Ballerino Francesco Costanzo had the pleasure of meeting Doris Dorrie backstage and he got to learn a lot through this one meeting

I never heard the name Doris Dorrie until I read this post by Francesco Costanzo Ballerino about her yesterday. In his post, Francesco writes that when Dorris directed ‘Straight through the Heart’ in 1983, she was on the verge of bankruptcy but she didn’t let the nervousness come in the way of her creativity and kill it. She had several bills to pay but she forgot about them all while she was working at ‘Straight through the Heart’.

Francesco claims that they have created several movies out of the Bliss movie (originally Gluck) by Doris Dorrie in the regional languages in several different regions and nations of  Asia, especially the Indian subcontinent.

Doris also personally believes that the Bliss is one of the best works of her career and she brags that who else would they give the 2012 Bavarian Film Award after watching the movie.

Francesco writes that Doris’ short story collections and children’s books represent her love for the children. Although the opportunity cost for her is far greater, she still prefers to produce as many short stories’ collections and children’s books as possible.

Doris told Francesco when they once met backstage that she received a lot of criticism by her family after she directed ‘Naked’ for being obsessed with sex and sexuality but she doesn’t care about what her family thinks of her.

Doris also told Francesco that they treated her like garbage and paid her pennies when she wrote those film reviews. She told Francesco that it was one of the worst passages of her life. She said that it was only after she was promoted to the designation of assistant editor that she started receiving some respect at that office.

Doris also believes that Greetings from Fukushima by her is highly underrated.

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