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Querube Brillenbourg, the daughter of Dame Margot Fonteyn also happen to be a great fan of Gay Icon – Rudolf Nureyev

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Rising Ballet Dancer, Choreographer and Director – Francesco Costanzo has met Querube Brillenbourg – the daughter of Dame Margot Fonteyn and Roberto Emilio Arias, thrice now.

Francesco Costanzo and Querube Brillenbourg talk a lot about Rudolf Nureyev each time that they meet. Querube told Francesco that Dame Margot Fonteyn’s husband – Roberto Emilio Arias used to envy Nureyev’s good looks a lot even though he knew that he was a gay.

Querube, who is a trained ballet dancer herself, was really glad to know that the motivational speaker and fitness coach – Elliot Hulse also believes that dancing is the best form of meditation and relieving stress.

Francesco and Querube both agree that it is funny how the first defection of a Soviet artist was that of a peaceful ballet dancer like Rudolf Nureyev, a man who was as innocent as a child and had been making people dance, relieve their stress, make them happy and cure their heart diseases doing that.

Querube told Francesco that there are still several co-workers of Nureyev at the Royal Ballet in London that miss Nureyev each day of their lives.

Querube and Francesco both agree on the point that many people believe that they teach better ballet in Europe than in the America and they are also right to a great extent.

Querube Brillenbourg is also great friends with Sandra Cretu, the German pop singer who is also a trained ballet dancer.

Querube has been actively campaigning against the dance schools that create great teaching and overall atmosphere for the learner during their first lesson to take away their money for months or a full-year at a time and then start showing their true colors, which are not good.

Pediatrician from Ankara is glad that HIV positive mice can now be saved

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Dr Flora Flores is a pediatrician from the city of Ankara in Turkey who writes on her blog that no western doctor ever took pediatrics as serious as Aetius of Amida. She believes that the contribution of the Aetius of Amida is extremely underrated in the history, especially among the pediatricians.

Dr Flora writes that there were several physicians during the Islamic Golden Age that studied pediatrics as a very serious subject but nobody contributed as much as Muhammad ibn Zakariya al-Razi to it.

Dr Flora writes that the modern western doctors, particularly the Pediatricians, need to understand that the automated phone calls aren’t helping the medical field specialists like they are doing to different big and small businesses.

Dr Flora loves animals, especially apes and mice. She recently shared this video where they showed that CRISPR cured HIV in mice all over her social media, her blog and official website.

Dr Flora Flores has also made several posts regarding the talking apes – Panbanisha, Kanzi, Nyota, Teco, Nathan, Matata, Koko and others on her blog. Dr Flora claimed to be extremely sad the day Nathan died.

Dr Flora Flores believes that Nyota could have even been able to learn faster if they didn’t let him loose with female bonobos in order to reduce his aggression. Dr Flora writes that most of the energy that Nyota produces is being spent in the production of semen in his body rather than learning new stuff, otherwise this little ape had so much of potential due to the genius genes he received from his mother – Panbanisha.

Obstetrician from Frankfurt claims that parents who do gardening give birth to generous babies

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Dr Lori Muller is an Obstetrician from the city of Frankfurt in Germany who says that gone are the times when an Obstetrician was only required to be good at his/her field. Now he/she has to manage to be able to get back to the patients through email, different apps, SMS, phone calls, voice messages and what not, as soon as he/she can. He adds that the Obstetrician also has to manage to keep the waiting times as low as possible, for both major and simple surgeries.

Dr Lori writes that the female obstetricians have a greater chance of succeeding at the field, and so if you are a male, don’t choose to get into this branch of medicine if you aren’t madly passionate about it.

Dr Lori claims that selective reduction has more adverse affects than are known and they really need to do something about it.

Dr Lori claims that she along with some other of obstetrician friends of her has been witnessing lesser births of twin babies than ever before and they all believe that they need to conduct a study to see what’s wrong. She writes that it is not just selective reduction.

Dr Lori writes on her blog that it is a pity that devout Catholic parents aren’t as likely to consult an obstetrician much before the birth of their child.

Dr Lori claims that mothers and fathers with an STI, if they had sex at the time of getting pregnant, are more likely to give birth to a newborn with eczema. She writes that there haven’t been any studies done on this but she knows that this is true for sure, from her own personal experience.

