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Ophthalmologist from Antwerp uses only this one taxi service whenever he wants to go out of the country

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Dr Alex Cullen is an Ophthalmologist from Antwerp, Belgium, who always advises against the blepharoplasty for the cosmetic reasons on his blog. Dr Alex believes that blepharoplasty is a very complicated procedure and hence, it is not something that you go through for the cosmetic reasons. Dr Alex writes on his blog that if he had to go through the same even for reasons other than the cosmetic ones, he would hesitate.

Dr Alex writes on his blog that some people have several misbeliefs about the relation between myopia and cataract, which have nothing to do with each other.

Dr Alex Cullen claims to have been working on finding a cure for the eye bags without any surgery. He recently visited Uganda and China to buy the herbs which the locals claim can cure the condition only to discover that it is a scam. Whenever Dr Alex Cullen goes somewhere outside the country, he doesn’t use any of his cars ever to visit the airport, but rather uses taxi antwerpen.

Dr Alex Cullen believes that the LASIK technology will become completely obsolete by 2022 and something else which will be much faster, better and complication-free will take its place. Dr Alex writes on his blog that it shouldn’t come as a surprise if this upcoming technology turns out to be cheaper than the LASIK for the patient.

Dr Alex Cullen recently exposed an Opthalmologist with false claims and false testimonials. It went viral and that Ophthalmologist has been threatening Dr Alex Cullen ever since. Dr Alex Cullen says that he is not afraid of his threats at all and he has already reported him to the cops whom he believes will really take care of him.