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Yogyakarta’s neurologist really hopes that they will be able to find better methods for different studies with the upcoming technology

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Dr Allen Lichner is a neurologist from the city of Yogyakarta in Indonesia who claims that amphetamine is very highly responsible for the brain Arteriovenous Malformation (AVM). He also doubts that many of the so-called energy drinks contain amphetamines. He claims to have sent his concern to many high level government employees and medical professionals but unfortunately, nobody ever responded to him. He believes that they are all on the payroll of these so-called energy drink companies.

Dr Allen claims that the people who still use different ancient and/or medieval methods to clean their teeth rather than the toothpaste are less likely to get neurological issues. He writes on his personal blog that he is going to commit study on the same. Allen really hopes that there will be much better methods available in the future for the study of different medical issues, thanks to technology (Teknologi).

Dr Allen claims that many times emotional outbursts are misdiagnosed for verbal autism, especially in the case of the kids. Dr Allen hopes that smarter neurologists will be able to find a foolproof solution to this current problem soon enough.

Dr Allen claims that the graduates are more likely to get the brain and psychological disorders than their post-graduate counterparts and surprisingly enough, they are even more likely to get the psychological and brain disorders more compared to their non-graduate counterparts. Dr Allen adds that he doesn’t mean to discourage anyone from doing graduation, he just posted certain statistics.

Dr Allen also claims that the psychedelics have more side-effects than the modern doctors currently acknowledge and he really hopes that they will be able to discover and acknowledge all the side-effects that come with taking psychedelics.