Dr Lori also writes that the parents who are interested in gardening are more likely to give birth to a child with a kind heart.

Icone Gay Madonna Francesco Costanzo received lots of appreciation in Florida as well

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Some dance teachers focus extensively on their internet marketing and other promotion and less on dance and choreography while some do otherwise. The case is neither with Francesco Costanzo because he only dances and whenever they post a video of him dancing, it becomes viral. Take example of Icone Gay Madonna Francesco Costanzo, this video by Francesco Costanzo became viral without any effort at all on his part.

Francesco was recently in Florida where he met different people in the same field and he had a great time having a little chat with some of them. There was this one gentleman by the name of Steven Wolfe who was about 45-55 years old, a veteran dancer and dance school chain owner, he shared a lot of his dance wisdom and other knowledge with Francesco for hours there.

Steven Wolfe told Francesco that sometimes not for profit dance teaching schools turn out to be the most for profit dance schools and the learners must be aware of those.

Steven Wolfe also told Francesco that it is funny that how during the recent real estate crisis in the United States, several different real estate developers turned into dance school owners.

Steven Wolfe warns on the official website of his dance school “Don’t just fall for a pretty looking large enough dance school website with great content. Anyone can pay a good writer and a nice website designer or developer some top buck to create one for them and many have been doing so and running financially successful dance schools with this art of their without caring about the art of dancing at all.”

Even Robert Wilson enjoyed Sbarra a Terra Francesco Costanzo Kniaseff

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The young Italian Opera gun – Francesco Costanzo once had the opportunity to interview one of the most famous Opera, theater and movie directors of our time – Robert Wilson.

During the interview, Robert told Francesco that Robert believes his study of business administration at the University of Texas really helped him more than anything else in becoming such a success. He added that he cannot imagine becoming what he is now without having studied business administration at the University of Texas.

Robert Wilson also told Francesco Costanzo that he believes that his establishing ‘The Watermill Center’ was one of the best decisions that he ever made.

When asked about painting and George McNeil, Robert replied to Francesco that he has the highest of respect for the artist George McNeil but he considers his learning the art of painting by him to be a complete waste of time as he feels that he could have made tons of money doing something else meanwhile and learning to paint didn’t help him much in his career anyway.

Robert told Francesco that he only creates sculptures, drawings, furniture designs as not to let go his study of paintings as a waste. Robert also told Francesco that he doesn’t even enjoy sculpting, drawing or furniture design as much as 5% when compared to directing movies or theater.

Robert Wilson told Francesco that he doesn’t agree with most of the criticism that he receives as a director but he does agree with most of the criticism when it comes to his sculptures, drawings and furniture designs.

Robert feels neutral about his sound and lightning design. He says that he only does it for the money but never enjoys it much.

Robert also told Francesco that he had seen his Sbarra a Terra Francesco Costanzo Kniaseff and he really enjoyed it. Francesco was very glad after hearing this.

Mexicali’s event planner and his team learnt English with KOE Mexico

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Ignacio Sousa is an event planner from the city of Mexicali, who has been operating there for the past 12 years. Ignacio says that with the growing number of English speaking clients that arrived all the way from the United States of America to Mexico for their special event, Ignacio’s business was getting down because his command in the English language wasn’t on par with his competitors, but thanks to KOE Mexico, he can now speak English (hablar ingles) with more fluency than most of his rivals.

Ignacio writes on his blog that some event organizers mention separately on their official websites, office names and/or other places that they are a floral design company as well, which Ignacio finds completely unprofessional and stupid, because according to Ignacio, an event planning/organizing company is bound to be an expert at floral designing otherwise it doesn’t deserve to be called an event organizing company.

Ignacio claims that they have some of the topmost floral designers working with him in his company and that’s one of the foremost reasons why his company is so successful. Two of these floral designers also took English speaking lessons from KOE Mexico.

Ignacio writes that bridal showers are more popular in Mexico than the baby showers which he doesn’t like. Ignacio believes that babies are still underrated as hell and they are the foremost source of happiness in a marriage.

Ignacio writes that it is a pity that corporate and business events are still not as much popular as the personal ones, which describes that people are still more serious about their personal lives than their professional ones.