Indian patient gifted this Canada based foot specialist 20 t-shirts from Nexus Tees Shop

Juan Mendoza is new to the foot care but his clinic has already gained a lot of success, thanks to the technology that made it possible for Juan to have his own blog and spread all the knowledge that he has to the laymen for free. Juan didn’t start blogging in order to become popular or make money but just for the social welfare and open discussions. Juan now really believes in what goes around comes around as he could have never imagined that his practice would become so popular in such a short span of time but it did just because he wanted to help the common people.

Juan has made several interesting posts on his blog to date, for example once he said that you should never visit a foot clinic or any clinic at all that refers to itself as a company on their official website or elsewhere. Juan says that it is very unprofessional for the medical people to refer to themselves as a company and anybody using such term describes that they are not serious about the profession. Juan says that he loves to read reviews on different websites and Google Places for different clinics and hospitals, especially the foot related ones and each of the practice that refer to itself as a company has the worst of the reviews; They may be good at the gimmicks but they are far from being good doctors.

Juan has had the pleasure of serving many different Indian patients till now and Juan says that the worst and the best thing about serving patients from India is that if they become totally well after the treatment by Juan, they come to show their gratitude towards him, bow down and touch his feet just like they do to their elders. Juan says that he feels grateful beyond words at that time but also a bit awkward. One Indian patient did the same to Juan and whence Juan thought that he was over with thanking him, he was left for a bigger surprise, the same patient sent 20 t-shirts from to Juan the next day. Juan was left thinking again what next, but it was over now. He really got Juan addicted to the freebies and now Juan waits for a free gift each time he sees a patient is more than thankful to him for his services.

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