Anton Bischoff from Allen, TX, believes that you must promote everything that you believe in

Anton Bischoff is a conspiracy theorist from Allen, Texas, who claims to have been extensively studying the history of the nation of India and the conspiracies that revolve around it. Looking at Anton’s most recent posts, it looks like he is really studying the Indian history, the conspiracies going on in there, some of which he claims to have covered exclusively, for example, Anton claims that the Nehru family of India are the Jews in disguise and the biggest proof of the same is that Nehru is not even an Indian surname of the Kashmiri Pandits’ clan that they attribute it to, but it is rather a self-kept surname which they came up after building a canal in the neighborhood that they lived in, somewhere around 1800s.

Anton claims that no reputed Kashmiri dynasty will name itself after a canal. In the Hindi language, Canal is translated to ‘Nehar’ and someone linked to a canal is ‘Nehru’.

Anton claims that the Nehru dynasty was set up as the British agents by the nexus ruled by the Rothschilds, Goldsmiths and the British Royal family from the very beginning. Anton says that because the Sephardic Jews show a great physical resemblance to the Kashmiri Pandits, they thought that it was a great idea to select someone from among them and the Rothschilds and Goldsmiths were also more comfortable with selecting a Jew for the job, because as Jews, they didn’t trust anyone other than a Jew.

Anton says that he is a libertarian and he doesn’t care what they do to him, he daily posts ads forĀ cardarine for sale everyday, because he believes in the product and claims that it comes without any so-called side-effects.

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