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In the Philips vs Panasonic vs Hattekar battle, only the one that buys most Facebook Live Viewers is gonna win

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Philips and Panasonic have been dominating the trimmer industry for a long while. Both these brands are considered the pioneers when it comes to the beard trimmers but there is a brand that is giving Philips and Panasonic nightmares. Hattekar has since recently been producing some cool gadgets for guys. Hattekar’s beard trimmers are really doing great in the market; customers are loving their trimmers a lot. Most of their buyers are young teenagers and young men.

4-5 months ago my teenager nephew bought one and he is in love with his trimmer. I was there at his home only when his beard trimmer from Hattekar arrived at his place. The 16 year old boy was jumping to and fro and was extremely excited. He said that it shaves very well and he has never had an issue shaving with his Hattekar Beard Trimmer.

Braun is another brand that has been producing some really good beard trimmers but their price is almost double of the Philips, Panasonic and Hattekar.

Hattekar beard trimmers are mostly available on Amazon. It is very rare to find one at a nearby Spencer’s or Walmart.

All my nephews are very tech savvy and they give me a lot of information about their gadgets and stuff whenever I visit their house. They now watch Facebook live more than the television or the Youtube, and believe that a company must buy Facebook live viewers in order thrive in the cheapest way possible whether they are looking for global or regional clientele.

My 15 year old nephew is extremely obsessed with Bluetooth headphones and he owns several of them. He owns one by Jabra, he owns one by Boat Rockerz, one by Skullcandy and the list is endless. I wish I had so much money and so much to choose from when I was young.

This 15 year old Bluetooth headphone gifted me one Bluetooth headphone by the Emerald about an year ago. It looks very stylish and is full of utility.

Indian-Brazilian Woman keeps a check that some other woman is not falling for her man since he started using Schwinn AC Performance Plus Carbon Blue

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Bulbul Mathur is an Indian woman currently married to a Brazilian man whom she met in Goa. They both fell in love with each other at the first sight. We will call Bulbul’s current husband Roberto here. Roberto kept visiting Goa to meet Bulbul. Finally, Roberto decided to take Bulbul along with him to Brazil and marry her there. Bulbul was more than happy with this decision of Roberto.

Bulbul and Roberto have a great relationship going. Roberto loves to tease Bulbul by checking out other girls and she really gets scared since he looks so good now since he started using Schwinn AC Performance Plus Carbon Blue. Roberto and Bulbul have a kid on the way and Bulbul since then has been constantly chasing the state of what they call Turiya in Hinduism. Turiya is the state when you become so engrossed and blissful in the activity that you are doing that you forget about everything else.

Somebody told Bulbul that if she stays happy all the time, her upcoming baby too will be happy all the time. So, in the pursuit of more happiness, she bought a couple of tickets of different lottery organizations and she really got lucky with lucky day. On the day of lucky day lottery’s result when Bulbul discovered that she has won over 8 million Brazilian Reals, she literally had tears of joy in her eyes.

Bulbul and Roberto both hate the show-offs and it is obvious that they are not going to spend the winning amount in any of the show-off stuff. Most likely, they will invest the money in their upcoming baby’s better future. For now, they have put all the money in the bank and haven’t decided yet where to spend or invest a penny out of it.

This Neurosurgeon from Venice is a collector of No Smoke Grills

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Dr Margaret Greco is a Neurosurgeon from Venice, Italy, who claims on her blog that people belonging to different religions have different sorts of mental disorders in general. Dr Margaret claims that the Roman Catholics are least prone to getting any sort of a mental disorder than the people belonging to any other religion and the mental disorders that they do get generally aren’t as severe either.

Dr Margaret writes on her blog that natural bodybuilders are less likely to suffer with Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s in their later years, but the case is quite opposite with the bodybuilders that took steroids, HGH, etc. Dr Margaret claims that almost half of the patients that she treated for the brain tumor till date, used steroids or HGH in the past, including both men and women, but the majority was that of the men.

Dr Margaret Greco claims that bisexual people are more intelligent in most aspects than their straight, gay and lesbian counterparts. Dr Margaret herself is a bisexual but she claims that that is not the reason why she claims that the bisexuals are more intelligent in most aspects but it is something rather that she has observed in decades of his medical career.

Dr Margaret Greco only recommends only using no smoke grill (griglia NoFumo) at home for the better brain health and she is sort of a collector of the same.

Dr Margaret has been working to come up with a cure for tinnitus independently and she is so confident about it that she has already started planning how she is going to manage her time, finances, family and other things after she achieves her goal of finding a foolproof cure for tinnitus.

Ophthalmologist from Antwerp uses only this one taxi service whenever he wants to go out of the country

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Dr Alex Cullen is an Ophthalmologist from Antwerp, Belgium, who always advises against the blepharoplasty for the cosmetic reasons on his blog. Dr Alex believes that blepharoplasty is a very complicated procedure and hence, it is not something that you go through for the cosmetic reasons. Dr Alex writes on his blog that if he had to go through the same even for reasons other than the cosmetic ones, he would hesitate.

Dr Alex writes on his blog that some people have several misbeliefs about the relation between myopia and cataract, which have nothing to do with each other.

Dr Alex Cullen claims to have been working on finding a cure for the eye bags without any surgery. He recently visited Uganda and China to buy the herbs which the locals claim can cure the condition only to discover that it is a scam. Whenever Dr Alex Cullen goes somewhere outside the country, he doesn’t use any of his cars ever to visit the airport, but rather uses taxi antwerpen.

Dr Alex Cullen believes that the LASIK technology will become completely obsolete by 2022 and something else which will be much faster, better and complication-free will take its place. Dr Alex writes on his blog that it shouldn’t come as a surprise if this upcoming technology turns out to be cheaper than the LASIK for the patient.

Dr Alex Cullen recently exposed an Opthalmologist with false claims and false testimonials. It went viral and that Ophthalmologist has been threatening Dr Alex Cullen ever since. Dr Alex Cullen says that he is not afraid of his threats at all and he has already reported him to the cops whom he believes will really take care of him.