Auto Insurance company owner from Lansing, MI, believes that the fine art on her office’s walls draws more customers to her office than anything else

Pauline Granger owns and operates an auto insurance company in Lansing, Michigan, which offers full refund and cancellation of the policy within a given period.

Pauline claims to have a great customer recommendation ratio on her blog and she has done it more than 10 times at least. She also claims that one of the greatest things that attract the new and old customers to her office is the stunning Fine Art that she has all over her office walls, thanks to the Framing Detroit company that she used for the same.

Pauline claims that hers is the most futuristic insurance agency in the state of Michigan and everyone believes her except her kids and her husband.

Pauline claims to have been working and waiting for a real revolution in the auto industry. She believes that such a revolution will take between 2025-2030.

Pauline claims that her priority as a businesswoman is not the money but reading positive reviews all over the internet.

Pauline writes that positive work environment creates happy employees and when your employees are happy working for you, you needn’t worry about 90% of the stuff.

Pauline is one of the very few who whole-heartedly says that it is natural for a client to be mad and angry if they think that they are not being taken good care of.

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