the worst passages of her life. She said that it was only after she was promoted to the designation of assistant editor that she started receiving some respect at that office.

Doris also believes that Greetings from Fukushima by her is highly underrated.

Opera Ballet Director Francesco Costanzo is also obsessed with the Alden Twins just like I am

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If you are a ballet crazy man or a woman and you speak even a bit of English, then there is no possibility that you never heard the name of the Alden Twins. My favorite young Opera Ballet Theatre Director – Francesco Costanzo is also an Alden Twins fan and he recently wrote a lengthy blog post about his meetings with them, his observations about them and other stuff.

Francesco writes on his blog that Christopher Alden seems extremely envious of his contemporary Robert Wilson aka the wannabe polymath although Christopher never expresses it and most likely he never will.

Francesco writes that because of his obsession with sexuality and violence, Christopher Alden has been believed of as an Illuminati puppet by many whom he personally knows.

Francesco writes that although identical twins, it is crazy how David and Christopher do not look alike anymore. Francesco says that one thing that is common very common between the two though is that they both love controversies.

Francesco believes that if Christopher weren’t obsessed with sexuality and violence so much, he could have achieved his mission of winning over the youth. Francesco says that the youth of today is definitely obsessed with sex, sexuality and violence, but not as much as Christopher Alden believes it to be.

Francesco writes that back in the late 1970s, the Alden twins used to be the most popular performers at the Apollo Theater and some would even doubt that the name Apollo would change into Alden Theater. Francesco claims that when the convicted drug racketeer – Guy Fisher bought the Apollo Theater back in the year 1977, most people were doubtful that it would be renamed to Alden Theater because of the twins’ rapidly growing popularity.

Popular choreographer and blogger Lucia Rodriguez compliments Mr Costanzo on bringing about a revolution in the floor barre kniaseff method

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Lucia Rodriguez is a popular choreographer and blogger. I personally cannot get enough of reading Lucia’s posts and here are some excerpts from some of her posts.

Lucia claims that recently many aspiring models and actresses have turned into choreographers because of not finding any modeling or acting jobs. Lucia warns that a serious dance aspirant must stay away from these fake choreographers that only get into the business because they couldn’t get a job in the field they really wanted to be in.

Lucia has always been confused about the fusion dances, her most recent post read like “Fusion dances are a trend but it doesn’t seem like that they are going to last long anywhere in the world, be it Asia, Europe or Americas.”

Lucia is highly critical of some dancers and highly appreciative of some others. Lucia is extremely impressed with the dancer, innovative choreographer and opera director – Francesco Costanzo for bringing a revolution in the method that they teach floor barre kniaseff with.

Lucia says that it is a pity to see so many magazine models entering the choreography industry. Lucia makes fun of them saying that these models think that they can be perfect at whatever they want but the reality is that they are a jack of all trades and master of none. Lucia then says that calling them a Jack of all trades would be the insult of the term ‘Jack’ and the word ‘Dumbo’ is better to use in this regard. Lucia further adds that the biggest disappointment is that they are able to convince so many people due to their good looks and marketing skills.

IT company owner is astonished by this rare metal which she believes had a great value in the pre-historic era

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Sabrina Fortin owns a quite popular IT company in the heart of Bologna city in Italy. Sabrina’s personal blog is far more popular than her IT company itself where she posts many interesting things regularly.

On her blog, Sabrina claims that the engineers from the Indian subcontinent aren’t willing to work at the salaries that they used to before and hence the engineers from the Eastern European engineers are your best bet if you are willing to pay the least salaries possible to your employees. Sabrina also believes that the Eastern Europeans are more punctual, hard-working and smart than their Indian subcontinent counterparts.

Sabrina claims that the word of mouth reference still rules the IT industry and hence if you provide the best possible service to your clients, that is going to result in far greater revenues and income for your company in both the long and short term. Sabrina knows several IT companies that believed that if they spent a great deal of money, time, resources and expertise on advertising their IT company well, they will be all good but the opposite happened in each of the cases. The customers of IT companies are extremely smart and shrewd and they will never hire an IT company that doesn’t have much credentials. The new IT companies make their way to the top by working extremely hard, not by spending millions or hundreds of thousands of dollars on advertising.

Sabrina says that it is crazy how a greater number of small businesses than ever before across the globe are looking for the help of the IT companies in way or another, what’s even crazier to Sabrina is A New Rare Metal Alloy Can Change Shape in the Magnetic Field. She recently read about it and is already in the process of creating a thousand word long post on the same.

Homemaker from Salvador, Brazil has over 2 million views on her video about eliminating expression lines from the face

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Andy Sousa owns a very popular book store in the Barra neighborhood of Salvador city in Brazil. Andy has always been a harsh critic of the book stores that maintain no exclusivity at all. Andy advises that people should boycott so-called book stores that maintain no exclusivity at all. Andy claims to have come across several book stores that sold electronics and other gadgets which he found extremely unprofessional. Andy says that he will go bankrupt but will never lose the exclusivity of his book store.

