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Economics Teacher with stunning curly hair loves visiting this one particular salon in Dubai

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Rashida is a 30 years old Economics teacher who has been teaching at one of the most expensive schools of Dubai city for last 6 years. Rashida is a stunning beauty and she has beautiful curly hair that are although not very rare in an Arabic country but really one of a kind, thanks to the salon that Rashida regularly visits. Her soon-to-be husband owns a large chain of English language school and he is 32 now. His name is Imran.

Rashida and Imran have several things in common. They both love to ride horses and a horse riding club is where they both met. They were members of the same horse riding club when they both lived in Beirut in the year 2010.

They both have been learning Portuguese language as well for the last couple of months. Both Rashida and Imran are very extrovert and friendly. They both have several friends.

Rashida and Imran have a great chemistry going together. In the past 7 years, they have had only one argument yet and that was a very petty argument over a petty thing.

Rashida and Imran have attended many concerts together. The latest one was a Justin Bieber concert.

So, Rashida decided to take Imran along with her to select her bridal dress. They went to at least 50 shops in Dubai looking for an ideal dress. Then they went back to their homes. Rashida was thinking about ordering one online, but then Imran asked her if she would like to visit the most popular bridal dress shop in all of Dubai – Rashida replied “If I don’t like anything here, I will order my dress online.”

Once she visited the Fiance Bridal Store in Dubai, Rashida was amazed at seeing the quality of the bridal dresses that the store was selling. She had never seen so many high quality bridal dresses at one place before even though she had been to about 50 bridal dress stores before.

Of course, Rashida picked up one dress of her choice and she will wear the same on her most special day.