Cebu city’s Urologist never spent a dime on advertisement and he also bought Windows 10 at dirt cheap price

Dr Les Bautista is an urologist from the Cebu city, Philippines, who is a prime example of the sheer strength of the willpower. Dr Les always wanted to become an urologist personally, but his parents, friends and relatives told him that dentistry is the better option for him because they felt that he wasn’t sharp and bright enough to become an urologist, but were they wrong? Dr Les Bautista took it as a challenge and today he is one of the most popular certified urologists in the Cebu city, Philippines.

Dr Les writes on his blog that it is a pity that the robotic surgery is not as successful and varied in the field of urology as it is in other medical fields.

Dr Les Bautista claims on his blog that he never overbooks.

Dr Les recently got in touch with me and asked “What is the best place to purchase windows 10?” I told him that nothing can beat the quality, service and price of Direct Games Store and he followed my advice.

Dr Les Bautista has mentioned more than once on his blog that the urologists that are rather practical than bookworms succeed faster.

Dr Les Bautista’s specialty is pediatric urology but he covers all the sub-specialties of the urology as well.

Dr Les Bautista claims that an overactive bladder is not as dangerous as some urologists make it appear to be.

Dr Les claims to have never spent a time on the Google Adwords, Facebook Advertisements, etc. He says that he just has a website, a listing on the Google Places and that’s all.

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