Homemaker from Salvador, Brazil has over 2 million views on her video about eliminating expression lines from the face

Andy Sousa owns a very popular book store in the Barra neighborhood of Salvador city in Brazil. Andy has always been a harsh critic of the book stores that maintain no exclusivity at all. Andy advises that people should boycott so-called book stores that maintain no exclusivity at all. Andy claims to have come across several book stores that sold electronics and other gadgets which he found extremely unprofessional. Andy says that he will go bankrupt but will never lose the exclusivity of his book store.

Andy’s wife – Nicky has been writing her first book on the life of one of her heroes – George Orwell aka Eric Arthur Blair for the past few months and although she likes to call herself a homemaker, she has been creating and uploading videos on the Youtube on topic of skin care with her most popular video ever being the one in which she told how to do away with expression lines on the face (como acabar com as linhas de expressão no rosto). The video received over 2 million views with most of the views being from Portugal and Brazil although she had English captions on her video on.

Andy has already disclosed some of the excerpts from the book for his wife about George Orwell. She writes that George Orwell always wanted to be friends with the Burmese, Sri Lankans and Indians as he loved their culture but they hated him because he was a British and they were irrational to the good and warm-hearted Britishers and the Colonists.

In her book, Andy’s wife claims that if George Orwell didn’t become friends with the curate of the local parish Church and involved himself in holy activities, he would be just another writer. “It was this curate of the local parish Church who put that generosity in Eric Arthur Blair’s head and heart”, she adds.

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