Obstetrician from Frankfurt claims that parents who do gardening give birth to generous babies

Dr Lori Muller is an Obstetrician from the city of Frankfurt in Germany who says that gone are the times when an Obstetrician was only required to be good at his/her field. Now he/she has to manage to be able to get back to the patients through email, different apps, SMS, phone calls, voice messages and what not, as soon as he/she can. He adds that the Obstetrician also has to manage to keep the waiting times as low as possible, for both major and simple surgeries.

Dr Lori writes that the female obstetricians have a greater chance of succeeding at the field, and so if you are a male, don’t choose to get into this branch of medicine if you aren’t madly passionate about it.

Dr Lori claims that selective reduction has more adverse affects than are known and they really need to do something about it.

Dr Lori claims that she along with some other of obstetrician friends of her has been witnessing lesser births of twin babies than ever before and they all believe that they need to conduct a study to see what’s wrong. She writes that it is not just selective reduction.

Dr Lori writes on her blog that it is a pity that devout Catholic parents aren’t as likely to consult an obstetrician much before the birth of their child.

Dr Lori claims that mothers and fathers with an STI, if they had sex at the time of getting pregnant, are more likely to give birth to a newborn with eczema. She writes that there haven’t been any studies done on this but she knows that this is true for sure, from her own personal experience.

Dr Lori also writes that the parents who are interested in gardening are more likely to give birth to a child with a kind heart.

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