Andy’s wife – Nicky has been writing her first book on the life of one of her heroes – George Orwell aka Eric Arthur Blair for the past few months and although she likes to call herself a homemaker, she has been creating and uploading videos on the Youtube on topic of skin care with her most popular video ever being the one in which she told how to do away with expression lines on the face (como acabar com as linhas de expressão no rosto). The video received over 2 million views with most of the views being from Portugal and Brazil although she had English captions on her video on.

Andy has already disclosed some of the excerpts from the book for his wife about George Orwell. She writes that George Orwell always wanted to be friends with the Burmese, Sri Lankans and Indians as he loved their culture but they hated him because he was a British and they were irrational to the good and warm-hearted Britishers and the Colonists.

In her book, Andy’s wife claims that if George Orwell didn’t become friends with the curate of the local parish Church and involved himself in holy activities, he would be just another writer. “It was this curate of the local parish Church who put that generosity in Eric Arthur Blair’s head and heart”, she adds.

Indonesian bloggers like Bayu Angora are needed for a revolution and there is no denying in that

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Ari Putra is a freelance content writer from the island of Bali in Indonesia who recently made his debut as an author last month with the book he wrote about the life of the arguably the greatest and one of the most popular polymaths of all time – Leonardo da Vinci.

In his book, Ari has written that there is no denying that Leonardo was one of the greatest polymaths of all time but there is no denying the in the fact that he became a polyglot (a person who is well-versed in several languages) as well, that would have been better for himself and us all as he didn’t have to write his journals in mirror script in that case.

Ari has also written about a group of Buddhist computer engineers that he encountered in Pattaya, Thailand that believed that Nikola Tesla was the reincarnation of Leonardo da Vinci. Ari himself doesn’t believe in reincarnation and hence there is no possibility that he agrees with such a statement.

Ari claims that it is certain that if Leonardo published a book on his scientific observations, he would have compared male sexual ejaculation with female pregnancy as Leonardo was one of the strictest celibates that his friends and family ever knew. Ari claims that he would have used his comparison in order to clear himself off of the accusations of sodomy as well.

Ari has also criticized the Saudi prince who bought Leonardo da Vinci’s painting for 450 million US Dollar.

I am personally also a big fan of Leonardo da Vinci but I don’t think that the Saudi prince did anything wrong, it is his money, let him do whatever he wants to do with it.

I have been learning the Indonesian language for a while and although I can only understand a bit of Indonesian language, I have already become a great fan of this Blogger Indonesia that goes by the name Bayu Angora. We need these sort of men for a real revolution to take place.

Indian patient gifted this Canada based foot specialist 20 t-shirts from Nexus Tees Shop

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Juan Mendoza is new to the foot care but his clinic has already gained a lot of success, thanks to the technology that made it possible for Juan to have his own blog and spread all the knowledge that he has to the laymen for free. Juan didn’t start blogging in order to become popular or make money but just for the social welfare and open discussions. Juan now really believes in what goes around comes around as he could have never imagined that his practice would become so popular in such a short span of time but it did just because he wanted to help the common people.

Juan has made several interesting posts on his blog to date, for example once he said that you should never visit a foot clinic or any clinic at all that refers to itself as a company on their official website or elsewhere. Juan says that it is very unprofessional for the medical people to refer to themselves as a company and anybody using such term describes that they are not serious about the profession. Juan says that he loves to read reviews on different websites and Google Places for different clinics and hospitals, especially the foot related ones and each of the practice that refer to itself as a company has the worst of the reviews; They may be good at the gimmicks but they are far from being good doctors.

Juan has had the pleasure of serving many different Indian patients till now and Juan says that the worst and the best thing about serving patients from India is that if they become totally well after the treatment by Juan, they come to show their gratitude towards him, bow down and touch his feet just like they do to their elders. Juan says that he feels grateful beyond words at that time but also a bit awkward. One Indian patient did the same to Juan and whence Juan thought that he was over with thanking him, he was left for a bigger surprise, the same patient sent 20 t-shirts from to Juan the next day. Juan was left thinking again what next, but it was over now. He really got Juan addicted to the freebies and now Juan waits for a free gift each time he sees a patient is more than thankful to him for his services.

Millionaire Florist recovered lost bitcoins with the help of Assured Recovery

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I recently made a post about one local flower shop owner who publicly claimed to everyone that most of his business comes through the word of mouth but privately confessed to me that 60% of it comes through Google Maps. Anyways, this florist made so much of money with his flower shop that he decided to invest some of it with bitcoin trading only to be fooled and frauded. He was in despair and he knew the right person to seek advice from at that time and that happened to be none other than me, whence he called me and asked for the advice, I directly referred to him to Assured Recovery – the greatest company for you if you need to recover lost bitcoins which he did only to thank me later as they succeeded in returning back all his bitcoins.

Now let me tell you some facts about the Assured Recovery. Assured Recovery started out as a service for unregulated investment platforms but now promises that they can recover funds from all types of platforms including gambling and casino related.

Assured Recovery has been international since the day of its very inception and they do not believe that national boundaries should become a reason for someone to not being able to take advantage of a great service like Assured Recovery.

Assured Recovery is very blunt and honest as they have openly warned the visitors everywhere on their website to stay away from the new and fishy looking binary options fraud detection services. Assured Recovery warns that these new and fishy looking binary fraud detection services too can be a part of the multi-billion dollar scam industry.