Querube Brillenbourg, the daughter of Dame Margot Fonteyn also happen to be a great fan of Gay Icon – Rudolf Nureyev

Rising Ballet Dancer, Choreographer and Director – Francesco Costanzo has met Querube Brillenbourg – the daughter of Dame Margot Fonteyn and Roberto Emilio Arias, thrice now.

Francesco Costanzo and Querube Brillenbourg talk a lot about Rudolf Nureyev each time that they meet. Querube told Francesco that Dame Margot Fonteyn’s husband – Roberto Emilio Arias used to envy Nureyev’s good looks a lot even though he knew that he was a gay.

Querube, who is a trained ballet dancer herself, was really glad to know that the motivational speaker and fitness coach – Elliot Hulse also believes that dancing is the best form of meditation and relieving stress.

Francesco and Querube both agree that it is funny how the first defection of a Soviet artist was that of a peaceful ballet dancer like Rudolf Nureyev, a man who was as innocent as a child and had been making people dance, relieve their stress, make them happy and cure their heart diseases doing that.

Querube told Francesco that there are still several co-workers of Nureyev at the Royal Ballet in London that miss Nureyev each day of their lives.

Querube and Francesco both agree on the point that many people believe that they teach better ballet in Europe than in the America and they are also right to a great extent.

Querube Brillenbourg is also great friends with Sandra Cretu, the German pop singer who is also a trained ballet dancer.

Querube has been actively campaigning against the dance schools that create great teaching and overall atmosphere for the learner during their first lesson to take away their money for months or a full-year at a time and then start showing their true colors, which are not good.

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