Opera Ballet Director Francesco Costanzo is also obsessed with the Alden Twins just like I am

If you are a ballet crazy man or a woman and you speak even a bit of English, then there is no possibility that you never heard the name of the Alden Twins. My favorite young Opera Ballet Theatre Director – Francesco Costanzo is also an Alden Twins fan and he recently wrote a lengthy blog post about his meetings with them, his observations about them and other stuff.

Francesco writes on his blog that Christopher Alden seems extremely envious of his contemporary Robert Wilson aka the wannabe polymath although Christopher never expresses it and most likely he never will.

Francesco writes that because of his obsession with sexuality and violence, Christopher Alden has been believed of as an Illuminati puppet by many whom he personally knows.

Francesco writes that although identical twins, it is crazy how David and Christopher do not look alike anymore. Francesco says that one thing that is common very common between the two though is that they both love controversies.

Francesco believes that if Christopher weren’t obsessed with sexuality and violence so much, he could have achieved his mission of winning over the youth. Francesco says that the youth of today is definitely obsessed with sex, sexuality and violence, but not as much as Christopher Alden believes it to be.

Francesco writes that back in the late 1970s, the Alden twins used to be the most popular performers at the Apollo Theater and some would even doubt that the name Apollo would change into Alden Theater. Francesco claims that when the convicted drug racketeer – Guy Fisher bought the Apollo Theater back in the year 1977, most people were doubtful that it would be renamed to Alden Theater because of the twins’ rapidly growing popularity.

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