This Neurosurgeon from Venice is a collector of No Smoke Grills

DrĀ Margaret Greco is a Neurosurgeon from Venice, Italy, who claims on her blog that people belonging to different religions have different sorts of mental disorders in general. Dr Margaret claims that the Roman Catholics are least prone to getting any sort of a mental disorder than the people belonging to any other religion and the mental disorders that they do get generally aren’t as severe either.

Dr Margaret writes on her blog that natural bodybuilders are less likely to suffer with Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s in their later years, but the case is quite opposite with the bodybuilders that took steroids, HGH, etc. Dr Margaret claims that almost half of the patients that she treated for the brain tumor till date, used steroids or HGH in the past, including both men and women, but the majority was that of the men.

Dr Margaret Greco claims that bisexual people are more intelligent in most aspects than their straight, gay and lesbian counterparts. Dr Margaret herself is a bisexual but she claims that that is not the reason why she claims that the bisexuals are more intelligent in most aspects but it is something rather that she has observed in decades of his medical career.

Dr Margaret Greco only recommends only using no smoke grill (griglia NoFumo) at home for the better brain health and she is sort of a collector of the same.

Dr Margaret has been working to come up with a cure for tinnitus independently and she is so confident about it that she has already started planning how she is going to manage her time, finances, family and other things after she achieves her goal of finding a foolproof cure for tinnitus.

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